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  1. skiptontweed

    CLIO IV RS - Trophy from page 111

    Geneva will be another stickers, leather & bullshit special, if anything. I went to the Geneva show in 2010 and saw the Clio 200 Gordini launch (press day). I've never before felt so let down by a brand, only to be let down further by the 200T. I have yet to see a 200T on the road and they've...
  2. skiptontweed

    Loudest exhaust you've heard!?.

    Thread title immediately made me remember something. Loudest exhast I've heard? I used to work at a motorcycle workshop in Ellesmere Port. They once had a Yamaha XJ1300 (retro looking motorbike) with a straight-through system, to be set up on the dyno. No silencing at all. THAT was bloody...
  3. skiptontweed

    197 Gearbox in a 182 :S

    Hate to be devils advocate, but why not use a 197/200 engine bolted to a 172/182 gearbox? The 1*2 is lighter, so you probably dont need 6 ratios (I use 3 gears at oulton in a 200, 2 gears in a 172) Have I missed the point?
  4. skiptontweed

    had a bump - people claiming off me

    Dan, PM me please.
  5. skiptontweed

    Rear badge for Mk3 Clio (2010 1.2)

    I'm looking for a replacement rear diamond badge for the mrs's Mk3 clio (2010 1.2). Somebody nicked it. If you have one, please PM me. Cheers
  6. skiptontweed

    GP out - Exige in Might be some clues on there
  7. skiptontweed

    Dear Renault: Reference, New Clio 200 Turbo

    I think at the time it just came down to the price. The FF interior is a bit snazzyer, and it's amazing how much you miss electric mirrors (manual spazzy nob things in a cup). If I was buying one again, I'd go FF with the cup pack and maybe Recaro's. The only option I added was the black...
  8. skiptontweed

    Dear Renault: Reference, New Clio 200 Turbo

    I got a really good deal on the Cup, didnt really want/need AC.
  9. skiptontweed

    Dear Renault: Reference, New Clio 200 Turbo

    Dear Renault, I remember seeing the then brand new Clio 197 at the UK Autosport show (must have been 2006 maybe) and I immediately wanted one. I thought it looked fantastic, just right, purposeful, and it had dock-off Brembo brake calipers. SOLD. It was a car I really wanted, but I was still at...
  10. skiptontweed

    clio 200 cup

    Looks nice, get the price down by £500 and its a good buy.
  11. skiptontweed

    200 Idle Exhaust note?

    yep - mine does this too
  12. skiptontweed

    Drove my first 200 today!

    How 'bespoke' can you make a mass produced car?
  13. skiptontweed

    fastest clio

  14. skiptontweed

    Drove my first 200 today!

    BUT the same money gets you a New Clio 200 with a 4-year warranty. And from what I've seen so far, Renault are pretty good with the warranty and don't mind you doing track days.
  15. skiptontweed

    Drove my first 200 today!

    If you are seriously considering a 200, bargain hard with the dealer (assuming you are looking at a new one) The offers aren't quite as good as 18 months ago, however, Renault 'offered' me a new 200 Cup recently (mines due for PCP renewal time) and within two emails I had the price down by...
  16. skiptontweed

    fastest clio

    Clio 200 Cup is the easiest car to drive quick point to point. Not sure about the all-out quickest tho.
  17. skiptontweed

    Car vandalised

    Some degenerate misfit kicked the drivers side wing mirror off my Mrs's car last night - even snapped the wiring loom. [2010 Mk.3 facelift Clio 1.2] It looks like the main black plastic casing is broken where it hinges - does anybody have any pictures which might help me to bodge it back...
  18. skiptontweed

    Odd Tyres

    Personally I'd change both fronts for a matching pair as soon as I could afford it. Ideally I'd change the rears too so they match the front - but this is money dependant. Unless you are doing track work or driving VERY hard on the road, you shouldn't have any problems. On the other hand - you...
  19. skiptontweed

    advice needed

  20. skiptontweed

    advice needed

    NO! Forget good will gestures or payments of any kind. Forget meeting the guy. Forget disclaimers. You are not obliged to do anything of the sort. The problem probably won't go away if you give in. He'll be on to you for worn tyres and brakes next. Which dealer is it?
  21. skiptontweed

    advice needed

    DO NOT GIVE HIM MONEY - he'll just put his other hand out and ask for more. He's only going to keep bothering you if he actually thinks he's going to get something out of you. Tell him to piss off and contact a lawyer. After that, break off all contact. He hasn't got a legal leg to stand on...
  22. skiptontweed

    advice needed

    He's talking s**t, ignore the guy. If he gets any worse, call the police. You are dead right about further problems. If you give in and pay for the (probably) imaginary PAS fault then he'll just try to sting you again for something else. You'll end up giving him a sodding warranty! Tell him to...
  23. skiptontweed

    advice needed

    Just tell him to piss off and get himself an expensive lawyer. He won't. The bottom line is that you probably feel threatened by the guy. If you do feel in any way threatened by his behaviour then report it to the police. Let them deal with him. He sounds like a horrible little turd and...
  24. skiptontweed

    Looked at a 172 Turbo today.

    I said it sounded like a hand was a semi-jovial comment and I won't waste my time explaining further. Anyway the OP has bought the car and no doubt he's happy with it. Maybe you should flame the OP for daring to imply there might be something wrong with the car by starting this...
  25. skiptontweed

    Looked at a 172 Turbo today.

    OOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo. Its a forum. Get over yourself.
  26. skiptontweed

    Looked at a 172 Turbo today.

    I don't wish to sound unhelpful but it sounds like a potential hand grenade.
  27. skiptontweed

    My Clio Rs 200 Enjoy

    What size are those wheels? They look great.
  28. skiptontweed

    Paint Codes...

    Does anybody know the colour code for French Racing Blue on a Clio 200 - 2010. I've looked at the list at the start of this thread but I can't find it :-(
  29. skiptontweed

    Question about Foundry Welding

    Very difficult. Try searching for somebody who does Cast Iron Welding. It can be done, but I think you may have to take the engine apart.
  30. skiptontweed

    Spacer literally "welded" onto front hub/disc

    Looking at the OP's photo at the start of this thread, there are no 'big' bolts holding the disc/spacer on the hub - there can only be the small retaining screws holding the disc on (can't remember if its one or two small screws). I can see four-off counter sunk holes for big bolts to secure the...