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  1. berilia

    This gorgeous little Trophy!

    This was a lovely surprise to find on my way to work! Although it also upsets me that my 182 is broken :( Spotted parked at F.L.E metro in Newcastle :D
  2. berilia

    f**k you clio! *puddles*

    Wtf is this s**t?! Ive had leaking Clios in the past but never in a 182! No obvious point of entry but seems a bit wet along the bottom plastics. Anyone else got/had a mysterious puddle? Piece of s**t! I also dont know why it is orange :( Blue seems to be a stain that has randomly appeared...
  3. berilia

    Steering rack removal guide

    Has anyone got one or can find a decent one that applies to a 182? Hoping to remove the rack tomorrow to get over to Pirtek for a pipe replacement, struggling to find a guide :s Thank you in advance
  4. berilia

    Steam coming from wheels on full lock?

    Wtf is my car doing? Yesterday and today when turning on full lock steam/smoke has come from my wheels, not the tyres... im not doing some crazy driving here.. Reversing into my drive way this morning and steam pours out from both sides.. It smells like clutch and hot brakes. I wasn't riding...
  5. berilia

    182 cup ball joints

    Hi, Does anyone have the correct part number for 182 cup ball joints? I have received standard 182 part (with reg given) which don't fit Thanks in advance Amii
  6. berilia

    Which wheel baring?

    Hi, i hope this isnt a totally stupid question, but I need a wheel baring and there are two different types on EuroCarParts. How do i know which one to get? I searched with my reg. I've got a 2004 182 Theyre different sizes;
  7. berilia

    What are these wheels?

    This is the only photo I have as a friend screenshot and sent it... What wheels are these? I want them!
  8. berilia

    Tempermental locks

    Hiii My central locking doesn't work on my boot at all, never has (long as I've had it!) But the passenger door sometimes locks and sometimes doesn't. Drivers door always locks. What's the crack? A loose connection somewhere? Anything I can try? Thanks :)
  9. berilia

    172 or 182 engine?

    Hello! Is there a way to tell if I have a 172 engine in my car and not a 182 engine? Without it going on a rolling road Is this a stupid question? Sorry :)
  10. berilia

    I've got no headlights!

    Hello! So driving about the dark roads if Weardale last night and my headlights just went... The icon on the dash doesn't come on either. The side lights, rear lights, fog lights and full beam still work. But then the headlights came back on after a bit. Now they're off again. Anyone know...
  11. berilia

    How simple is it to replace dash bulb?

    Hiya, The back light on my radio unit has gone out so I can only see stuff in the day time! It isn't a major issue but I like to know the time and temp it is.. Is it difficult to replace the bulb? Is it a full dash out job?
  12. berilia

    Which winter tyres?

    Hello, I'm after winters for my 182. In the past on other cars I have just uses Insta Turbo remoulds, which have been good, but I want something good and proper this time round, any suggestions? Tyre spot are a quick option as I can get them asap, but they only seem to have cheaper makes...
  13. berilia

    Central locking, headlights... Help!

    Hello! So it started with my boot not locking, which stopped locking immeditatly after i bought the car in July. Yesterday my passenger door stopped locking and also my headlights are flickering off and on whilst driving! Any ideas whats up? Im worried that Ill be driving at night and the...
  14. berilia

    Black circles discount?

    Hi, So with being a member I should get discount on tyres from BC, I have a code from the discount area but it doesn't not work when apply to my order. I have messaged BC and they come back saying they don't do ClioSport discount. Has anyone else has this problem? I've gotten back in touch...
  15. berilia

    Oooh! Whose is this beautiful 182? Gateshead!

    The clean one :P minging one is mine!
  16. berilia

    NA02 XAN

    When I bought my 182, I went through the history and found that my reg and VIN didn't match.. Then I realised I have a lot of history for a 172, which was sold with my car and then passed again onto me..weirdly. Is this car still going? Does it belong on here? If so, want your history sent out...
  17. berilia

    6 gears?

    Hello! I think the 182 could do with a 6th gear, don't you? I was just thinking if it was feasible to put maybe a 306rallye gear box, or whatever, into the 182? Im not planning on doing it, it just keeps popping into my mind and I'd like to know if it can be done and if its actually worth it?
  18. berilia

    Cannot drive car in the dark

    Yeah, so my headlights are w**k. Do 182s not come with adjustable headlights? They're so low, it makes driving in very dark areas pretty much impossible! Are there any others that are adjustable? I think I have Xenons in...
  19. berilia

    Which air box?

    Hiya, So I have some kind air filter in my 182, its a big red one! I'm not sure what it is, Piper Cross? - I'll post a photo once I work out how.. Anyway, its canny loud with my stainless exhaust. What would people recommend that's a bit more discreet? A standard air box? A KN cone?
  20. berilia

    Lowered 182

    Hi, I have a 182 which is on coilovers, it is quite low, so low it can br undriveable on roundabouts, bumps in the road etc. due to rubbing on the wheel arch. I don't know how low it actually is as I bought it like this. I do like the lowered look and I would like to keep it lowered, has...
  21. berilia

    Air con, only chaning temp after engine is restarted.

    Hi, I've recently purchased a Clio 2 1.6. Couple of weeks after owning it my air con has knackered. It will only go on minimum or maximum temp, but to change it I had to turn the heat up/down, down the engine off and then turn it back on, it wont change other wise! Whats the crack with this...
  22. berilia

    Sports exhaust for 1.6?

    Hi, I have a Clio 2 1.6 and was wanting a sports exhaust for it. Would a 172 exhaust fit? If not, what would you recommend?
  23. berilia

    Driveshaft issue? Car wanting to understeering on left bends

    Hi, Recently purchased a Clio 2 1.6 after a van had wrote off my beloved 1.4! After only being able to test drive around a small cul de sac, I bought it anyway! Only to get home realising I cannot turn left.... the offside front wheel starts to judder, wanting to under steer. The CV boot is...
  24. berilia

    Electric mirror not moving all the way down

    Hi, I'm having problems getting the nearside wing mirror to go all the way down, it gets so far and starts clicking. Any ideas on how to sort it, inexpensively, if possible! Thanks in advance :)