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    Stranger returns

    Just a few pics of my car!! The lovely orange peel RS effect
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    few pics from a small williams meet

    Light was fading fast so most are a little darker than liked!
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    A REAL "Slagged" Clio

    As "Slagged" seems to be the in thing for clios at the moment, ie takin the seats out an putin dark wheels on i thought id show you all a pick of a real Rally **** cluio, taken today on the Trackrod rally, Yorkshire.
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    Racing blue 182, white wheels, J30 M1

    First spoted ya as i joined M1 at J28 then you caught me up at J30 where you got off, was the big white GE van sat next to yiou at Rbout as you went left an me right!! FH** FSY [Edited by RS-Steve on 18 August 2005 at 6:08pm]
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    On call and bored!!

    So i made this little video!! all comments welcome (music by the ARCTIC MONKEYS a local band about to hit it big)...
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    Sorry More pics

    Spent most of the day getting the car ready for ford fair tomorrow and as i lost a disk with all my car pics on i took some more so here ya go!!
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    V6 Nr Glenneagles

    I was heading north to dundee, saw V6 *WL i think it was heading south, seem to recognise the number plate as somebody off here!!
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    172 has gone!! Came and picked it up this afternoon, sad to see it go but i think hell look after it. said hed come on here so dave say hi if ya read this!
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    R5 GTT Rally vid
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    im sure i’ll get flamed but....

    i got my 172 back from richy on friday, his williams was dead, and ive just took it out now. its the first time ive drove it for a good few months and the driving position felt awful!! The car is still great fun but i just couldnt get over how far of central all the pedals are!!! Does...
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    white wheels/carbon bonnet photoshop req! I know its not a clio but some of you are sh*thot on the old photoshop jobby!!!
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    My little collection Taken on my phone so not great. 397bhp combined!!:D
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    Pics from Robin Hood Rally A few of the pics me an richy took this weekend on the Robin hood stages rally in Sherwood forest.
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    Took the 172 out today

    Not driven it for ages, That long i had to jump it LOL. Gave it a while to warm up then gave it some stick, id forgoten you have to drive it hard to get the most out of it, think ive got lazy driving the RS. Was good to see the old rattles are still there lol. All in all it was bloody good...
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    Tom Tom Go

    Amazon have got them at £399 is that a good price? an what are the alternatives? I want summat i can get the boss to but for the van but is transferable to the car easily! Id even pay part of cost if i could move it!
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    I miss my old clio!!

    I know this sounds really daft as i have 2 great car now but i miss my old 1.4 Sport
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    So who stacked there car 2day

    ME!!! Not a nice experience but all will live to fight another day! 1 way or another!! Cheers for everybodys help 2day. GUTTED is just not the word!!
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    172 Alarm

    Mines buggered again!! Bin fixed twice so far!! Its constantly goin off an registerin the internal sensors as the fault, same as last two times! Is there a way to totally disable the internal sensors?? I know about the flickin ignition trick but becos i have to do it everytime i lock the car...
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    Xenons abroad (bulb kits)

    similar to thread, but wot do we have to do bout the spare bulb kits?? you are supposed to carry 1 of every bulb you mite need, wot bout xenons?? [Edited by Silver on 24 May 2004 at 9:00pm]
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    Oil change

    my 172 has just gone over bout 6K miles, id like to change the oil cos it only ever really does short runs an i aint bin that gentle these first few K miles. Any 1 know how much renno will rob me of for the privalidge of them doin it?? I know its easy but i spin filters all day everyday an...
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    172 an i think F Ren

    are the Formula renault engines the same as the 172?? I seem to remember some1 once tellin me they were the same Lump as it were. I know there will be lots of differences but does any1 know if they have the same engine code?? Only ex formula...
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    fittin valver interior

    ive agreed to fit uk_ravos valver interior on fri an its just dawned on me im not sure if he got the runners with it. Do they need the runners or are they the same?? Ta oh by the way itts goin in a 1.2 rn i think
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    viper hosing

    im sure this has bin mentioned b4 but ive done a search an cant find it so... the intake pipe(the long black flexi 1) has colapsed an i have been searchin for somethin a bit more substantial to no avail. however, i have also noticed a lot of people have managed to route the intake all the...
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    Have i got it

    When i accelerate hard in first, only seems to be first there is a vibratin noise comin from the car. its quite a deep sound. but im not sure if its from the front or back! Is it likely to be the 4k rattle in only first? or loose engine mounts?? all help appreciated. nb this is not the...
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    New 172

    hiya my mate wants a new 172 if he can get his hands on 1! any1 know of supermarkets or dealers which still have 1? I DO NOT WANT A 172 Vs 182 THREAD THIS IS JUST TO SAVE ME TIME!
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    Cups with xenon

    Did cups come with the option of xenon lights? Im sure i saw 1 today with them!!
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    Is my viper fecked

    after my recent engine problems the viper was drenched in engine oil! Is it now buggered as the phrase goes? ive got a piperX cleanin kit but im worried the engine oil will have damaged the foam! Cheers steve
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    Renault build quality!!

    Or lack of it!! I was aware of the bad build quality of the 172s when i bought mine in october however i worked out today that my car has spent 1 day back at the dealers for every 300 miles its bin driven!! If thats not sh*te i dont know what is!!
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    She’s broken!!!

    Think my clio 172 with 3158 miles on is dead!! I had to be picked up today by the AA, there all know me now, cos the engine gave up! i was on my way to the NW meet and i lost all power and white smoke started billowing from the rear! Not nice!! there was oil all in the air intake and the air...
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    cruise control

    I was 1 of the (lucky?) people to get cruise as standard on my 53 plate 172. and on the way to beverley (on a private road) i decided to see wot it would do. 123mph is the answer. A few of us discussed this and the only reason we can see for this speed is it is approx 180k/h.Why that is...