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  1. Mertin

    Clio running rich

    Just got my 172 running a sports cat through MOT, just. 0.200 CO allowed and scraped by at 0.199 red hot I have checked lambda using rs tuner and it seems to graph ok on idle, could it still be knackered and worth a change? Also checked coolant sensor and is reading true so shouldnt be running...
  2. Mertin

    Gearbox noise on idle (Gripper diff)

    Just replaced the gearbox, flywheel, clutch and release bearing last week and have a noise on idle which disappears when clutch is depressed which leads me to think its the release bearing. Unless gripper diff's can be noisy on idle (unsure if they see any rotation in neutral? Maybe a daft...
  3. Mertin

    Garage Flooring

    Looking for your thoughts and experiences with garage flooring. Were moving house soon and getting some flooring down in the garage is top of the list of priorities before it ends up full of stuff. Plan is to have the ph1 at home in the garage for working on so must be able to withstand a jack...
  4. Mertin

    Epas on a Looped PAS Rack

    Can the epas setup be used on any rack or is it best to use it on a non pas rack? Thoughts was to remove pas and loop my current rack (Ph1 172) and see how it goes. If I dont like the feel then add in the epas column etc to the rack. Would this work and anyone done it the same way?
  5. Mertin

    Replacing Subframe Nuts / Cages

    Just dropped my subframe for a manifold swap and 3/4 of the bolts came away ok, one of the fronts required the cage removed and held with a socket. Im looking to replace all the nuts & cages as I fear I may not be so lucky the next time round and some of the cages look quite rusty and aged...
  6. Mertin

    Spacers Affecting Handling

    Looking for some reviews on people who have fitted spacers and the effect it has had on handling, in particular track days and sprint / hillclimbs which where my focus is. Iv never planned running spacers however I have just fitted wilwood 4 pots and they are fine with my standard OZ F1’s on...
  7. Mertin

    NSR Tyre Rubbing on Arch Liner

    Noticed that the nsr arch liner has scrub marks on it, and also melted plastic on the tyre so I know it happened when running the standard F1's as its a Ph1. No play in wheel bearing, and running 195/50/15 tyres. Could rear beam bushes have too much play? Anyone experienced the same issues? Car...
  8. Mertin

    Alternator Exciter Wire

    Is there any small crimps that can be utilised in place of the standard plug? I suspect a dodgy connection within the plug as when adjusting it I could hear the engine go under load when alternator did start charging but couldnt get it to maintain a charge. I have a spare loom but would rather...
  9. Mertin

    Harness Spreader Plates

    Fitting harness spreader plates today for the inside lap belt point, both lined up and marked trying to fit them in as best as possible. Problem is, the surface below isnt flush for mounting them on. Didnt want to trim the plate down at first but I gave it a go to see if it helped and it sits...
  10. Mertin

    LED Trailer Light Conversion

    Not on a clio, but the Clio will be on the trailer :laughing: Looking to replace some lights on my ifor williams car transporter for LED items, mainly the rear lamps and number plate lamps. Side markers I was planning doing at a later date. Id read on a few sites that running LED and normal...
  11. Mertin

    Phase 1 Harness Fitting

    I am about to fit my seats and harness's into my phase 1 clio. I have done some research into this, and have a few questions. Going by guidelines, using the rear lower seat belt points creates too small an angle going by diagrams. I have seen talk of using the top mount on the top, where the...
  12. Mertin

    Renault Koleos Injection Fault

    Looking for any renault techs / someone thats had experience with Renault Koleos Car started and cut out and then failed to start last Monday, and showed injection fault on the dash. Had sat for 2 days, unmoved in frosty weather. Pumped fuel primer bulb a few times and started fine and has been...
  13. Mertin

    Simple Battery Isolator

    Looking to fit a simple battery isolator into my Phase 1 clio for times when its lying in storage unused to prevent the battery draining and also incase of any electrical issues Anyone recommend a simple method, would it be ok just to tie into the positive feed to the battery somewhere and wire...
  14. Mertin

    Lithium Ion Battery

    Looking for reccomendations for a lithium ion race battery. Was looking into the usual odyssey batteries until someone mentioned li ion ones and are alot lighter. Anyone running one and got experience / reccomendations?
  15. Mertin

    Fast Road / Sprint & Track Tyres

    Currently preparing my 172 Ph1 Clio for entering in the Scottish sprints this year, along with the odd hillclimb and trackday (particularly Knockhill and Superlap Scotland) Will be using it on the road also, although wont be my main car. Going through my possible tyres choices and looking to see...
  16. Mertin

    Mounting Busket Seats

    Currently researching what I'll need to purchase to fit my Mirco bucket seats. Been talking to GSM with regards to frames etc and wondered what peoples opinions on here were with the various optuions, if they have past experience with them. Basically looking at Cobra lowered subframe and side...
  17. Mertin

    Scotland Newbie

    Well not so much new as Iv been registered for a few years but a new clio owner using the site now. Just bought myself a Ph1 172 for a sprint and hillclimb project. I'll get a project thread started when I get cracking with the work. Car was bought up here but is originally from down near...
  18. Mertin

    Engine / Gearbox Mounts

    Are all mounts between the different models the same or is there differences? I have a Ph1 172 and wondered if a dogbone mount and vibratechnics engine mount from a 2004 182 would fit. Thanks
  19. Mertin

    Clio Heater Problem (Locating Heater Resistor Problems)

    Been searching all morning and read quite a few threads and have tried to locate the heater resistor Iv saw various pics, and where there is a plug on the right hand side there just seems to be a blank spot? Car in question is a 2001 clio 1.5 dci (no air con or climate control) The main plug...
  20. Mertin

    Clio DCi Problem - Loss of Power & Glow Plug Light

    Hi, my clio dci has recently been feeling really sluggish, and often when near 3k rpm the glow plug light comes on and car loses power and you have to back off. Car still starts fine, I thought if the glow plugs were faulty then first symptom would be poor starting? Going to try some red x in...