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    Gaming monitor suggestions (Xbox/PS)

    @Ph1 Tom @Jack! Thanks very much for the replies!
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    Gaming monitor suggestions (Xbox/PS)

    Hi I had a search through previous threads, but wondering if I can get some up to date help/opinions please I'm weighing up the idea of getting a gaming monitor for my Xbox One (currently use a TV), but unsure what brand/spec of monitor to buy. I'd like to upgrade the console at some point...
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    Sony Bravia - lost apps

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    Sony Bravia - lost apps

    Evening, Wondering if any fellow members who have a Sony Bravia TV have ever encountered the following issue. TV has been working fine until we turned it on last night and all of the apps, which were accessible via ‘Home’ > ‘All apps’, have disappeared and it’s now showing two photo frame app...
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    Scotland driving holiday

    Brilliant write-up. Really enjoyed reading it - thanks!
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    FIFA 19 - online co-op (Xbox One)

    Hi, Anyone on here play the online co-op? Want to play it again this season, but looking for someone to partner up with. Cheers, Lewis
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    Water sloshing sound and wet belt

    Sorry for the bump - I've noticed a water sloshing sound @MarcB Where would I find the sill drain plugs? Are they easily accessible? Cheers
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    Binding brakes - Clio 200

    Hi folks, Wondering if you can let me know the main changes I would notice if my brakes are binding. I'm finding that there is a slight 'stickiness' when moving off from a static position (I've been parking with the handbrake barely raised and still noticing that 'unhinging' sound when...
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    Spare wheel/tyre

    Hi Just wondering if there are any owners who keep a spare in the boot and what wheel they are using as a spare. I own a 200 and was thinking of picking up a second hand standard alloy for longer trips as I don't rate the can of foam. Cheers Lewis
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    Clio 200 Cup spoiler removal?

    Thanks very much for the replies!
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    Clio 200 Cup spoiler removal?

    Sorry for bumping. How large are the holes when the Cup spoiler is removed and are there just two on either side? Thanks
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    Clio 200 Cup - colour coded door strips

    Thanks for the replies, appreciate it! After reading numerous threads I think I'm swaying towards finding something similar to you - a FF with the Cup pack.
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    Clio 200 Cup - colour coded door strips

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a 200, but undecided on whether to go for the FF or Cup version at this stage - reading through threads at the moment. From the threads I have read, I was under the impression that one way to identify a 200 Cup model was the black horizontal exterior door strips...
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    FIFA 16

    Bought Pro Ev for the first time ever this year. Fancied a change from FIFA and the early reviews sold it to me. Loving it so far. The lack of Premier League licenses doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. The gameplay is brilliant, took me while to get used to it coming from FIFA...
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    TV's - Curved to standard?

    Gaming on a curved TV - can anybody provide any experiences? Cheers
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    Cities: Skylines

    This is slightly vague so apologies in advance! Downloaded the game onto Steam, but keep receiving 'Failed to start the game (unknown error)' message'. I've followed the 'Failed to Start Game (Missing Executable)' instructions on the Steam website, but no luck. Any ideas or common issues you've...
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    BT online - changing back to receiving paper bills

    Wondered if anyone could help with the above. Looking to change from paperless back to receiving paper bills in the post but cannot see this option within the 'MyBT' profile. Many thanks
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    FM12 CS Challenge

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    1983 Ford Capri 2.0S Resto' Project

    Any updates on your build?
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    Football Manager 2013

    Just wondered if anyone has played FM online either 13 or a previous version? I've always noticed it, but never given it any attention. Is it any good? What does it involve? Thanks.
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    FM12 CS Challenge

    My Season As with others I started with clearing out the staff and players I saw as deadwood in order to reduce expenditure and raise the transfer budget. I forgot to take a screenshot before the start of the season, but there weren’t too many new signings. As this challenge is in some ways...
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    FM12 CS Challenge

    Just found this gem during pre-season...
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    FM12 CS Challenge

    The clear out begins. Got rid of all backroom staff that were there and searched for new staff based on attributes. Found a few good ones so far...
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    FM12 CS Challenge

    Hull sounds good to me as well.
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    FM12 CS Challenge

    We could maybe report back to the thread after certain interval of games, after every 10 for example. Or maybe say by a certain date in real time to have played a certain amount of games to make sure people dont fall behind?...for example by the end of March play X amount of games? Just ideas :)
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    FM12 CS Challenge

    I'm up for this :) Want to start a list and see how many people we get for starting on Saturday? 1) Jay.S 2) Parky14
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    Football Manager 2012

    If you're looking for a good, cheap assistant manager go for Tony Coton. Very good attributes! Only thing that lets him down is his tactical knowledge, but he is relatively easy to sign and for a low cost he is a very good option.
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    Football Manager 2012

    I would also be up for a Football Manager challenge. I'll keep an eye on this thread for details.
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    [PC/XB360/PS3] The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim

    Has anyone else suffered from the bug/glitch after the third quest 'Loud and Clear' as part of the Theives Guild? Once it comes up that you have completed 'Loud and Clear' it does not then prompt a starter for the following mission 'Dampened Spirits'. Therefore, I am unable to continue with...
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    Football Manager 2012

    Not so much a clause, but I always try and remove yearly wage rises from new contracts and increase the agents fee. You never know what financial situtation you'll be in the following season and you could find yourself in trouble if the majority of your team are on a yearly wage rise.