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  1. Tyler@Ultimate

    RENAULT CLIO SPORT 172 Wrapped in Matte Metallic Blue

    My clio is now on eBay. grab a bargain.
  2. Tyler@Ultimate

    350z Roadster GT Project

    So after 12 months I thought it was about time I gave the Z a project thread of its own. It's a 2005 Roadster GT black. Tanned leather heated seats, CC, Bose audio etc. I purchased it late 2013, few light mods had already been carried out which was nice, saved me time and money. Anyway, I've...
  3. Tyler@Ultimate

    Go Pro corrupt sd card while copying to PC 8GB SanDisk

    Hi all Hope you can help here. I've had a timelapse going while my brother set to work wrapping my clio (see here All is fine with recording...
  4. Tyler@Ultimate

    Ultimate’s 172 Show Car Project Thread Hydrodipped and Vinyl Wrapped.

    Right where do I start. I’ve had this car for over a year now, and initially bought it for a show/demo car at the same time as starting my business. Unfortunately at the time, I was very busy with work and therefore this project got put back and the car was forgot about. I did however...
  5. Tyler@Ultimate

    Hydrodipped Black Carbon Fibre engine cover

    Just done this the other day, think it looks the nuts, certainly a lot better than all the other carbon effects I've seen around. What do you think?
  6. Tyler@Ultimate

    Battery draining overnight hummmmmmm

    Hi I've had this problem for a while now. ATM I disconnect the negative overnight and reconnect in the morning to get round the problem, car starts and runs fine. My alternator is fine I've been told and I've just had a new battery so that also is fine. But if I leave the car overnight with...
  7. Tyler@Ultimate

    Matte Red/Matte Grey Plastidipped my 172

    As as few of you already know I'm in business with a friend in the power coating world of alloy wheel refurbishment. With myself getting more involved in the company we've decided to start offering Hydrodipping and Plastidipping. I'm not offering my services now, that will come once the...
  8. Tyler@Ultimate

    Photographing Niagara Falls

    Guys, driving up to Niagara falls next Monday and taking my DSLR to catch the moment. Only a amateur at all this, but want to capture the best pictures I can. What settings would you say I start with to catch waterfall? Don't really want to be using auto feature as I guess I will only do this...
  9. Tyler@Ultimate

    HT53 NKW blue 172 a127 now

    Sitting behind you in my vx220. Just wanted to know who it is, sticker in the back window
  10. Tyler@Ultimate

    Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Powder-Coating 'The Process' Picture galore

    Right, thought it would be rude not to put this thread up after getting my 197 wheels done and pictures of the process The process is pretty amazing and the results are outstanding Got them done in Wickford, Essex @ a place called Ulitmate Alloys Google...
  11. Tyler@Ultimate

    Grasshopper Inn Meet 15-4-12

    Pictures following todays meet Distance from cars to food :( The 4 New wheel Rob in the VX Rob trying to get out lol RAPIDDDDDDD :) SLOW Bird eater/want to be covered in black smoke? please follow me Cleaned while on the move
  12. Tyler@Ultimate

    Yellow 200, Rayleigh high street number plate Matt?

    With yellow stickers down the side. The number plate was somewhere along the lines of Matt.
  13. Tyler@Ultimate

    Xmas ESSEX meet North Weald Air Field Pictures

    Few pictures from today, it was very cold and very windy so they were just point and shoot and get the f**k back inside before my head fell of. Sorry Rob but none of the burblebus, I did take one but the battery must of gone before the shutter went. enjoy sorry if I missed anyone...
  14. Tyler@Ultimate

    Detailer around the East London area. TT-S needs some attention

    Hi Right Dads friend at work has just brought a new Audi TT-S in black not so long ago. His been a T**t and let some sainsbury car park man wash his car, probably dropped the sponge got grit in-between the sponge and you can guess the rest. His gutted to say the least and feels like selling up...
  15. Tyler@Ultimate

    RB 182 w/strips A127 to raylejgh

    Yesterday around half 5, had a sticker in the back window, followed from the a127 to rawreth lane? Anyone on here?
  16. Tyler@Ultimate

    White 200 Clio Rayleigh leisure center

    Stopped about 8 till 10 Anyone on here?
  17. Tyler@Ultimate

    My racing seat setup. A1 GP Playseat and G27

    Hi Had this set-up sience Christmas now and I absolutely love it. opted for the new Logitech G27, brilliant piece of kit, full 900 degree rotation, 6 speed gear box with working clutch and reverse, stainless steel flappy paddles, customisable buttons on the steering wheel, peddles can be move...
  18. Tyler@Ultimate

    Drive out on 21-8-11

    Few guys over on have organised a drive on Sunday the 21st Only a small amount of guys from the south east over on that forum so only 4 going so far, Just want to see if anyone else fancies a sunday drive. The plan is to meet at boreham services at 8.30am then head out to burnham...
  19. Tyler@Ultimate

    Red 197 black wheels at CSS Picture inc

    Was at CSS, trying to find out who's this is, really quite like it and want to see more pictures/project Nicked from Mark
  20. Tyler@Ultimate

    My Google Chromebook has arrived

    Had this on order for a month or so and it arrived yesterday. Its a Samsung Series 5 3G laptop some specs for people who don't know The 12.1-inch Samsung Series 5 packs a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N570 dual-core processor, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and 16GB of storage. The battery will last 8.5 hours, and the...
  21. Tyler@Ultimate

    New wheel nut cover inc pictures

    Just had these delivered, so got them fitted and also painted the locking bolt black as the covers don't fit over them being round and that. As you would probably agree they look 100% better before After
  22. Tyler@Ultimate

    white 200 Rayleigh Weir

    and also an AG 200 in halfords car park
  23. Tyler@Ultimate

    RB 182 paignton, devon

    Think it was and 05 plate. Parked up. Ktr sticker on the back
  24. Tyler@Ultimate

    Ultra Red 197

    Hello, Thought I would post up a project of my new car Old 182 project thread can be found here Bought my 197 around 4 weeks ago and I love it, big improvement from the 182 I feel. First thing I did was to get the...
  25. Tyler@Ultimate

    Wrapped my side mirrors

    Fancied having my side mirrors in black so I took them of and got my brother to wrap them in gloss black. I am really pleased with how it looks. Before After
  26. Tyler@Ultimate

    What is this (picture included)

    Hi What is this and what does it do? its a clio 1.2 Thanks
  27. Tyler@Ultimate

    my new 197

    HI Sold my 182 last year and only recently just brought myself a Ultra Red 197, Signed up to clio197 and posted the same thing as their seam to be a lot more 197's there lol anyway old car here. Its got a few extras including climate control, Cabasse speakers/6 cd unit, cornering lights...
  28. Tyler@Ultimate

    clio 07 ripcurl edition

    Its done 40k And its a cat C or D what was be a rough price you would pay? just been to view it and it seams to be fine. Oh and a full service history Lol oh and its a 1.2 16v thanks
  29. Tyler@Ultimate

    removing pre lamba sensor

    Laying under my car on my phone as its raining outside. Just removed the pre sensor its self and now trying to remove the cable but its so hard to reach. any tips? I've tried from above but that more impossible. thanks
  30. Tyler@Ultimate

    Full car wrap removal

    basically I've got a little corsa that I brought as a second car to drive about in when I need to. Its normally red, but my brother does wrapping for a living and he had matt black vinyl left so we decided to wrap it. Then we wrapped it in White then Orange, each time we wrapped it we pealed...