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  1. john182rs

    What parts do people usually break off a 182?

    What parts should I look at breaking off my old 182? I've got rid of engine and gearbox with milltek system (part of) and have full interior with evo Recaro front seats. But need a list of some kind to start stripping the car to sell bits before collection on Monday. Unless some one wants a...
  2. john182rs

    Been that long that I feel like a newbie...

    It's been a while since I've been on this page but as always it's a good source of info! Unfortunately I not be here for long as I'm in the process of breaking my car...
  3. john182rs

    GoPro and Tough Mudder help

    I am running Tough Mudder on May 30th and wanted to use my GoPro with it being my first TM event. I have seen a few people who go have the head mounts for the Heor3 on a water proof case, my question is, will the head mount take the extended back pack for the extra battery or is it better to...
  4. john182rs

    Modified Nationals 2014

    Spotted a few at the weekend, here are the photo's. If the owner is on here and wants the higher quality ones, your welcome to em.
  5. john182rs

    Seat Frames

    For the standard seats in a clio 182 FF. Can you get the rails from a drivers side to fit the passenger seat? ie to have the height adjustment and sit lower?
  6. john182rs

    Moorbridge Nottingham 197/200

    Another white one spotted on Moorbridge in Nottingham around 4pm today.
  7. john182rs

    *200 SEY 197/200 Dronfield

    Nice white 197/200 spotted near the Climax Cafe in dronfield.
  8. john182rs

    Black 182 Hucknall/Bulwell spot

    Seen today around 4pm, I beeped you. Didnt see much else, it was chucking it down...
  9. john182rs

    Nottingham Spot - Come on, who is it?

    A picture can say a thousand words.
  10. john182rs

    Nottingham Blue 182 qith Stripes

    Spotted on Mapperly top Tuesday night.
  11. john182rs

    Blue and Silver 182's Bulwell

    Seen these yesterday, flashed both of you from a black 182.
  12. john182rs

    Bake Bean Dronfield A61

    Seen this the other day, you passed me on the A61. I think the reg was some thing like T1 WNM or some thing.
  13. john182rs

    J22 CUP and OE53 UVG

    Seen you two at M1 J27 killing the fuel gauge chasing a few flies... Just to make people aware, they were revving their cars listening to exhaust note while parked up, not racing like some do...
  14. john182rs

    iPad Cases - What have you got?

    Ok, So I know we have a thread for iPhone cases but what about iPads? I should have one of the new iPad Air's soon, treated myself to one for Christmas. Yet what is one of the best or better cases to have for protecting it.
  15. john182rs

    Hucknall Donkey!

    Yes Rant, I hope your not on here YA03! I was in the right lane of a 2 lane merging to one and you pulled out of a side road to my right, smack in front of me. I had to slam on the brakes to avoid driving in to you. Then to top it off I go in the left lane once it was clear, only for you to...
  16. john182rs

    Silver 1*2 M1 south

    Seen a nice silver sport south on M1 this afternoon just before 6pm. I was in a small white freelander. Your car looks nice bud!
  17. john182rs

    Chesterfield Spot.

    White 200 reg LJ60 CFJ spotted in chesterfield around 16:30 today.
  18. john182rs

    V6 WAW Dronfield 10:48

    Spotted V6 Clio outside Gunstones Bakery at 10:48
  19. john182rs

    Clio V6 Dronfield

    Spotted in front of the Gunstones Bakery around midday today 18-09-2013. Dark blue and sounded nice, very clean too.
  20. john182rs

    Silver 182 Dronfield

    Spotted today on the round about at the top of the hill as I was heading towards the A61
  21. john182rs

    Blue 197/200 M1 J29

    I spotted you as I was coming up the M1 and just taking the J29 junction as you stayed on the M1.
  22. john182rs

    Yellow 172 Langley Mill

    Spotted a nice yellow 172 in langley mill today on my way to see a new car (audi :( ) I waved from a black sport
  23. john182rs

    2x Bulwell, Nottingham spots.

    Spotted going over Moorbridge in Bulwell. One was a red 182, sounded nice and looked very clean. Other was a petrol blue colour, I think it was a 172 though, coming from Hucknall way.
  24. john182rs

    M1 South J29-J26 197/182

    Spotted a red 197/200 around 1pm and shortly after a blue 182 with RSTuning stickers all over. Both nice looking cars.
  25. john182rs

    White 200 Dronsfield milf...

    Spotted today outside Gunstones Bakery... Tidy bit of milf I think ;)
  26. john182rs

    Good Polish/Pad combo?

    Ive been off the detailing thing a while and lost touch a little bit. Now I have been looking to buy some new pads aswell as polish to suit and get the most from my efforts. Is there any kits or combination of products that some one can recommend me to buy? I have a 7424 DA Polisher with 6...
  27. john182rs

    iTunes Skipping

    MORNING... Right then, I have added some new songs to itunes via some mp3's i have. Now every time i go to play these songs, it will get upto 50% of the way through and then skip to the next song, some times it will skip after 20 seconds. Now the playcount is not going up so its not recorded...
  28. john182rs

    Silver Clio Nottingham

    Spotted last night, you was following me off Nottingham Road on to Valley Road around 22:30.
  29. john182rs

    Plastidip - gathering interest on a GB

    Morning all I have been looking to do another GB for a while and chose Plastidip. I am just trying to see how many people would want which colour and how many. With the people I have been talking too, I have already secured £9 per can with £4 delivery or 2 cans with £5 delivery. Now this...
  30. john182rs

    Breakdown on Pads

    Polishing DA pads more to the point. I am used to using some old pads i have but can not remember what colours are for which polish, can orange hex pads still be used for the polish stage where as the reds are more finishing/glaze? I only use the 3" pads as I feel like I am always changing...