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    Best way to clean polishing pads?

    What is best to use to clean machine polishing pads without damaging the pad? cheers
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    Favourite wash mitt?

    I'm after a new wash mitt, at the moment I'm between the Carpro mitt, or microfibre madness incredimitt, what are peoples favourites?
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    Cleanyourcar payment issue??

    I ordered from CYC 2 days ago, no issues!
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    What have you ordered? *Detailing*

    Just ordered; DAS-6 pro menz 106fa menz 203s hex green and black pads prima amigo excited!
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    Headlight restoration

    Did you use any sort of sanding block, or just paper in your hand?, I prefer the idea of sanding discs with some sort of backing pad but can't seem to find any
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    Headlight restoration

    What grades of wet and dry do people suggest? The lights on my civic are cloudy but not severely pitted, I'm thinking 1500/2000/2500 then polish. Sound about right?
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    New AutoFinesse wax

    Saw a pic on Facebook of a new wax and new pots, Any more info on this Auto Finesse ?
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    Another Wednesday Waxathon.....

    Score! Thanks at Auto Finesse, have pm'd you on FB
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    Peugeot 406 estate paint refresh

    Re: Peugeot 306 estate paint refresh Knuckles what's this heat with plastic thing about? Not a method I'm aware of
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    CHEAP R888's!

    Seem to have gone down to £77 now! Very cheap indeed
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    CHEAP R888's! 195/50/15 r888's £78 each with free delivery!
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    Auto Finesse Wednesday Waxathon

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    St pierre hotel - Chepstow

    Silver non sport Y189***, had a CS sticker in the back window
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    Late in the day Wednesday Waxathon

    Re: Late in the day Wednesday Waxathon...... 431
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    Dressing lower grill

    I just use a small detailing brush
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    How do you tell if a ceramic coating is still protecting?...

    As above, may be a really silly question but presumably the water behaviour will die off long before the protection, so how do you actually tell if the coating is still present?
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    Without a doubt THE most famous clio on the net!
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    Flamer #2! Happy Face :)

    Looks nice, But Flamer #1 was perfect!
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    Dephaser - how much / is any play acceptable?

    Would be silly not to mate, for the sake of £100 or so a prospective buyer may try to knock a few hundred off the price without it done
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    BIGASH/FF-Racing X85 Clio Cup Racer Project

    Just had a quick google, the fastest lap ever in a btcc race at brands was a 1:31.2, so i would imagine a 1:45 is pretty decent!
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    So I'm an idiot.

    I've got a diesel golf... I'm doing this life thing all wrong
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    Best Beading Wax

    Carbon, a few days after application... Thanks @Kyle 86 for the sample!
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    Wednesday Waxathon strikes back!

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    AS Tardis vs AF OblliTARate

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    What wax would you buy, around £120?

    agreed, it does cover most of the bases pretty well, but it just doesn't feel special. There are plenty of waxes well below the £120 mark that cover all of those bases, but there's just something about an expensive wax that just adds to the experience!
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    BIGASH/FF-Racing X85 Clio Cup Racer Project

    Link to original build thread?
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    BIGASH/FF-Racing X85 Clio Cup Racer Project

    Holy f**k! Pictures needed!
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    What wax would you buy, around £120?

    I would like a good all rounder, great looks, decent durability, and Water behaviour is quite important to me too.
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    Auto Finesse Wednesday Waxathon

    346 second guess