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  1. rollerdan

    Honda civic type r

    After owning my clio 172 for over 2 years and spending a fortune onit i decided it was time to move on and try something different despite the fact that i loved the clio ! I always wanted a honda and always fancied the ep3 after reading alot of reviews and trolling the civic forums i decided i...
  2. rollerdan

    172 to civic type r

    After owning my 172 for over 2 years and sinking alot of my hard earned cash into it , thought id move on and get my self a civic type r as ive always fancied one . A friend of mine i know was selling his facelift model , its absolutely mint not a mark onit . 76,000 12 month mot 6 months tax...
  3. rollerdan

    End product of my carbon splitter refurb :)

    Got given a ktec carbon splitter , needed a bit of work slight laquer peel few scratches , So wet and dry 600-1500 Then 5 coats of laquer its come up like new , probally not for long lol
  4. rollerdan

    Few pics artic 182 , pearl black 172

    Me and my mate went for a blast and pulled over for a few snaps :) Apologies for the poor pics
  5. rollerdan

    Carbon fibre re lacquer ?

    I was given a carbon fibre splitter from a friend of mine , basically the lacquer is peeling what do i need to do to prepare it for re lacquering ?
  6. rollerdan

    Black mountain

    Hi lads me and few others heading up black mountains later if anyone wants to come along . Leaving about 4.30 from carmarthen
  7. rollerdan

    Carmarthenshire vdub show

    Anyone from carmarthenshire going to the vw show at the show ground this weekend?
  8. rollerdan

    Slow lambda ?

    Had my car on clio tonite as my cars been playing up slightly hesitant , on the live data of the lambda it took about 30 seconds for the lambda to start crossing over ? Is this a sign the lambda is faulty? The renault tech said clean it ? But dunno if i should iust buy a new one .
  9. rollerdan

    ktec stealth backbox

    not sure if this is in the right section , aplogies if it is . but how much do ktec stealth backboxes sell for 2nd hand?
  10. rollerdan

    Wont start first time .

    When my cars cold in the morning it will Not start first time always second or third time . Done some reading up some People say crank sensor . My cars been running rough recently just wondering would a faulty crank sensor make my engine run a bit rough? Slight hesitation under low revs .
  11. rollerdan

    Epic r35 gtr
  12. rollerdan

    This v6 colour rare?

    Is this v6 clio a rare colour ? Never seen one before ?
  13. rollerdan

    Hesitant when fuel low?

    Noticed today that my 172 is very hesitant and does not pull as it should once i have less than quarter of a tank ? But once over that much fuel its fine ? Can really feel it up hills feels like brake are sticking but there not. Any ideas?
  14. rollerdan

    Rs tuner airbag module

    My airbag light is on id like to turn it off . If sumone sent me there airbag module will it work on my car and my rs tuner? No license or codes needed? Cheers
  15. rollerdan

    White 172 project
  16. rollerdan

    Camber bolt problem?

    Went to fit my camber bolts today ran into a problem , basically the little tap washer that locks into hub will not fit once the bolt has gone through . I have gaz gha coilovers. Its a normal 172 ph2 . Cheers
  17. rollerdan

    Toyota celica gt4

    As the time has now come that insurance is cheap enough for me insure somthing with more power i really fancy a celica gt4 ive wanted one for years . Im just looking for guidance really before i go seeing a few examples what too look out for if anyone on here has had one . Any help would be...
  18. rollerdan

    Tapping noise

    My car has just been getting this tapping noise for a while now seems to be getting louder . It is not dephaser as thats been changed recently . My saxo had the simular sound and it was tappets . This sounds simular but isit possible for the injectors to make a tapping noise as it sounds...
  19. rollerdan

    Anyone down pembrey?

    Anyone down pembrey today watching the bdc round 2 ?
  20. rollerdan

    Changed radiator no air con now?

    Changed my radiator today all went well but now i have no aircon it just blows hot ! Had it regasses before this happened and was ice cold ? Any ideas
  21. rollerdan

    Testing thermostat

    I bought a new thermostat yesterday so before i put back in i thought id check it opens and is not a dud one . Put it in boiling water on the cooker in a pan . Nothing actually happened ? Rang the supplier today they said thats not the right way to check its working ? What shall i do now ...
  22. rollerdan

    Gearbox seal repair kit?

    Im looking to purchase one of the selector linkage seal repair kits? If thats what its called ... I found it before but cant remember where i saw it . Tried renault they no longer make them they said . Cheers
  23. rollerdan

    Leaking coolant ?

    My cars leaking coolant it seems to be around the passenger side part of the bumper ? Cant see where its coming from anyone had this problem before ?
  24. rollerdan

    Vvt problem?

    My friends bought a 172 monaco but once he gets into vvt at around 4-5 k it sort of dies out and theres a noticable change in engine tone once this happens also a drop in power. No lights on dash . Would a dodgy dephaser solonoid cause this ?
  25. rollerdan

    New header tank

    Im goin to do be doing a coolant flush soon so i thought id change my header tank the same time as it looks rank and discoloured . Ive been quoted from west renault £40 odd quid im wondering is there any cheaper places i can purchase one before i place an order cheers dan
  26. rollerdan

    Xenon light not working

    Basically to get my osf xenon to work i gotta flick the switch multiple times then it comes on . Is this the bulb causing this or the ballast ? Or igniter?
  27. rollerdan

    Small detail and some pics

    Gave my pearl black 172 a quick detail today : Wash Dried Megz ultimate compound Poor boys black hole Ag high def wax Auto finesse revive Megz tyre gel Autosmart acid wheel cleaner My mate came along for some pics love his car ! Cheers for looking
  28. rollerdan

    Anyone good with photoshop?

    Basically wanna get my wheel powdercoated but i cannot decide on a colour im wondering if someone has the time and can be bothered to photoshop a pic of my car with a few different colours ? Cheers heres the pic
  29. rollerdan

    How much are 197 cams worth?

    Friend of mine has a set of 197 cams done little mileage how much they worth. They seem to be a popular upgrade with the rs2 inlet manifold. Cheers
  30. rollerdan

    Spacers and lowered a touch