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    Question about heating metal

    When heating up a casing for a bearing, why doesnt the metal expand inward, decreasing space?
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    Cup racer lower arm uni ball

    Just about to order the laguna hub pins from optimiz access, they also do the uniballs for 40 euro each. Its a 16x38x15-21 uniball. Anyone know if you can get them from here? Would help save on extra import tax.
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    O2M gearbox size difference

    Is there less space between the gbox and the rack with the 02m?
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    Is this normal? Pas pump shaft play

    For some reason I cant transfer files from phone to comp nor upload them to cs to show exactly what is happening. It can a move a good 3mm maybe more. Its been clunking/tapping and I know its from the pump as when I turn the wheel the noise goes away momentarily. Is it fucked? Its a...
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    Front fog lights mot?

    If they are in but dont work is it a fail? I know if you take them out it will pass
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    Front left abs sensor error, brand new bosch sensor

    Only thing I can see is that the sensor has gone into the hub a few degrees offset and the bolt doesnt line up, I remember when I put the sensor in some months ago and trying to twist it to line up but it didnt move, I left it as its not going anywhere.... Could this be the problem? Its a tiny...
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    Alternator brackets for aircon ONLY?

    I swear someone was talking about this but I cant find it now. Its from a laguna dci or something, aircon pump with alternator and no pas pump.
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    s1600 Pas pump running off camshaft

    Just discovered this and wont settle until I have it. Seemingly just a bracket, coupler and a couple of o rings, or is it a different camshaft design? Could this be made from scratch without much effort? (would it cost a reasonable amount for someone to make this)
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    Powder coating/painting - Hubs, subframe, brackets..

    Seems to be mixed opinions on the best ways of going about this job. I want the subframe, arb, wishbones, brackets etc and hubs all cleaned up but Im not doing any of it myself, Im done with mess for now, I want someplace thats equipped to do it for me. I just want it all black or dark grey...
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    Which vw polo rad??

    Struggling to find exact info on sizes, all the threads just say 'polo rad'. Ive found this which is 430 x 415mm I need more space by the pas pump for custom lines, this pic from a while ago is what Im after.
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    Can you do away with the pre load spring in rack?

    Ive built a manual rack and set the pre load to higher than standard but on the car there is way too much 'twisting' of the rack. I took the gaiter off and took a spanner to the inner tie rod and you could really twist with ease. I had a look at the standard rack I have here and found that...
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    2.4 Hours of LeMullets - Cleetus Mcfarland - 14th November "2.4hrs of LeMullets is the final PPV event of the year and the largest automotive influencer competition in the world. An hour and a half of nitrous powered crown Vics with a mid-race driver change all happening at the world famous Freedom...
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    Can you buy new oem rack gaiters on their own?

    Seen on RPD the kit with a inner tre but mine are fairly new and have plenty of life. Or is there a decent alternative?
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    How do you press this joint out?

    Isnt the cap suppose to come off? It wont press any further unless I need to press the other cross first? Also my bench isnt that dirty the flash is like the sun.
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    Bleeding brakes (non abs) from empty

    System all plumbed, have pumped fluid with proper sealey pressure bleeder through all corners a couple times, gave the pedal very slow and short press a few times just to check things, is light. Should I do some more pumps like that then go through all corners again? I remember when I first fit...
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    Internal circlip without holes!

    Is it the case of drilling holes yourself? Because after some reading about and a bit of a go with picks and what not it seems the only way to do it. Just dont want to damage anything. I have a rebuild kit which comes with a new circlip with holes so no problem once this one is it.
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    How can I attach a tool to this?

    I want to measure the amount of torque needed to turn the rack but without weld skillz Im a little lost. Will be using a beam style torque wrench. This socket just goes on but it spins. Dont have any imperial sockets to try.
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    What temp can pas fluid reach?

    A while back I had ptfe hose for return which is rated to 235 ish so plenty, but for ease looking at push on aeroquip hose which goes up to 150, is that not enough? I have a temp gauge but I wont be putting that on at this stage, want to rebuild things back up first and make sure it all works as...
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    How to press bearing in rack?

    Just bought a press but never used one before, need to remove this bearing and press in a new one. Still dont have any sleeves or such to do this as Im not sure how it works so dont know which ones I need! Any help appreciated
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    Aerosol cleaner (Paint gun lines, brake lines etc)

    Anyone know what stuff to buy? This is what Im looking for but its american, There are things like injection cleaner but Im not sure if its the same sort of thing?
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    Led light bars and strips

    Just bought some wall units to go above my work bench and want led strips underneath or just whatever is super bright, is there anything I should be looking at in particular apart from chinese special on ebay? Also does anyone know where you can buy led bars that can be used to mount say inside...
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    Clip not reading abs pump

    Trying to start bleeding (lines still dry) but want to check the system is ok first and it isn’t. This is the problem, am too dead to search for wiring diagrams right now if anyone knows about this or has easy access to the diagram?
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    Workbench rubber mating??

    Just ordered a proper stainless steel work bench and want something like this, anyone bought anything similar? One that ideally has no chemical smell or anything like that, just bought some rubber flooring which smelt of chemicals and made me proper ill...
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    GPU upgrade - 2060 super vs 2070??

    Been looking at these cards as around my budget (400 ish) Watching a comparison video, the 2060 super was almost the same as a 2070, and this card below has better specs than the 2070s Im looking at.. So should I just go for this 2060s...
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    Setting up seat issues (sabelt)

    This has not been smooth sailing so far. Had to order some new high profile brackets for stupid money, they are not even high enough to get the right angle in the seat due to the high bolt threads in the seat so the rear of the seat hits the mounts. Ive swaped the mounts round so the bolt holes...
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    Aircon without pas alternator setup for 1*2?

    Any one done this? Havnt had a look my self yet, thinking if you could fit non sport brackets then would be simple enough.
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    30k clio mk2 cup racer

    With 50k spent, which sounds a bit steep although I doubt youll find another one in this condition.
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    Excessive flex with EPAS torsion bar (ecu??)

    This became a big problem recently which Is way I just went to manual column. When youd turn there would still be power steering, but its as if there wasnt enough power from the motor and you could just keeping turning the wheel without gaining any output after the column (torsion bar flex) I...
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    Gear ratios 205/50/15 vs 195/50/15

    Im on 205/45/16 ad08r which I think are the minimum Id go for the street in diameter. The 15's will be for track but wondering who has tried the different sizes and can recommend what works best?