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  1. Ocsltd

    Anyone used EDGE Automotive Interiors?

    As above, anyone used Edge Automotive Interiors for a Recaro re-trim and it steering wheel re-trim? Their work looks top notch, just looking for some real life feedback? Cheers
  2. Ocsltd

    Recaro seat base on EBay

    Has anyone on here ordered this? Does it come as a complete seat base, with foam etc, or is it just the cloth? Cheers
  3. Ocsltd

    Does anyone know anything about Graham & Bowness Renault???

    As per title, does anyone know anything about Graham & Bowness Renault in Workington, CA14 2TQ? Trying to find out some info on a car that was serviced there, but their website doesn't appear to be working?! Does anyone know if they're still operating, or when they stopped? Any info would be...
  4. Ocsltd

    LY Clio 200 at BCA today Reg: OV59 FWR

    Watched the above Clio 200 go through BCA today, anyone on here buy it? Looked nice, LY, Cup pack, Cup spoiler, Recaro's etc........
  5. Ocsltd

    Is this normal on a Clio 200 front bumper??

    Is this normal on a Clio 200 front bumper? I've seen a couple like this, has it had a poor paint job or is it just how they come from the factory? If it's been painted it seems an odd place to mask off, almost looks like it'e been 'wrapped' which it hasn't. Any advice / opinions would be...
  6. Ocsltd

    Does anyone know this Clio 200 - P3 LGT???

    As above, does anyone know anything about this car? It's a white Clio 200 with the Reg P3 LGT. TIA
  7. Ocsltd

    Good Clio 200 Cup WANTED!!

    Anyone thinking of selling their 200 Cup? Must be well looked after, with a solid history, low owners, low mileage, only want a Cup, not a FF with cup pack. Would like Reacro's. Looking for a cherished example! Please let me know if you have one and would consider selling? TIA.
  8. Ocsltd

    Anyone on here buy the 1 OWNER Liquid Yellow 182 at BCA today??

    Just wondered if anyone on here bought the '1 Owner' Liquid Yellow Clio 182 that went through Blackbushe BCA today?? Reg RV05 LNW. 70k miles, only 2 service stamps, Grade 4, so would have been a bit ropey..... Made just over £4k...!! So, anyone on here? Was tempted myself, but decided it was...
  9. Ocsltd

    My 172 Cup project thread.....

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum so thought I'd introduce myself. I've just picked up a 2003 '03' Reg 172 Cup, 1 Owner with 82k miles. I've always been a fan of the 172, in particular had a soft spot for the Cup! I picked mine up through the trade, paid a smidge over £1k for it. It was advertised as...