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    Specialist in Yorkshire (West/North)

    Morning all. I’ve had a search through previous posts but can’t find anything recent. I’m looking for recommendations for a Renault specialist local to me. I’m currently in Bradford, on the border with Leeds, but will be moving to Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire in the not too distant future...
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    Charging old battery

    Morning all, I’ve got a Bosch S4 battery from my 182 which ran flat. It’s not been used for a couple of years but kept in a dry garage. It didn’t have any problems before but it just sat for too long without use and ran flat. I’ve got a small 4A charger which I have connected up to get it back...
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    Clio 4 dci first annual service help

    Afternoon, My mk4 dci is due for the first annual service and on 7700 miles. I'm trying to book online as the service dept is shut but can't work out whether to select interim or full service. I've had a good search online and looked everywhere I can logically think in the handbook, including...
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    RB 182 Enfield Road, Oakwood

    This afternoon, probably about 3ish but can't really remember. Very tidy looking car. Love these, I've seen very few RBs ever.
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    Opinions please on getting a new diesel Clio to replace my 172

    Evening people, I've only had the 172 for 6 months. The purpose is to soak up most of my miles and something I'm not too worried to leave parked up - I have a Megane 275 Trophy which spends the vast majority of the time locked away in the garage. I've done about 7.5k miles in the Clio, which...
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    Trophy - Bishops Rise, Hatfield - Mon 15/6/15

    As above. Slightly on the grubby side if I'm being brutally honest!
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    My new LY 275 Trophy (photo heavy)

    (Copied over from my post on the RSMegane Forum) Afternoon everyone, I'm not one to post on forums but I thought it would be rude not to share my new pride and joy with you. I only had my white 250 for about 18 months (14 when I put the new order in) and loved it but couldn't resist the new...
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    Lovely 182 Trophy - A414 between Hatfield and St Albans

    Seen this evening (Monday 23rd) about 5:35. Got on the A414 same time at the Hatfield junction with the A1. Very nicely kept and shiney! Anyone here? I was in the grubby BG 182 Paul
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    Silver 182 in Enfield

    Spotted a silver 182 on The Ridgeway heading towards Enfield town at around 10:20pm, Saturday (21/01). Anyone on here? I passed in my (very dirty) BG 182 near Chase Farm hospital. Paul