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    Will these fit?

    Hi mate, There was a lad on here who had the 15x7 grids, can't remember his name though! He had 165/40 or 45/15 tyres on them though. They will fit though with 5mm spacers on back.
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    JCC's FRS

    Re: Finally. Awesome car :)
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    My Laguna seca blue E46 ///M3

    Holy moly that's nice, I want :(
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    Too wide? Rota content.

    Yeah sure. Bare in mind they run 1.5degree standard so mine was about -3.5 in total. Tyre wear wasn't really noticeable but I only did a couple thousand miles.
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    Too wide? Rota content.

    Mine were grid-vs so et20 but just to show how mine sat before and after grinded calipers, 172 cup stub axles, 2degree and 5mm spacers. It could potentially work if you took a it more off calipers and ran 3mm spacers or had the wheels machined. I had no arch work done either which didn't help...
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    Rota Grid/Rota Grid V's

    The are different types of grids, some fit easy, some don't and some do with work. Which ones are you looking at? There are the normal grids which come in fitments like 15x7 & 16x7 which will fit no problems (maybe a 5mm spacer for the rear due to the design of them). Then there are the...
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    The Impreza picture and discussion thread

    f**k that's nice. Made me want one again now!
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    Divers side rear wheel sits further out than the passenger side.

    Could of had a replacement stub axle from a 172cup as these are thinner than 182 stub axles. Only around 5mm or so. Could the spacers/shims have been machined incorrectly?
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    My 'scene' Golf...

    Awkward... lol
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    My 'scene' Golf...

    Yeah it's an r32 setup with Tarrox grooved discs :) stops well. I agree about the arch over wheel thing on back and will sort it out soon. I could of raised it an inch but that looked weird. Need spacers :)
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    My 'scene' Golf...

    Not quite sure what you're talking about? It's got adjustable height air suspension with camber + damping adjustability, it actually performs very well. I don't have any pictures of the ride height and its filthy at the moment but it gets driven at a normal height. It's only a Gti but then...
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    My 'scene' Golf...

    Yeah I know what you mean lol, tucks in far too much. When you air out the camber increases. Need some spacers I think. Thanks, don't understand when people say its too low lol. It's adjustable and I drive it normally most of the time.
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    My 'scene' Golf...

    Yeah it's on airlift performance struts, camber + damping adjustable all round. Its a remapped GTI with 250bhp so it still gets driven hard :) I do wish it was DSG sometimes gally and yes it has a DSG wheel. Doesn't bother me in the slightest, they are such a lovely wheel to use.
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    My 'scene' Golf...

    After the abuse on the other golf thread I thought I'd post some pictures of my golf up! :)
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    Bought a Golf!

    Looks nice, can't really see the car though! lol What model is it?
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    Name these wheels

    SSW Speeds.
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    The Golf. An Update.

    They are brilliant cars, a stage 1 map transforms them! Would highly recommend.
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    Is this legal/look good?

    They weren't rolled, just bigger bump stops to prevent arch contact :) I chose to have max camber on the front which was about -3.5 on vmaxx coilovers, probably could of gotten away with less but theres not much clearance on 182s at the front. I still drove it hard like that and I can't say I...
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    Is this legal/look good?

    They 16x8s? It's doable :) Need 2degree shims on the back and 195/40 tyres. You'll probably need max camber on front too.
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    Air ride or turbo 172 ph2

    Bagged & boosted ftw! Just not on a clio lol
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    Nimbus 200.

    Looks good mate :) I'll keep an eye out for it!
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    Stretched tyres psi?

    I used about 40 in them mate.
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    GTA V : online

    Free Xbox Live this weekend, gonna try it then :)
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    You have to do the first assignation to progress I think mate.
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    +1, more money to invest = more profit.
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    ***How much is it worth?***

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    ***How much is it worth?***

    2004 (54) 182 with 58k, FSH, belts & dephaser done in 2010 @ 36k, aux done last year. Racing Blue with both cup packs, 4 previous owners. MOT until March, Tax until November. Thanks
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    They all have individual amounts mate.
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    I think the insurance is going to be online only.
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    This afternoon is going to drag so much.