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  1. cliokiz

    Silver 172 - V7 KTS

    Spotted in Leicester going into De Montfort Uni today. Was behind you in the valver.
  2. cliokiz

    BL04 XPJ, Leicester

    Parked outside my work at De Montfort University
  3. cliokiz

    K7 KTS - Leicester

    Spotted this morning in Leicester near De Montfort University. Looked like a 172? I was in the MK1 Clio 16v
  4. cliokiz

    Green mk2 ph1 - DMU, Leicester

    Saw this parked up on my way to work this morning at De Montfort Uni in Leicester. Had a sticker in the rear window, looked very low, large exhaust, think it was a greeny colour. ;)
  5. cliokiz

    'LISA GT' - Thurmaston McD's

    Saw your rather nice looking black (valver?) with a ClioSport sticker in the back window today, i was parked up inbetween a white Rover and a pink Fiesta in a black Seat Leon Cupra R. LOL'd at the guy who was thrown in the boot and then driven around :D Car looks nice anyways! Reminds me of my...
  6. cliokiz

    172 Cup, Linkfield Rd, Mountsorrel, this morning

    Spotted an Arctic Blue 172 Cup (i think) this morning, turning onto Linkfield Rd in Mountsorrel. Didn't spot any stickers, anyone off here?
  7. cliokiz

    Stunning blonde in mint naples valver - Leicester

    Spotted you this morning, travelling down Abbey Lane towards the City Centre of Leicester, at around 8am, in a *mint* naples valver. I spied a ClioSport sticker on the back window, so wondering if you were a member on here? Never seen you around before. I gave you a pap as i passed, but i...
  8. cliokiz

    How much for new tappets?

    Anyone have any idea how much it would cost to have some new tappets fitted to an F7R engine? Mine taps like f**k and sounds like a tractor! The engine has had 275 profile cams installed by GDI, not sure if this has any bearing on the situation? I'm not too clued up about the innards of...
  9. cliokiz

    Advice on hybrid insurance

    I'm currently insured with Adrian Flux on my valver, and the policy expires on the 25th Jan. Since my gearbox went on the 1.8 16v engine i have dropped a williams engine into the valver, however it's still declared as a 1.8 16v engine on the policy. I do not want to renew my policy with...
  10. cliokiz

    Changing Manifold & downpipe on hybrid

    I currently have a willy engine in my valver, with the willy manifold and downpipe. I want to change it this weekend for the valver manifold and downpipe i have sitting in my garage, as it'll make life easier when it comes to Exhausts, as currently it's a pain (using valver decat with willy...
  11. cliokiz

    Black Clio, Leics, Great Central Street

    Spotted a black MK2 clio with what looked like multispoke alloys, had ClioSport stickers in the rear windows and a large one on the rear window. Was entering the gravel car park on Great Central Street in Leicester! You might have parked up behind or very near to me as i'd only just got out of...
  12. cliokiz

    ClioSport, following me in Wymeswold today

    Saw the xenon lights behind me so knew it was some form of RenaultSport, i turned off down a dirt track, and you papped as you went past? Couldn't see what it was as it was dark, but it was a Clio! Anyone from here?
  13. cliokiz

    Silver 182, Hinckley, parked on driveway

    Spotted a silver 182 in Hinckley parked up on a driveway this afternoon, on the way to see MatBrown. Just as you come off J2 of the M69 and enter Hinckley.
  14. cliokiz

    Willy clio, on the A46 this afternoon

    Was travelling towards Leics on the A46 today, you were travelling up heading towards Lincoln, passed you in the rain, car looked absolutely mint! First willy clio i've seen on the road apart from at shows :o
  15. cliokiz

    T3 TN* (Tom)

    Spotted you again yesterday morning coming on to the A6, you were following the Arriva bus that i was on! Love your 182, looks mint! :D
  16. cliokiz

    T3 T** - Tom!

    Spotted you in Loughborough last night, first time i've seen you around! Could have sworn i saw a racing blue 182 pass by the Chinese, then when you came back again i thought it was my mate from Hinckley as he's got one too, only realised you were Wills brother just after you'd passed when i...
  17. cliokiz

    Why would anyone do this to a Williams clio? Read it and weep.
  18. cliokiz

    Valver gearbox - knackered?

    Was driving back from Lincoln on Saturday with 3 passengers and loads of luggage in the boot and drive fairly calmly most of the way back. Had to overtake a few lorries on the way, and as most of the valver owners on CS will know, you have to drop a fair few gears when you have a car full to get...
  19. cliokiz

    Racing blue 197, Multistorey, Lincoln

    Spotted a very nice looking 197 in the multistorey car park next to Lincoln Uni, my valver was parked a few spaces away. First one i've seen, loving the beefy brakes on those!
  20. cliokiz

    Possible to clean valver roof lining?

    Randomly, i was just looking at my roof lining in my valver whilst sitting in traffic, and i just noticed how dirty it was! Its got loads of dirty black marks (a bit like water patches) all over it, although i've got no idea how they got there. It's all over the roof as well, not just certain...
  21. cliokiz

    Valver - mis-firing early in the morning

    Basically, the story so far is, on some mornings, my valver will misfire slightly, when it's particularly cold out, but when i give it some slight revs to warm it up it soon sorts it out and i can happily drive to work with no further problems. This morning though, it was quite bad. Started...
  22. cliokiz

    RenaultSport in Birstall, Modded clio @ Petrol Station

    Spotted a Renault Sport hoofing it into Birstall today, probably on the run home from work. Not sure what it was, 172 perhaps? Spotted a modded clio at the Petrol station in Birstall as well, possibly 1.2/1.4, you were having a good nose at my valver :rasp:
  23. cliokiz

    Trophy in Leics, FL55 ***

    Spotted a Trophy with a female driver on the Holiday Inn roundabout this morning, reg was FL55 *** Anyone from here? Didn't spot any CS stickers..
  24. cliokiz

    Reverse lights switch - valver

    Can someone explain or post up a pic of where i can find the reverse light switch on the gearbox on my valver? My reverse lights have stopped working :( They were intermittent for a while but now they've just stopped completely. Quite annoying when reversing in the dark as i can't see FA...
  25. cliokiz

    Naples clio, black wheels, Leics

    Spotted a Naples clio this morning, had black wheels and loud exhaust, going past the Holiday Inn Roundabout in Leicester city centre this morning. Anyone from here?
  26. cliokiz

    Immaculate Arctic Blue 182 passing through Birstall

    Swooped past an immaculate 182 this morning on my way to work in Birstall! Couldn't see any ClioSport stickers but it was a youngish lad driving so thought you might be on here! Very clean!
  27. cliokiz

    Loads of people at Donington today!

    Saw loads of cars with ClioSport stickers in parked up in the collectors section at Donny Park today! I was parked in the public car park unfortunately :( Saw a diesel MK1, blue, with grey willy wheels in the car park as i was leaving as well, not sure whether it was anyone off here? Thanks...
  28. cliokiz

    Yey or nay?

    I've taken those massive 17" wheels off as they were far too big, and i'm currently on some 14" nasty alloys. Considering the white williams wheels. What's your opinion? Obviously it's just a photoshop for now, so i haven't bought them yet! Before: After:
  29. cliokiz

    Valver question

    I'm in the process of fixing everything in the interior of my valver that doesn't work. At the moment i'm tackling bulbs, as it really annoys me to see things not lit up that should be. The entire row of buttons (hazards, fogs, heated windows), don't light up. I know all three bulbs are blown...
  30. cliokiz

    Photoshop request, willy wheels on my valver

    Could someone please photoshop some white willy wheels onto my valver please? Feel free to do other colours as well that you think might look good! Trying to decide between 15" or 16" wheels as the 17" wheels that were on are too big! Thanks for any attempts! PS, ignore the lexus...