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    removing the resonator

    hello. to make my engine sound a little beefier without the hassle of adding an induction kit and the aded insurance i have begun to consider removing the resonator in the standard air box. has anyone done this? is the change in performance / sound noticeable. once removed will it go...
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    who would insure a 1.8 16v @ 18

    hi, when my years no claims arrives i fancy upgrading to a 1.8 16v, but ive tried some insurance companies none of which will touch me. i have an oldham postcode that is reasonable high risk. is anyone on here insuring a similar car or in a similar position who could reccomend me...
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    clio boot dimensions

    hi, anyone got the lenght x width of the boot floor? all i can find on the internet is the volume which isnt any use to me. ta, jon
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    blue v6 with some dodgy import sticker

    hi, saw a blue v6 the other day with a ?????import sticker on it? in sunny todmorden, near halifax any one on here?
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    anyone want to be nice and help:amp wires

    hi, im haveing trouble getting the power cable through to the battery in me 02 clio. if there is anyone in the hudds/leeds/manchester area that could give me a hand i would be dead grateful. please post if you could be kind enough to help jon