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  1. lewisredfern001

    Evo 7 project

    So After parting ways with my partner/wife of 11 years - I have some spare time on my hands!! only right I got an evo... Theres a list of cars I've always wanted to own e46 M3 which I ticked off last year and an evo. Not a great fan of 7's but nothing a pair of 9 bumpers wont sort out. Its...
  2. lewisredfern001

    Dream Car E46 M3

    So, since as far as i can remember i have always lusted after one of these, my realistic dream car. I had for the last 3 years said, next year i'll get one, but this never materialised.....until 2 days ago. Now its not the best example but with a recent house move and new family car purchase...
  3. lewisredfern001

    172 Cup - Cammed, high compression

    Ok Gents pics of my new 172 cup – couple of things to note - I HATE the black turinis and need them redoing in either standard silver or anthracite as soon as funds allow, the bumper wants painting and it wants a detail (the below is after a £6 polish wash!) As it goes it the best spec Clio...
  4. lewisredfern001

    Limp mode - assistance with clip data please

    Gents. After getting back into a very well species 172 cup for all of 180miles it's gone into limp mode!! It was lightly misfiring the other day on my way home from work but this was from cold so I didn't think too much of it. I purchased a Chinese clip diagnostic tool as I'm always buying...
  5. lewisredfern001

    Ph1 172 fast road/track toy

    Ok Gents here we go again. You may remember my last project Impreza Type R – Unfortunately I sold this on as it had too much money in it and im getting married in August, say no more! Before that High mileage...
  6. lewisredfern001

    weitec coilovers or standard dampers and springs

    Gents, I have recently purchased a set of Wietec coilovers for my phase 1. Now this is going to be my daily, but i would very much like to do some track day, if this happens i cant see it being more than 4-6 a year. so my question is should i sell on the Weitecs and get some standards dampers...
  7. lewisredfern001

    Rear damper top nut and track rod end nut size

    Gents. I have the last bits I need to get my Clio on all 4 wheels and onto a trailor. What I need to know Is the size and thread pitch of the following nuts Rear damper top nuts Track rod end nuts I'm awaiting a call back from Renault and I will Probably order them but they are useless and I...
  8. lewisredfern001

    phase 1 rear axle mounting bolts

    Gents, I am after some phase 1 rear axle mounting nuts and bolts. No7 and 8 as below. if anyone has the sizes of these it would be a great help. I have a nut and bolt store at work so am hopeing i can source them from there instead of paying renault £7.38 each + Vat. Many Thanks Lewis
  9. lewisredfern001

    Macbook internal upgrade time

    Gents i currently run 2.4ghz intel core 2 duo, 4gb ram early 2010 MBP (maybe 2009). I have been reading about the SSD and ram upgrades and it seems the most financially sensible way to refresh my mac with out replacing it. I have some questions and advice on products if you would: I use the...
  10. lewisredfern001

    Blackberry options

    Gents, I've just been told I'm getting a blackberry for work but unsure which one will be suited for me. The only use is goin to be for emails, calls and reading excel documents within the emails. No surfing, Facebook etc purely work. I've got a personal iphone 5 but cannot get my work emails...
  11. lewisredfern001

    Friends epic civic turbo

    Just had a text from my brother, his friend has upgraded from his 280bhp starlet glanza. From the sale add Here we have a1992 Honda Civic ESi shell 3 door Drag Turbo Civic. On a previous shake down run it ran a 10.3 sec quarter mile with a terminal speed of 138mph. On our dyno it recently...
  12. lewisredfern001

    Black 182 Bognor Regis butlins

    Seen in the lower car park by the skyline tent yesterday when I arrived
  13. lewisredfern001

    172 cup with traction control light on

    Gents, Bit of a strange one, my 172 cup has returned 'running' after its electrical gremlins, I use the word ‘running’ loosely as it’s still not well! A few facts: its recently had an electrical fault - Low voltage on a fuse was apparently the problem its not been driven for 5 months...
  14. lewisredfern001

    What shall I do with this?

    This is the eBay add. I bought I without even speaking to the guy!! Renault Clio 2.0 Sport.. W reg...2000 For Sale Spares or Repair.. This car was brought as a project by myself with a suspected broken cam belt. The engine was stripped down to check what damage was done but on inspection it...
  15. lewisredfern001

    iPhone logo light mod

    Gents what are your thoughts? Personally I think it's pretty OEM and really Like it? Lewis
  16. lewisredfern001

    ECU power voltages. RED light solid issues. lots of checks already carried out!

    Gents my missus 172 cup wont start. ive searched/read various posts over the last 24hours on here with some great help but to none avail, and am running out of options. symptoms are: key in ignition to stage 2 and red light stays constant - i am lead to believe this could be the purple/white...
  17. lewisredfern001

    are these faults linked?

    Gents, I have spent a good hour searching, whilst my blood was boiling listening to my missus 172 cup car alarm going off due to flat battery!!! but just wanted a few more pointers for tomorrows unplanned fault finding session! 1st problem, after driving the car, whether it be for 10 min or 30...
  18. lewisredfern001

    Cup wipers

    Gents I have an issue with my missus wipers on her 172 cup. They only work on the fastest setting. The stalk fitted is one with the intermittent time delay adjustment setting. Is this correct for a cup. I've been told that it shouldn't have that type stalk fitted as it doesn't have rain...
  19. lewisredfern001

    project 155K 172 cup

    Project 155k 172 CUP Some of you guys may remember me when I had the supercharged mars red V6 Now thought I best get a thread up about the tidying up of my missus 172 cup, this is our 4th renaultsport, 1st being a 182 FF racing blue, 2nd arctic 182 no cup packs, 3rd Mars red phase 1 V6 low...
  20. lewisredfern001

    XBMC setup

    ok gents, i am just getting started on this whole XBMC. ive got it installed on my mac, i have the remote and i have a apple tv all of which i would like to use together. eventually. 1st things first is setting it up on my mac. for the life of me i cannot even get a skin to upload? when i...
  21. lewisredfern001

    Denon amp help

    Denon 1311 £175 Denon 1610 £180 Denon 1909 £180 Denon 1910 £220 All 2nd hand units, will b used for watching/listening to HD films and playing music from iTunes. Which would you buy? I've read loads of reviews on 1910 and 1610 and it seems for my Use and the fact I'm only just upgrading from an...
  22. lewisredfern001

    macbook password hacked?

    Gents, bit of a problem i wonder if you can help, i have a password to 'authenticate' changes on my macbook pro, i have today gone to modify a folder and entered my password, its saying its wrong! i have tried the only possible 2 passwords it could be, and it will not have it. I have been...
  23. lewisredfern001

    aol mail

    gents, im having serious issues with my mailbox on my MBP, it will not for love nor money send an email!!!!!! i can receive emails fine. but it keeps saying 'cannot send message using server' it has been like this for ages and ive tried deleting account and...
  24. lewisredfern001

    iphone universal remote

    Gents, i have done a search on here and havent found any info regarding universal remotes for the iphone, which im quite shocked about as i know there are some massive home theatre and apple fans on here. and i know that people on here have the likes of logitech ones. this leads me to...
  25. lewisredfern001

    vitara off road thread

    gents, this is my 4x4 toy. its a 1.6 16v vitara, everything works brilliantly and it went straight through its mot with 3 advisories. slight warn wheel bearings. when i bought it for the sum of £450 with 2 months tax n mot it had: 30 inch A/T’s, 2.25 inch lift uprated shocks, 1.5 inch...
  26. lewisredfern001

    Flikr issue

    gents, i have just transfered all my photos from photobucket to my Macbook Pro and i am now going to transfer them to Flikr as i have been told photobucket ruins the quality of images and videos. and iphoto can link straight to flikr with ease. now on photobucket you can post the IMG link...
  27. lewisredfern001

    Torrents and macs

    I'm wanting to use the likes of bitorrent on my mac but am very cautious about downloading on my mac as I do not want any viruses. What is the recommended software to use and what is the best free antivirus software to protect my mbp. Thanks Lewis
  28. lewisredfern001

    Steve Vs Bill - Apple Vs Windows

    hope these arent reposts
  29. lewisredfern001

    iPhone 4 jailbreak

    whos doing/done it? and what are the best methods? Lewis
  30. lewisredfern001

    Anyone use mywi

    As title suggests? I absolutely cannot believe I've lived so long with out it. Especially since I moved out of my house and cut off broadband. hav been using a dongle at £15 per month which was so slow, now it's not needed. Am a little dubious about o2's 'unlimited internet' included in their...