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    The 1st F4R Manifold converted to fit an F7R (I Think)

    I have a custom made manifold for a F7R engine fitted to a mk2 Clio. Cost a bit but very good.
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    C172CUP - Clio R3 - Neil Howard Stages Spotted

    I did yes, busted knee and snapped achillies put pay to that 18months ago :-(
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    C172CUP - Clio R3 - Neil Howard Stages Spotted

    Yes 240bhp and lots of bits ;-) We were in the top 5 but had a misfire after the water splash stages. This was the first round of the Motoring news Championship, was Cadwell last week and we won the class again and was in the top 3 all day until the night stages and finished 5th. Next round...
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    CM composites ???? Still going.

    Any link what's he listed as?
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    CM composites ???? Still going.

    I'm after one of their fibreglass cup spoilers. Are they still going?
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    Bolton Midnight Rally at Snetterton, May 15th
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    Motoring News - Rally champioship Rd 8 Snetterton (Champions)

    What a weekend. So we are official Motorsport News MSV Class champions and grabbed 2nd Overall in Drivers and Michelin cup. Snetterton was a great event were we needed to finish at least 9th o/a and win the class to keep Ashley Fields behind in the championship. It was our first time there and...
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    Bolton Midnight Rally at Snetterton, May 15th

    Should have said hello. Nice engine bay pic :-) We finished 5 O/A and 1st in the 2ltr class (won by over 2mins ) in the end. We were upto 3rd o/a at one point.! It was our most competitive outing to date and mixing it on times with the Millington Protons / Escorts and beating the WRC Focus all...
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    Track car geo setup

    Not seen top mounts make that much difference. I have PMS caster adjustable wishbones and get 4ish deg when maxed where near 5 plus. RR results.. ?? :-)
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    Track car geo setup

    How do you get near 6 deg caster?
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    Anyone used SW motorsport (Leyland) for roll cages?

    Are they certified or just show cages?
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    Motorsport News - Rally championship Rd 7 Cadwell Park

    Well this is the penultimate round of the championship at Cadwell Park, with just Snetterton on the 15th May to go. Day of Hi’s and Low’s, with losing a ruck of time due to stupidly tight hairpins and losing 30secs. But the championship Leader didn’t finish boosting us to 2nd O/A with one round...
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    What tyre Pressures for 888's at the Ring

    Or a lot higher if your trying ;-)
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    2005 E46 M3

    Steve is a good guy and he rebuild my whole engine earlier this year, new BMW crank included (you don't want to know the bill but all know issued should be covered of for many years to come).!!!!! very knowledgeable but very busy. Car runs great though ;-) I did see your thread on cutters and I...
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    Clio Cup Rally car - Round 6 Motoring News MSV Rally championship
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    Clio Cup Rally car - Round 7 Motoring News MSV Rally championship

    Latest event this weekend at Cadwell Park. Really good day overall but disappointing that one stage had so tight a hairpin we had to do a 3 point turn every lap.!! lost 20 odd seconds. Tried to gain it back on the last 2 but lost the class win by 13sec... But the Millington Darrian leading the...
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    Clio Cup Rally car - Round 6 Motoring News MSV Rally championship

    At Brands in the rain we were joint leading the event with a 306 Maxi ;-) (many WRCs there and the like and high powered MK2s and Darrians) and the like until it stops and started drying up.
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    Clio Cup Rally car - Round 6 Motoring News MSV Rally championship

    Cadwell this weekend, praying for rain.!!
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    Clio Cup Rally car - Round 6 Motoring News MSV Rally championship

    Another great result and points haul in the championship. 2 rounds to go and winning the 2ltr class and 3rd overall. Some incar from the event:- Pushing hard on stage 3 - new Jump is not flat this way round !! Last stage we were equal time with the 6R4 and beat him by 1 sec, nothing left in...
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    Some average pictures from the Brands Hatch Stages Rally

    Was good to meet you although brief as I was in rally mode.! Next round Angelsey 20th March.
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    Brands hatch winter stages

    Car 96 was Scootys old car. Spec similar to mine but runs a F4R engine (K-tec one, been rebuilt about 4 times I believe). We were joint leaders with the 306 Maxi after stage 2 but once it stopped raining the WRC and Millington Escort and Darrians caught me up. 306 Maxi rev limiter it set at...
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    newbie with a clio cup race car

    Ian get in touch I have all the subframes inc a seam welded cup racer one etc and can sort you out. PM me.
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    Scottish Tarmac Rally Build

    Engine details?
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    Clio 172 racing today at Oulton Park Neil Howard Rally Stages

    Yes its me no thread but its an ex cup car 240bhp F7R engine, Reiger suspension, Sedev Seqential, AP Brakes and whole host of other stuff.! Wasnt a great event as we had a worsening noise from what we thought was the box so stopped but on inspection think its a CV.
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    (up to) 240bhp from 422's?!

    What the spec of the engine is this heads being used on? would be interesting to see how this goes. Will need some lairy cams to make use of the benefit of the larger valves. How much extra flow vs a std valve over the left range?
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    (up to) 240bhp from 422's?!

    My 422 engine F4R is 230bhp, Godneys rallycar engine is 243bhp on 423s. This is with a 182 exhaust manifold so with a Pure manifold maybe a couple more bhp. Its mainly the head (mine is a mild tidy up / Godneys CNC heads) and compression ratio that will determine really, oh and most importantly...
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    Ex-Works Clio Cup racer.... £25k

    Don't confuse a cup car with a rallycar, even if it's been converted!
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    sonny172cup "track car to race car project"

    To get the best out the brakes you need to get some rear bias, std cup bias is next to nothing and that's why the fronts kill themselves from doing all the work. You can adjust the valve to add some bias bit would just get a separate bias valve. You will be amazed at the difference if set up...
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    My new racecar project (Icemans old shell)

    Strange one on the surge issue I can run my track car down to vapours and no issues? Maybe check the sender swirl pot and the pipes?