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    MAP sensor

    Been having a running issue at times with my 182 and wondering if anyones had the same? MAP sensors Went out to the car last night and got some live data readings. The code only stated MAP sensor so ran that alongside coolant temp etc. All temps as expected but the MAP sensor reading is off...
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    182 running issues

    Hi folks. Having some annoying issues with my 182. Usually starts fine but the past couple times it's taken a bit longer but it has started. Once started it idles OK but very hesitant to take any throttle. Drive off and its spluttery until about half way on temp gauge. Once it hits that it's...
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    182 gearbox end cap

    Can the end cap/5th gear cover be replaced on a 182 gearbox with everything in place? Or do I have to drop subframe etc?? Cheers
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    Chopped 182 rear bumper

    Has anyone cut away part of the rear bumper on a 182 before?? It's a track toy I'm building and running a single exit exhaust. Was looking to chop away part of the rear bumper......if anyone has done it have you fitted a diffuser or similar or just left as is? Cheers
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    182 wheels in Aberdeen area.....

    Hi folks, Bit of a long shot here but does anyone in the Aberdeen area have a spare set of wheels for a 182 I could "hire"?? Wanting my wheels powder coated and don't really want to buy another set for the sake of a couple days. I will pay anyone who can help!! Cheer
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    172 exhaust onto 182

    Hi folks, Apart from the obvious bumper cut outs, can a 172 exhaust from the cat back go onto a 182 I.e mounting points the same??
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    Aux belt Aberdeen area

    As title really... I have an aux belt kit to be fitted, don't fancy doing it at the roadside. Any recommendations for garages in Aberdeen/shire?? Cheers
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    182 whine

    Hi folks. I have had a read through similar threads but they never seem to mention if it has been fixed. Basically my 182 has a whine from the belt side, noise increase with revs at idle and under load. Alternator is brand new so isn't that. A lot of mentions point towards the aux belt idler...
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    Wayne's 182 Toy

    Hi folks. Thought I would start a thread on the 182 I have just purchased. It looks as if it may of been on here before as it has a Cliosport sticker in the rear window. The spec of the car so far is as follows: FF Clio 182 35k miles Full Janspeed/Ktec exhaust Decat RSTuner Map Brembo...
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    New 182 owner in Aberdeen :)

    Hi folks. Took delivery of a Clio 182 in silver today. The car itself has come with a pretty good spec that I will add to and make my own mark on over the next while. The spec is as follows: FF Clio 182 35k miles Full Janspeed/Ktec exhaust Decat RSTuner Map Brembo HighCarbon Discs D2500 pads...