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  1. SC03OTT

    Samsung TV - Global Dimming

    So I was gifted a Samsung UE46D6500 TV to replace my own 42” Panasonic effort from 2014. Neither TV is world beating and I don’t care either Immediately I clocked onto the dimming of the picture and have since looked it up and global dimming seems to be its name. What happens is when the TV...
  2. SC03OTT

    Office Suite for iOS - Recommendations?

    As title really. What - if any - Office Suite applications do people use for iOS. Not fussed if it’s free or not. My main gripe with the two I have tried (Apples own and OfficeSuite) is they are not capable of automatically creating a Table of Contents within their word processing application...
  3. SC03OTT

    Vodafone Fibre

    Anyone with them? Any issues? They're doing fibre for £20p/m just now. I'm with NowTV just now and it works fine, just £15 more than this offer. Given it all comes down the same line presumably I won't actually notice any difference? Ta
  4. SC03OTT

    Handprints on Paint (sun cream)

    Hi all. Looking for a bit of advice. My wife's car has two handprints on one of the doors from where one of the kids has touched it when they had sun cream on. Is there any way to hide them? I don't want to go to great lengths to remove them as the car is being handed back in a few weeks, I...
  5. SC03OTT

    iPad 1 - Uses Now?

    Anyone else still got an original iPad 1? If so, what are you using it for? I still have one and for some reason I'm not wanting to get rid of it like I do my other Apple devices I no longer use. It does seem to be borderline useless now. Can't download any apps as they all require a later...
  6. SC03OTT

    Calendar Alerts Question

    Is there a way to get the iOS calendar to alert you before an event finishes? Let's say I have an even in my calendar for the kids. It's from 12:00 to 13:00. What I want is an alert at 11:50 say, to drop them off then another alert at 12:50 to pick them up. Does such a thing exist either in the...
  7. SC03OTT

    Apple Music Family Plan

    Has anyone managed to successfully managed to setup a family plan for Apple Music? My wife has signed up and selected the family plan option. She has been using the service for a while now. However, whenever we setup Family Sharing so I can use it too, it just doesn't work. I'm always asked to...
  8. SC03OTT

    Call Forwarding Apps?

    All. I have a huge issue with mobile signal in my house. Currently, swapping networks for my personal phone is out of the question just now as I'm in contract. Wifi calling is also unavailable. For work, again swapping networks is out of the question and wifi calling is currently not available...
  9. SC03OTT

    New Family Bus - Mk3 Octavia vRS

    So with the arrival of our daughter back in January, fitting all our family stuff in my Focus ST was becoming a bit of a challenge. In fact, the lack of space was pissing me off given that it was meant to be a family car. So, the search for a replacement bus began. And here it is. Picked it up...
  10. SC03OTT


    Last night (Tuesday) at about 7pm. Drove up Broomhouse Rd then turned east onto Calder Rd? I was in the red Focus that stopped beside you at the roundabout (if it was you).
  11. SC03OTT

    Virgin Media TV Anywhere (+ TiVo iOS app) Launched

    I know there are a few VM customers on here so this may be of interest. VM's TV Anywhere service has been launched. Allows you to watch live TV (albeit a limited selection just now) and on demand content on your PC or mobile device. Along with that there is an iOS app for those with TiVo...
  12. SC03OTT

    iTunes and Password Issue

    Hello Apple wizards. I'm having an issue with iTunes on my MacBook and my password. I've just been redeeming an iTunes giftcard and as per usual, I'm asked for my password. I've typed it in correctly (even copied and pasted it, username also copied and pasted) and iTunes is constantly telling...
  13. SC03OTT

    Vredestein Ultrac Vorti - Anybody Used Them?

    Anybody used them, on any car in any size? From what I have read, they supersede the Ultrac Sessanta (which I thought were great). Doesn't seem to be many reviews around however. Ta.
  14. SC03OTT

    Sky Sports Free Weekend: 20-22 July

    Save me streaming the F1 this weekend.
  15. SC03OTT

    Removing Plastic Marks from Paint - Advice Please

    Hello all. I have some black plastic marks on my paintwork and I'm unsure about the best way of getting them off. The marks are from a wing mirror scraping down my car. Ideally I'd like to just remove these marks to see what the state of the paintwork is under them, as I might need to get...
  16. SC03OTT

    Virgin Media to Double Download Speeds

    I know there are a few on here who may be interested. All those on less than 100Mb to have their speeds doubled. Those currently on 100Mb to have a 20Mb boost to 120Mb. Linky:
  17. SC03OTT

    My iPad thinks I'm in New York - Why?

    So last week my alarm never went off (I use my iPad as an alarm clock) and when I eventually woke up, I discovered my iPad had changed my time zone to New York. I turned the auto time zone on and off a few times, but still it wouldn't change from New York. Even restarting the iPad made no...
  18. SC03OTT

    SE52D** - Edinburgh

    Your lane discipline is shocking and you managed to cut me up at the Calder Roundabout. That is all.
  19. SC03OTT

    New Car - Focus ST

    So after 2 1/2 years of Jetta ownership, I decided I wanted something different. About 3 months ago, my mate bought a Focus ST-2 and I decided after about 30 seconds of sitting in it that I also wanted one. So here is mine (spec first, then pictures): 2010 '60' Focus ST-3 2.5T 5 cyl, 225PS...
  20. SC03OTT

    Free Sky Sports Weekend: 24th-25th Sept

  21. SC03OTT

    Protected NCD and Guaranteed NCD. WTF??? (insurance experts, GTF in here)

    So it's that time of year again. I am going with Aviva this year (through Quidco btw, you're getting £70 cashback until 14th May FYI). I have come to the part about protecting and guaranteeing my NCB (I have 5 years). Now, I don't have a clue which one to pick. This is what the 'Help?'...
  22. SC03OTT

    iPad 1 Wall Mounts

    As there is an increasing number of iPad owners on here, I was wondering if anybody has a wall mount for theirs? I use my iPad as an alarm clock and, due to the lack of a bedside table, it lies on the floor which isn't ideal. I do however have a wall to the other side of my bed, so figured a...
  23. SC03OTT

    Inferno 182 - Liberton

    As title really. Parked just up the road from the bank. Looked tidy.
  24. SC03OTT

    Gmail on Mac and iPhone

    Ok, so this is actually doing my head in. I have set-up Gmail on my Mac using IMAP settings. Now, when I delete e-mails, they don't delete from the Gmail server. They remain in the "All Mail" folder no matter what folder I move them to or how many times I delete them in Mail. How do I...
  25. SC03OTT

    Black Dynamique - Napier Uni

    Today. Outside the Merchiston campus. Looked quite tidy from the quick look I had.
  26. SC03OTT

    Pressed metal plates - how stiff?

    As title. Are pressed metal plates (Dubmeister in particular) really stiff, or do they flex? The front of my car is curved so having a plate that isn't flexible won't work, as I don't think they will sit in my plate surrounds very well. Cheers!
  27. SC03OTT

    Alloy wheel - repairable?

    Is this repairable? I'm thinking not, but thought I'd ask anyway. Cheers
  28. SC03OTT

    Smartphone apps

    Hey all. Apps on smartphones. Do they download data without you actually opening the app? My dad is on Orange PAYG and his balance is disappearing. The only thought I had was an app possibly updating or something.
  29. SC03OTT

    Western Digital Elements multimedia drive

    This one: Anybody had any experiences with it? As lazy as it sounds, I can't really be bothered anymore with hooking my external HD up to my Mac then hooking that up to the TV, just to watch the...
  30. SC03OTT

    G3, by hand?

    Evening all. First off, I have no idea about detailing etc, so bear with me. So my dad has a wee scuff on his car and has been doing a bit of research, and has come to me asking about this: . Now having read quite a few threads in this section, I'm quite sceptical...