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    HT53 RLZ - clio cup 172 Does anybody on here own it now?

    Hey guys It's been a few years since I owned my mondial blue clio 172 cup with the reg HT53 RLZ and wondered if anybody on here owned it now?
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    Dash tweeter removal

    Is it easy to remove the two tweeters in the dash of a 182 or are the rumours true that the whole dash needs to come out???
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    Clio lowering garages in birmingham?

    As per the title I'm looking to have my clio 182 lowered this week.Can anybody recommend a garage that could do this work for me please in Birmingham???
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    Steering wheel thumb grip refurb

    A known common fault is that the thumbgrips on the clio 182 steering wheel split. But what do people do when this happens? I don't want to replace it with the same steering wheel as the same will happen again and i dont want to fit an aftermarket one as i want my airbag. I was going to get...
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    Clio 182 speaker sizes?

    I'm looking to upgrade all my speakers can anybody provide me with all the sizes please for all speakers, front, rear and two off dash tweeters. Also what speakers do you recommend? thanks
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    182 cup springs on a 182???

    Will these fit a standard 182 guys?
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    I'm back

    Kept my username the same! I'm back! ;) Sold my clio 172 cup, bought a new focus ST, sold that and bought a lotus elise 135R, then sold that and bought a seat leon cupra R and now I've got a clio 182. Wanted a 182 cup but mine popped up at a bargain price and will do the work myself. Damo
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    V8 vantage on m6 to livingston

    Anybody see me sat/sun? Black VX05 LYU. Was a great experience! The roads up north are great no traffic like down here!
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    Ferrari 430

    At work today :D
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    blue cup, M40

    Going southbound just before junction 14
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    Blue cup, Ricardo

    Blue cup spotted going past ricardo in leamington - much cleaner than mine Im going to have to wash mine soon!
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    cool renault pics!!!
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    C1 SMT

    nice cup mate you were in front of me at the horse and jockey lights must have looked cool two blue cups in convoy!
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    blast from the past! My old car brought a tear to my eye, I want it back :C
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    wiring an amp and sub help required

    anybody got a amp and sub fitting guide for a clio cup 172? If not anybody in the midlands want to earn themself a buck?
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    172 cup with c/fibre mirrors

    Anybody got any pics of a cup with the carbon fibre touring car style racing mirrors. Fred has them on his clio but I want to see what they look like on the cup.cheers
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    Nervous or what!

    Been waiting since september for my locking wheel nut key, so had a real moan today to the aftersales manager and as a result the locking key coming from Italy (more like mars!)has been cancelled and renault tomorrow are going to chisel of my locking wheel nuts and replace them with a new set...
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    lucky boy!!!

    Just noticed a screw in my front tyre, luckily when I took it out it was only little and hadnt punctured my tyre.phew!!! Could have been a problem since Ive been waiting 4 months for my locking wheel nut key from renault!!! ANybody got a spare one please that I could buy off them?
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    top gear reminder

    Just a reminder that all of you that either missed top gear last sunday or want to see the cup on the nurburing again its on tonight 1130pm!:D