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    valver head advice needed

    cheers bud =)
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    valver head advice needed

    Hi all havnt been on for while as have had no net, My cam belt snapped january and i finally started work on it,i have sorted valves out but i was putting the camshafts back in today and in my head set there is no gasket/s for the parts that hold the camshafts in (the next layer down from the...
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    cam belt snapped

    cheers lads. thats what i gonna do, got a mechanic who said i can call him for help. jus got the torx to get the head of tomorrow, got the rocker cover off still, if i take all the screws and bolts out now will the head come off? like the haynes said i think i shud support the engine and take...
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    cam belt snapped

    i can see where ya all comin from but tbh i got a more or less brand new car comin by end of week and i would like to learn about how its done while i got the chance, so couldnt give a sh*t wether i f**k it if i do ill jus pay someone to put it rite, all the mechnics at work have told me to try...
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    cam belt snapped

    hello again well i started i managed to get the cover off LOL well anyway i can see the cam shafts i think they are called? however im puzzled where to go from here, i would ideally like to get the cam cover cover off put carnt figure out how to do it. and even when i have done this how do i get...
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    cam belt snapped

    hi all as a few of u mite have read my cambelt snapped the yesterday, the thing is i aint opened her up to look yet basically carnt aford to pay any1 to do it so gonna look for myself the extent of the damage, i only know basics so any1 gonna be able to advise me what to do? im atepting it as...
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    Help ME

    Well found out my cam belt snapped, does any1 have any ideas for me on what to do now eg. pay for new engine or rebuild it myself? i been offered a lower milage 19 16v straight swap but keep me wheels, dunno how definate it is tho is this worth it? thanx mike
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    Help ME

    well i got 1 more post to use today goto make it a gud un hey :o
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    Help ME

    no i had the car for comin 2 yrs i would have realised it by now, and i gone back to it several times n tried. n i ment ill set fire to it if it dont work. insurance
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    Help ME

    no unordinary lights came on and i think i no the one you on bout on dash that didnt light up, and my imobilisor wont let the car even turn over, if i can smell petrol i would have thought that it would still be getting enough to start? when i get this sorted i can sort my membership out, but no...
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    Help ME

    the water system seems to be fine, the engine is turning over so i thought it wouldnt be belt, would it still turn over with the belt snapped? its in the garasge now, but to ease my mind id like to know if any1 has any opinions
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    Help ME

    when driving my this morning the engine lost power and the oil light camne on then the batt light i was coasting the car at the time so i brought the clutch up thinking the engine had jus stalled, this just slowed the car down quickly to a stop, when trying to start the engine again it jus...
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    valver alternator.

    Hi does any1 know how difficult it is to remove and refit the alterntor of the 16v? and a random guess at how much one is to get refurbed or whatever they do?!? thanx myk
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    Electrics - help needed!

    where bouts r u lad? pull the dash out and check all connections, check bulbs and have you checked the fuse box next to the washer bottle?
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    HELP - starting issues

    this happened when i crashed me last car wouldnt turn over cause it had a fuel cut off switch, if u can easily find out where it is its worth a try.
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    few problems

    only if its pulled to the roof, i have adjusted it b4 but think it may b time for new one cheers =)
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    few problems

    hi all got more problems again with my 16v, when driving about 3k rpm or more and i press the window switches up and the windows are already up the battery light comes on only noticed this last nite is this normal? I can heard a squeeling from my front passengers wheel after breakin...
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    Valver Running Costs

    depends, i have learnt alot from owning 1: 1.) I have learnt how to fix a lot of problems, 2.) I have learnt how to log onto cliosport and post problems in record breaking time 3.) I have learnt never to buy another renault as for running cost i clocked 400miles on bout 50quids worth of...
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    205 17 50s on a valver

    rite i got 205s on mine at moment and not much scrubbin but when i looked at the car today on the front i am thinkin they mite not fit width wise as the current 40s are close to the wing and front bumper mite possibly go on if i take the inner arch out has any1 got ny opinions on doing this, or...
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    205 17 50s on a valver

    as i have sed b4 my tyres are very low i am runnin bf 205 17 40s at the moment its not lowered so would 205 50s fit? has anyone tried this at all? cause i can get a set of part worn ones to keep me goin till i can afford new tyres
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    will 14 s fit on a valver

    long story short, tyres are gettin too low on valver to drive, as they 17s carnt afford tyres this month so to get me by was thinkin borrowin a mates 14" steelies from his clio and runnnin them, will they fit and if so will there be ny problems with them on? thanx mike
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    i got a set on my car wen i bought it they looked well tacky threw them in the bin, if i remember correctly they aint cheap either
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    Undoing speedo cable

    squeeze it and pull back there is a bit of a knack to it there should be like a raised bit either side to do this.
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    Cold Heaters!

    think these are the two most common problems on the clios, like sed try the mtrix flush worked for me. I hear there is 2 causes of wter from there either it comes in sunroof so new seal for that or comes in ariel that was were mine ws from i put new rubber washer nd silicon sealent on it. hope...
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    Washer jets Stopped working..

    well at guess, the washer jets wouldnt be on timers however the wipers will be, get some one to try turnt them on while the bonnets up try see if u can hear the pumps (have engine off helps) if ya can then either a.) there blocked/ blockage in the line b.)kink in line c.) split in line. If you...
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    valver power steerin

    I got a 16v with power steerin problen. when first started in the morning or when left to cool down for a while and turn the wheels it makes a bad sound all i can say is its loud and not nice, sort of like grinding. I think it maybe the fluid freezing but does it when its above 0degrees any ideas?
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    check under front seats my mates had a connection and when seat went back it disconnected worth a look
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    -1sec Off 1/4 Mile - How Much

    if a car runs 15 seconds and 1 is 1 second behind it then its about 1/16th then take into acount its goin faster at end so 1/30 of quarter mile ie 12m.... I would hve thought at about 80-90mph 1 second is more than a couple of car lengths?
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    Inlet Air Temp sensor on Cup

    hmmmmmmmm a 4.7k ohm resistor by any chance?
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    Bump Steer

    Bump Steer is when your wheels steer themselves without input from the steering wheel. The undesirable steering is caused by bumps in the track interacting with improper length or angle of your suspension and steering linkages.