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  1. J

    snetterton yesterday

    Saw a few Clio's and got a bit of footage on my youtube channel. "Joe Marano's cars"
  2. J

    My Clio 172 "review" and drive

    Like and subscribe peeps. Might make some better ones if it gets some views!
  3. J

    clio dynamique 15" wheel questions

    How much do they weigh? Will fitting them to a 172 non cup make them appear even more lost inside the arches? Lastly will they accept a 195/50/15 track tyre?
  4. J

    Double declutching, heel and toe etc

    Since @-Jamie- pointed out my downshifts sound painful i've been looking into some of the more advanced bits of driving (im happy with racing lines etc) What methods do people use to be kind to the car? Do you NEED to be able to heel and toe? Do all racers do it? I can't heel and toe in the...
  5. J

    red 182 southend

    Had some power in it and spotted quite a few mods. What was the spec. You'll cry when you learn my 172 is standard basically lol
  6. J

    A Clio, Snetterton and a scared girlfriend lol

  7. J

    For those with corbeau clubsports

    What did you need to do or buy to fit them properly? Also anyone using standard seatbelts? Im waiting for my drivers side to arrive at the moment. I ordered an omp subframe with it.
  8. J

    02 iceberg 172 and RB 182 southebd

    Both drove past my house on st lukes rd earlier. Never see Clio's and now they are everywhere
  9. J

    Anything "wrong" with this harness?

    Or do you just pay for the brand? I've just bought a corbeau clubsport and don't know why I would pay over a hundred for other products?
  10. J

    Brands hatch

    Saw a couple of Icebergs and a blue 172/82 with the same foglight duct things as I have. Also a couple of nice r26's
  11. J

    Car all over the road....unstable

    Noticed ever since I took the wheels off to fit my brake ducts around that time the car hasnt quite felt the same. Just had a little play with a M135i and if I were a lesser driver I could swear the car was trying to kill me. Front felt washey and rear didnt feel right either. Snaked a little...
  12. J

    How to fit vibratechnics engine mount?

    What will I need to do and what problems am i likely to encounter? Drivers side...
  13. J


    Are lightweight batteries the preserve of race car/extreme track cars? Or can they work with a road car and power all the standard sport features at the same time? I like the idea of saving around 10kg but not sure where to start/where to look. I would probably mount in its original place.
  14. J

    Uprated engine mount

    After fitting the dogbone mount the exhaust banging stopped for a while but I suspect the drivers side needs doing now as it bangs on hard 2nd gear acceleration particularly out of corners. Which is best for what im after and anywhere best to buy from?
  15. J

    blue 172 cup southend, southchurch rd c. 5pm

    You were just pulling up by the shops. Was in my missus' car.
  16. J

    AP coilovers

    Whats the general opinion on these? Better than say prolines and cup shocks? My car will never be an out and out track car. I would like to do at least 3 a year though but its going to spend most of its time on the road to be honest taking me from work and back and just me driving. I know...
  17. J

    brake ducts
  18. J


    So im driving along snd I can start hearing a clicking noise when I turn thr wheel right. Investigated and it looks as though the rubber joint has perished on the engine side. Is this a new driveshaft required or will a garage be able to replace the rubber and grease etc?
  19. J

    Standard car vs snetterton

    Planning on getting some brembo hc discs and brembo pads as I use the car to get to work etc and don't want to spend big money on parts I don't need. How many laps should I be doing as a max in a standard car before things start overheating etc? Is snetterton hard on any part of the car in...
  20. J

    182 Trophy behind me southend, graingers park

    Looked back and saw the lovely shape of a Clio behind me :D
  21. J

    How does racing and sponsership work?

    Went down to Snetterton today and met a few people etc and I wouldnt mind doing some races myself. Obviously cars have sponsers etc how do you go about getting them? How does it work? There's no way I could afford to buy a 182, have it prepped and compete in the 182 series for example without one.
  22. J

    Blue 1*2 last few letters "eye?" roll cage, southend

    Saw you as you were heading towards southend by the priory park roundabout (you know the one that functioned perfectly fine without traffic lights)
  23. J

    Is this wheel any good?
  24. J

    Blue 172 opp cluney square

    Saw it parked on the drive. Black wheels.
  25. J

    Does the cup spoiler DO anything other than look better and add weight?

    Was thinking if it actually performed better? I think it probably creates more drag as the outer edges dont sit flush with the roof? Its also a lot lot heavier than the standard one.
  26. J

    Those that hated the driving position what did you do next?

    Its really effing me off now. Im tempted to chop it in for something else. Im not fat nor thin im if average height too so don't get why they made these seats so shitty and unsupportive. I can't even tell why im not comfy its like all things can never be right (wheel, arms, pedals, back) Im...
  27. J

    Coolant warning light. Interior fans don't work!

    So the fans stop working and the coolant light appears on the dash? What should I check first? Shitting car if it costs im not doing it.
  28. J

    LY 200/197 shell southend and LY megane 250 a14

    Both earlier tonight on my way up to work
  29. J

    Clunking, vibrating, rattling when accelerating

    Getting much worse now it will even do it if I accelerate hard in 4th and 5th. The engine doesnt seem to be moving and the garage told me its the lower gearbox mount. Is this the dogbone mount? As I have already purchased a powerflex one that needs to be fitted. Is it likely to be this that is...
  30. J

    Alternator belt came off while driving!!

    So I was driving down the A14 when... The car started to feel odd and the battery warning light came on the dash. Assuming it was the French protesting as usual I carried on. Now some smoke appears behind me followed briefly by an engine light. Immediately I pull over lift up the hood and the...