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  1. Yorkshire Pudding

    UR R27 - Batley Tesco

    Car looked spot on, anyone on here?
  2. Yorkshire Pudding

    Deep black 200 - Gelderd Road

    Parked up near players cars, not sure if it's one they've bought for stock but looked pretty nice
  3. Yorkshire Pudding

    Open ended M14x1.5 locking wheel nuts

    I want to stick some wheel studs on my Megane The issue is I'm paranoid some c**t will have away with my wheels. I'm really struggling to find some decent M14X1.5 open-ended locking wheel nuts to use because I'll be using bullet tip studs so the locking socket needs to be deep or have a opening...
  4. Yorkshire Pudding

    Mini VHS to Digital

    Okay so my mrs has a lot of childhood VHS and Mini VHS that she wants digitising Wondered if anyone has ACTUALLY DONE IT THEMSELVES NOT PAID SOMEONE I'm fairly handy with most s**t but I'd rather not screw up her old tapes with her mum and dad on them (they're both dead so these are quite...
  5. Yorkshire Pudding

    PO54 OCJ - CarThrottle's new track toy vid

    I spy with my little eye a CS folder when they open the boot
  6. Yorkshire Pudding

    Key blade cutting

    Wondered if there is anywhere specific you need to take car keys for them cutting or if you can just buy a blank and get one cut I locked myself out of my own car last night like a special c**t and NEED to get one cut. All my other cars have a few keys but my Monaco doesn't... Naturally Any...
  7. Yorkshire Pudding

    M9R Sump Gasket - RTV/Loctite Grey/Dirko/Threebond

    Need to replace the sump gasket on my Meg 175 along with a new lower sump pan and wondered what sealer everyone prefers before doing it. I've always used loctite grey but I checked mine the other day and it's all gone off now so might as well give something else a whirl Ta
  8. Yorkshire Pudding

    Genuine V6 spioler in RB

    Not my listing but if someone's in the market for a good one then give this a watch, very hard to come by a good condition genuine V6 spoiler these days
  9. Yorkshire Pudding

    Clio F3 Dry sump pan - £350

    Not my listing but may be of use to someone on here
  10. Yorkshire Pudding

    Roll Centre Kits - Honest reviews

    I'm toying with the idea of getting a RCC kit from @Tomotek @ ProAm Racing Before I buy one I wanted to gauge people's honest opinions on them. I strictly want to know what it's like to drive over a 'standard' setup and the 'feel' that's gained from them, people say understeer is reduced but I...
  11. Yorkshire Pudding

    55 Plate Monaco

    Probably one of the latest registered Monaco's. I've only ever seen an 05 plate before this!
  12. Yorkshire Pudding

    Grinding thread - (not dirty you perv!)

    Couldn't find a grinder usage thread I can't be the only one that will use a disc until the last couple of mm 😂 The Yorkshireman in me still wants to use that last edge of the disc but the locking nut on the grinder is the same size as the disc now
  13. Yorkshire Pudding

    Power Tool Perverts

    I'm looking to replace my Snap-On 1/2 impact gun with something Makita... Or even DeWalt. The Snap on guns are limited with a 4aH battery which are quite frankly shite compared to a Milwaukee/DeWalt/Makita 6aH 18v. My dad has a DeWalt impact driver a drill which have sen 4 years of abuse and...
  14. Yorkshire Pudding

    Pandemic = Stay inside and improve setup

    Since were all staying inside (or everyone should be if they have more than 13 brain cells to rub together) it gives us perfect time to move around our setups and make things nicer. Cleaned my whole room earlier, top to bottom and moved it around a bit Before After The radiator hasn't...
  15. Yorkshire Pudding

    Twin Turbo Drakan Spyder

    Saw this on Facebook and HOLY f**k!! They come with an LS3 as standard with about 400bhp but I reckon this one is about 1100bhp as a guesstimate
  16. Yorkshire Pudding

    MK4 LY 200 - £5995 - AT

    Mad cheap Here :)
  17. Yorkshire Pudding

    Flamer 200 MK4 w/ Cup spoiler - Leeds Road Dewsbury

    Looked spot on. Was parked up near Co-op at about half 6
  18. Yorkshire Pudding

    197 75° Thermostat in a Clio 172/182

    Has anyone or does anyone run the lower temp thermostat in their 172 for track use? Any info regarding this would be ace TIA
  19. Yorkshire Pudding

    Clio 172 Heater blower

    Got into the car this morning, stuck the demisters on but then decided to crank the blower speed to max. At which point the car decided it didnt like that and the blower motor stopped completely Anyone have an idea where the fuse is for the blower motor? And does anyone have a spare resistor? Ta
  20. Yorkshire Pudding

    Odyssey PH1 eBay

  21. Yorkshire Pudding

    Stealth Grey Raider Clio 200 - J40 M1 Wakefield

    You waved at me in my heap of bolts and I waved back, on here? Car looked insanely nice! Had a private plate but I cant remember it
  22. Yorkshire Pudding

    PK4 Gear ratios

    Yes I know it's not a Clio question But does anyone have a pdf or any info about PK4 gearbox ratios, specifically M9R (PK4001/006/013)? I'll be rebuilding a spare box with a Megane 250 LSD but need the gearset to be the same, but as there are about 75 million variations of this box I'll need...
  23. Yorkshire Pudding

    Flamer and Twingo 133 - Rishworth Moor

    I was in the Monaco track car going the other way Whoever you were you didnt wave, misery guts🤣
  24. Yorkshire Pudding

    CSF 2019 Convoy - Yorkshire & the NW

    Where is everyone coming from and where do we all plan on meeting? My journey is only from Wakefield so M1-M62-M18-M180 and then onto Blyton So far the convoy is me and @OssPoop so we need to get everyone together ? ?
  25. Yorkshire Pudding

    Liquid Yellow 182 Skegness Premier Inn - KT54 OHD

    Who is it then?!!? Car looks lovely! Obviously had to stick the Megane next to it so at least you know your doors wont get smashed in by windowlickers?
  26. Yorkshire Pudding

    RS Tuner help

    Bought an RS Tuner a while back and now I need to use it to see if I can figure out why my ABS and Airbag lights are on. I tried to connect it to my Megane 175 just to see if it actually works and it just comes up that I don't have the modules for it and it can't connect to the ECU (I'm...
  27. Yorkshire Pudding

    Best place for tracking/camber setup in Yorkshire

    As the title states, I'm looking for a decent place within Yorkshire (Ideally West but not really fussy) for my tracking set up on my track car. I only have camber bolts to be adjusted so it doesn't need corner balancing or anything daft. I just don't fancy taking it to any Tom, Dick or Harry...
  28. Yorkshire Pudding

    LY 182 on eBay

    Very meh but still an investment
  29. Yorkshire Pudding

    GW 200 Durkar Asda - EK59 EXA

    Spotted this GW 200 in Durkar Asda Wakefield on Saturday Anyone on here?