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  1. josh11490

    Dephaser pulley/compression

    I've recently bought a clio 200, but its down on compression. Its also got a rattle on over run and fairly flat in the rev range, so I'm assuming it's not been timed up correctly. My question is, will it not being timed correctly snd the dephaser pulley failing, cause low compression...
  2. josh11490

    Stop and hand brake light

    When driving these 2 lights stay on sometimes, other times they come on and off and other times they flicker. Makes me think there’s a faulty switch somewhere, or what else could it be? Any help is appreciated.
  3. josh11490

    Xbox one achievement

    Hey all, Not sure if anyone has had this issue but m playing through the division and it's not giving me the achievements, for example reach level 30 with an agent, I am level 30 it says it's 100% but it's locked? Also just done another with a mate and no one on the team can go down or be...
  4. josh11490

    Xbox One external hard drive

    Morning all, For Christmas my little brother has asked for an external hard drive for his Xbox one as like most he's out of memory. Anyone have any recommendations? Ideally 1TB and relatively cheap ~£60 Thanks, Josh
  5. josh11490

    Cruise control not working

    Afternoon Chaps, On saturday I have a 7/8 hour round trip to do on the motorway, But the last couple of times I have tried, My cruise control has nt been working. The button works and clicks in place and the light comes up on dash.. Any ideas? Thanks, Josh
  6. josh11490

    RB182 between brynmawr and abertillery

    Looked very clean, was yesterday about 5:30ish. Was in a black 182 following a police car...
  7. josh11490

    Llandow track day.

    I know last year there was a cliosport track day at llandow, was just wondering if there would be something similar this year? I don't use my Clio on track but possibly would if that's all that's allowed.
  8. josh11490

    Liquid yellow 182 - Heads of the valley Ebbw Vale > Brynmawr

    Can't think of username but okay began with S10? Was in my dads mk4 red driving school Clio, M4 Motoring.
  9. josh11490

    Peugeot 106 GTi track project

    Thought I'd put up a thread for my 106 GTi track car project, someone may be interested. Paid £300 for it in September 2014, looked a bit worse for wear but ran and drove well, on 104k, had some paint work done on it and then started playing with it properly. Owned a couple of 16v engines...
  10. josh11490

    Which order?

    I've just ordered a machine polisher, chemical guys compounds and hex logic pads. I've also ordered some Petes 53 wax and poor boys black hole. Would I machine polish it down the finest compound and pad, then use the black hole and then the Petes 53? Cheers guys.
  11. josh11490

    Black Gold Clio 182 Daily Project

    So I've been browsing this forum since i passed my test in 2011, always liked the Renaultsport range of cars. Started off with a Saxo VTR, then bought another, then went back to my first, stripped it done a bit of track time, then fitted a 16v engine. I then got a 106 GTi, similar spec to...
  12. josh11490

    Boot lock

    The rear boot lock on my 182 won't unlock... Earlier in the week it wouldn't lock but now I can't get into it. Any idea how I can so I can have a look at it and see why?
  13. josh11490

    Hazard switch

    So I've just been out and was stuck in a bit of traffic, someone let me into there lanes so flashed the hazards to say cheers... Now they won't stop flashing unless I hold the switch in, I've pressed the switch numerous times and still nothing, I've currently got a piece of paper wedged in...
  14. josh11490

    New Headunit - Steering wheel controls

    Hi All, The standard 182 headunit is terrible, Skips everytime theres a bump, refuses to play the disc sometimes, and like this morning, it refuses to give me the disk back.... But I like being able to use the steering wheel controls, I'd like something that looks good, has bluetooth to...
  15. josh11490

    Passenger window/ABS/ESP

    Picked up a Clio 182 on the weekend, But there are a few lights im unsure about and having only owned 2 Saxo's and a 106 GTi, I dont know my way around a clio... Yet. The passenger window switch on the drivers side, doesnt work but the passenger side switch does, What could be causing this...
  16. josh11490

    Xbox one issue

    Hopefully someone will be able to help me... My younger brother had an Xbox one for Christmas, set it up all was good, but when xbl had the issues the other day, he thought it was his Xbox so he restored it, he entered all information again and it had to download update, but it fails to...
  17. josh11490

    Samsung smart TV

    Not a regular poster but need some help. I've got a Samsung smart tv, worked well then stopped playing Netflix properly, sometimes it won't get past the loading screen, or it'll go as far as actually loading something to watch get a quarter of the way then crash the whole tv and I'll have to...
  18. josh11490

    Window gone down... Won't come back up

    Hi all, My mates got a 1.2 ph2 Clio, he opened his window and it won't come back up, any ideas as too why? It currently sat in the carpark with the window down in the rain. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks!
  19. josh11490

    Jailbreaking iPhone 4s on iOS 5.1

    Hey, pretty new on this forum, dot have a clio but when insurance allows I'll hopefully get a 182... So hope I'm allowed to post this haha I'm looking into jail breaking my iPhone 4s is it worth it? And are there any problems? Also if something goes wrong will I be able to restore my iPhone...