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    [May 10, 2015] Test and Tune (Epping)

    Hardly on here any more so only just seen this, but I'm tied up tomorrow unfortunately. Added to the fact I now drive dirty diesel, no fun to throw the alfa ro-ghey-o down the runway.
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    Should I come back?

    What's the new distance on the commute? What agreement is the ST on? Outright? Lease/PCP? HP? Mileage limit?
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    Auto Finesse Wednesday Waxathon

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    Alfa 147 GTA

    Alfa Fwend! Very nice - And that noise!
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    Auto Finesse Wednesday Waxathon

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    182 vs RX8 (Not a dick head thread) Knock yourself out. Average times collated from various magazine tests etc...
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    DSLR help?

    And with a little practice you should get something like this (google, not mine): Credits:
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    iPhone 6 thread.

    "Edited to add" also in geek-speak. But yes, I did...
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    iPhone 6 thread.

    @dk - Mental story!!! Edge of your seat reading!
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    iPhone 6 thread.

    Thanks everyone else, I'll steer clear of leather, not a fan of the look. ETA: oh hang on, the 6 leather is nice actually! Worth a look too. Cheers chaps.
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    iPhone 6 thread.

    Cheers matey! Rubber case is fine, actually just had a look at one of the girls at work and it's quite a nice fit, my previous rubber sleeve thing on the 4s used to annoy me as it would always peel off when going in and out of my (admittedly hipster-tastic) skinny jeans. Screen protector, meh...
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    Z4M Roadster

    ^ God no, don't waste your money. Lovely purchase mate, big fan of the ///M seats! Nice colour too. The one thing I will say was that I was actually a tad underwhelmed by the noise if I'm honest, it sounds great, but just not quite what I was expecting (decent engine note but slightly tinny...
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    iPhone 6 thread.

    Finally caved, my 4S is dead and cracked to bits so ordered a 6 tonight on vodaphone through carphone WH. £99 upfront, £39.50 p/m - unlimited minutes, texts and 4gb data + £60 cashback by going through quidco. Can someone summarise the last 5 pages? Case? Worth it? What one? Screen protector...
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    New Car Purchase.......TVR

    Stunning, the T350 is in my mind the best looking TVR they ever made.
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    Charging an iPhone at an event without sockets

    Ravpower charger. Superb at glasto!
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    Another Wednesday Another Waxathon

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    182 spare wheel

    I carry a spare all the time. Shame it has that silly exhaust really. With the mileage I rack up I'd rather not be stuck at the side of the motorway.
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    Is mine a full fat 182?

    60mm Cup, 54mm non cup is correct I believe. Top edge to top edge of the bolt spacing. As above, spoiler is cup, wheels look darker than standard so could have been sprayed either way, splitter could have come off.
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    Auto Finesse Wednesday Waxathon.......

    371 second guess
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    Auto Finesse Wednesday Waxathon.......

    256 Trippy picture hahaha!
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    More Jokers on Ebay

    Bloody hell, you must literally have the patience of a saint mate. That 160 miles more that I get from a tank. Even if I coaxed it along I can only me imagine getting 380 miles to a tank at absolute best.
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    BMW Style 162 e90+ alloys on eBay Will sell for £400 + postage to a forum member.
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    V6 replica!!!

    Once you've absorbed the exterior in all of its glory you then get to.... That interior!! Oh wow!! The radio doesn't even fit!
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    Liberty Walk GT-R

    Such a good exhaust note. On a side observation, those flatbeds at the start of the video are so good... Used one with the VX, zero ground clearance not a problem!
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    205 Tyres and Lowering Springs.... Issues

    I had 205 and eibach's with no issues on my 182. Many 182's are also running 16" 205's and cooksports also with no issues. I would imagine it should be fine.
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    clio trophy cornering

    When I had Sachs on the front of mine and knackered cup shocks on the back, you only had to look at a roundabout and it fell over. Fun when provoked, not fun when unexpected.