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    My yellow rs kangoo

    Same as the others. Came up cheap bought as a non running dci. Plans to have a nice yellow turbo van with 02m. But as per I'm so undecided on what I'm going to do with it as I planned 4x4 with my blue so was going to use the turbo set up and start fresh with that. So anyways this is the build...
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    Kubisport #2 revised

    Basicly i bought daves van. With the intentions of a quick turn around to change it to phs2 sport. So i set about removing all the phs1 stuff. Sorting few niggles and got all phs2 stuff in. Which i did a d was going well to i got talked in to making another financial mistake. Bearing in mind i...
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    Here's my latest build. Orginally started as a £400 van which I was buying as a new daily which was only supposed to need injectors. Turned out it was far more than that. So worked out cheaper doing the sport conversion. So i fitted the f4r in. Got it going and had a weak spark on 1 + 4. Traced...
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    few sports in dunfermline

    black gold 04 plate 182 with single recessed exhaust @ roundabout at police station, r27 ly 197 @ b&q and 53 plate cup @ screwfix/toyota hallbeath industrialestate by motorway
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    phs1 1.4 16v 5 door daily.

    picked it up in march as a mot failure at work, wasnt going to to much to it as it was just a family car..... it got ipod player. 182 sport seats n bench and put on the white alloys. and thats how it stood till now. this weekend consisted fitting the phase 2 dash and trims. rear silver belts...
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    rb 182 dunfermline

    In kingsgate shopping centre. White truinis and diamond
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    Titaium 172 kirkintilloch

    X247 wsf at 6.50, was behind me in the van
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    ever wondered where the 172 cup gazmar had went to

    got my finger out and spent few hours on it.
  9. M

    black sport with silver roof box A9 north bound

    just past bankfoot turn off, 1.20pm. no idea who it was when you flashed lol
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    172 cup hub-shock bolt spacing

    is it 56mm? just wanted to double check need a quick reply
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    alloy refurbs

    in the falkirk/grangemouth area. any1 know of any. i dont have the time to go to the place ive used before in cambuslang
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    sport steering wheels

    any one had theres retrimed due to the melting?? got a qoute today for 300. considering just buying new wheel for that price. has to be cheaper lol
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    bodyshops glasgow

    any recommend some trust worthy 1s
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    gearbox upgrades

    looking to upgrade sport gearbox, other than the lsd what else. tuning the dci lump, till time/money is free'd up to get super charger:dapprove: help please.
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    ly vee on m60

    near kendal this evening. was well nice also saw a white 197 in glasgow last night
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    the daily

    to add sum of this wheels be on at wknd and hopefully sort sum camber lol few more more things to be done
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    hillys clio

    what happend to it, did he ever sell it? just wondered. as not seen any posts bout it being sold. what he do to it?? sorry if this has been asked before, you all know i hardly use the forum :rasp:
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    mates clio

    has now had bumpers blended in, added blue to silver flake plus baggs that i fitted.# now lot wont like but each to there own. day pics make all the difference, get them on sat
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    paint code

    any1 got paint code for the black gold sport colour. cheers
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    airbags on at front

  21. M

    old clio before hit DB7