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    BMW Style 162 e90+ alloys on eBay Will sell for £400 + postage to a forum member.
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    Wanted - Fault Code Reader - Bristol

    Daniel Chapppers11 yellowbelly Sorry chaps, first few names that popped into my head! Anyone in Bristol have a OBD2 code reader I can borrow? Or offer some assistance. Electrical fault warning light popped on this morning and car went into limp mode, limited to 3k rpm. A quick search hints...
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    Two Trophy's in Bristol on Thursday

    Filton UWE/Business Park roundabout. Residential parking outside some flats just off Gloucester Road. There's definite potential for a SW Trophy meet!
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    Photoshop Request - Trophy wheels

    Evening chaps and chapesses, Would one of you PS wizzards be so kind as to 'shop these wheels into a few colours. I have a track set that I'm DIY refurbing next week so thought I'd go for something a bit different for no reason other than they'll not see the road and not many trophy's have...
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    15's/15" Alloys and Cooksports/Cooksport Springs (Trophy pics inside)

    At the request of a few people I've taken a few pictures to illustrate the height of 15" F1's with Cooksports. Wheels are 7J ET38 iirc. Tyres, 195/50/15. No spacers. Overly detailled title so hopefully when people search it covers most bases. I struggled to find many... Shoddy effort with the...
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    Washer Pump - Definitive Answers Please :)

    GF's window washers packed up a week or two ago, rear one has been dead for about a year. Can still hear the motor whining as normal when you pull the stalk. Changed to citroen mist jets and it's made no difference at all, my next port of call is to try and flush the bottle through with a hose...
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    Trophy Waved@UWE Frenchay Campus, Bristol - This morning

    The first other Trophy I've bumped into on the road since owning mine.:approve:
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    How to remove Rain X smearing?

    Can anyone help? Previous to my ownership the T has had Rain X on the windscreen and it's starting to smear. I've washed and clayed but no joy... Do I need some form of solvent to get rid perhaps? Can anyone recommend anything, I want to Gtechniq it at some point. ​Cheers
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    Flat battery? Something else?

    Afternoon all, i think my battery was flat this morning. Trophy hasn't been driven since Thursday so 3.5 days. Up until then it's been in use daily and hasn't caused any trouble. Car wouldn't unlock on the fob, then i manually got in with the key and the alarm sounded. Then tried to start and...
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    Brake pedal judder

    Evening All, Getting some minor juddering and a slight grinding noise through the brake pedal when braking slowly just before coming to a stop. Pads only half worn but front discs do ideally need changing... That said they aren't completely shot to bits. Rears are shagged, rear pads have a few...
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    Going into Cheltenham most mornings

    With stickerbombed fog lights? Hi
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    Quick service interval question for 182

    I've always lived by the following schedule: 12k/1y 24k/1y 36k/3y (aux belt) 48k/1y 60k/1y 72k/5y (cambelt and aux belt) Now I've seen that time and time again on here. I've even told people myself. But I only just noticed that my Renault service manual says 5y for the aux belt as well (still...
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    Chapppers11 open your eyes!!!

    I've waved twice now in Bristol business park! Think you are N200??? I'm in the loud trophy, not hard to miss!
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    3 spots: Llandrindod Wells - Wales, Cheltenham and M4 Reading

    Blue Megane, RB 182(Gaz plate?) and AB 182 in Llandrindod Wells. Monaco 172 in Cheltenham by the roundabout at KFC/Halfords with a 182 behind it. Cazzy? Lady driver. Silver 182 that looked very low exiting the M4 at Reading today around 17:00. ​HI!!!!
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    RB M25 Clockwise Sunday between Jct 4 and 5

    18:00ish this evening. Gave you a flash and wave from the opposite carriageway.
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    Project: Soixante-Sept - Je suis rentré

    ...or - I have returned :D Mileage Log - 61,800 With a commute of 80 miles per day looming and a house purchase on the horizon, I needed to sell the VX and get a practical commuter car. Cue - Renaultsport Clio Trophy #067 Trophy #067_3 by Sam_Wick, on Flickr Trophy #067_1 by Sam_Wick, on...
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    KTEC 215 on PHs Evo review was good.
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    Holiday Snaps: Orlando - Tampa - Naples - Everglades - Miami

    Thought I'd chuck these here as a few people were interested. Nothing special, just holiday snaps. Mostly off TEG's old cheap lens had off him before I went :o very soft at 250+ lol but it did the job. Saturn V by Sam_Wick, on Flickr Launch pad 39-A by Sam_Wick, on Flickr Naples Pier 1 by...
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    Where do I stand - FAO Daniel, Steve, traders et al.

    A friend has purchased a 1.6 Clio from a dealer. They bought it on the assumption it needed a service. Being 2 hours away they drove it home to be serviced at a local garage. Emissions light has come on (I suspect lambda sensor) and then at the service it transpires it needed front discs and...
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    Random Renault 5 Kit car Not really sure what to make of that. I'll chuck this here as well...
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    Random Ford KA for sale
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    FAO - Mini owners

    Winter wheels for sale, link below: Approx 6mm of tread on tyres, only used for 1 winter. If anyone on the forum wants them my GF is willing to end the listing early. Located in GL12 postcode but can...
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    FAO - MX5 owners

    Winter wheels for sale, link below: BRAND NEW WINTER TYRES If anyone on the forum wants them my GF is willing to end the listing early. Located in GL12 postcode but can arrange postage at buyers cost...
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    Clio WTF??? - Spotted on PH's site Last pic :D
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    Dartford Crossing Toll Change - Oct 2012

    Thought I'd chuck this in the SE section. Just popped up on my FB news feed that the toll is increasing in October. Stupid bridge should have been paid for long ago I thought... On a side note, the toll causes so much congestions it's ridiculous. If they must charge, surely a 50mph average...
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    VX220 **Contains half ar*ed photos**

    Went out for a drive tonight with the full intention of taking some photos, got completely sidetracked and was out for over an hour and a half scaring myself sh*tless round corners and playing "Elevens" on deserted country lanes. <3 this car in the dry. Anyway, after a rather sweaty hour and a...
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    FAO - old-timers

    Something I've been wondering for a while, just out of curiosity. I assume at some point everyone on here came to CS due to Clio ownership. But for the majority of "old timers" (for want of a better word) I've never seen what Clio you actually used to own (and I've been lurking around almost 2...
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    One of Sidcup's finest on the 'bay - Approved by spiderman WTF?!
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    Spotted at Twotechs

    3 RS Clios and a Meg in the workshop today. Anyone on here?
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    2 this morning in Eltham - Thursday 3rd May 2012

    1st was a white ph1 V6 "51" reg (didn't know they existed) at the Well hall road jct with the Rochester way - I was at the front of the traffic light queue and spotted the vents in my mirror! 2nd was a silver ph2 172 with lady driver near Shooters hill.... Very very low and dark wheels. Spotted...