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  1. Justin182

    Just picked up my new car....

    ....and god do i love it ! BMW E46 M3 SMG. 54 plate, FBMWSH, 40k. Always loved these and just thought "you only live once". It does everything so effortlessly. Drove up from Leeds to Edinburgh yesterday and nearing home thought it give it some and christ does it move. Every gear it just...
  2. Justin182

    Awesome 42" Plasma deal !

    If any one is interested.... a deal which i think is very good and unbeatable. Panasonic Viera 42in full HD Freeview plasma TV TX-P42U10B Was £900 - reduced to £600 - I got it for £480 Anyone fancy one at that...
  3. Justin182

    My £400 V8 :-)

    Ok, so it was a little more than £400 but i'll explain. After writing off my clio, i bought a Mk3 Golf GTI for £300, gave it a wash and sold it for £900..... added an extra £100 to that and bought this for a just over a grand. Therefore only spending £400. Thats how i like to look at it anyway...
  4. Justin182

    Will these fit ?

    Im selling 4 x New Dunlop SP Sport 9000s on ebay and someone has asked me if they will fit a 182. I should really know eh ! The sizes are 225/40/ZR16 Thanks guys
  5. Justin182

    Think I under-estimated my tyres

    After returning home from a 1 month stay in Bahrain, I had forgoten that the rear tyres on my 182 where low. This, plus a bit of rain means my 182 is now in the scrappys. Ive always paid top dollar for my tyres even on my first shed of a car. Now ive bought a £300 golf GTI off ebay and it...
  6. Justin182

    Next car - which would you choose ?

    Trying to decide what I should drive next. Wrote my clio off, have got a mk3 GTI i got for £300 to use until i source something else. Amazing what you can get for that sort of money... great car. Anyway, was looking at a BMW 330 M-sport either coupe or saloon. Prob around 53/04 plate. But...
  7. Justin182

    New 'temporary' car :-)

    I know its not a clio but i cant post elsewhere. This is my replacement car after writting the clio off. Best of all it only cost me £330 !! VW Golf GTI 97 reg 100k 9 months mot,4 months tax. Most of service istory. Thought it was a bargin at £330. It'll do till i get my 330 m-sport
  8. Justin182

    Good insurance payout ?

    Just wondering your thoughts on my payout after writing off my 182. Its a 2004 (54) Silver, Non cup 182 with 68,000 miles. They have sent me a cheque for £5300. I was over the moon with that price tbh so was wondering your views.
  9. Justin182

    Think ive written off my 182 (Pic)

    Got caught out in a heavy down-pour and lost the back end on a fast A-road corner. I wasnt even going fast, especially due to conditions.... hit flood water from the fields, full of leaves and mud. Basically kept opposite lock on from the start but still headed off the road. Had to...
  10. Justin182

    New weekend toy :-)

    Picked this up the other day after having it restored and has now relegated my clio to the pavement. It a 1983 Porsche 944 and was bought brand new by my Dad and then sat in a disused garage for 10 years hence why its milage is less than my clio ! Its great fun to drive.... feels very...
  11. Justin182

    Black 182, M6

    Driving up the M6 yesterday about lunch time, spotted a black 182 behind me. Had lexus lights and a big cliosport sticker in the back window. Would have seen me as was behind me doing motorway speed.
  12. Justin182

    One van i would own !!

    Seening as i work for merc these days, i get to drive all sorts of vehicles but had to get a customers vehicle taxed the other day so decided to jump in the Vito sport to run to the post office..... feck me its fast !!!! Honestly brings a new meaning to vans and would shame many cars. Is 204...
  13. Justin182

    Clio and Zonda S

    Spotted this beast while checking on restoration developments of a porsche. I cant get over how big the thing is !!!! Its HUGE !! But being a clio enthusiast site i know you would rather take my 200 bhp 182 over this... bah..... hehe
  14. Justin182

    Blue 182, Broxburn Ind Est

    Nice blue 182 sitting outside Eastern/Weastern HQ at Broxburn. Was parked just infront of you. Very Nice !
  15. Justin182

    Goodyear review against Michelin

    I recently changed my tyres on the front from PEs to Goodyear eagle F1s mainly because they were cheaper yet still got good reviews. In my opinion they are far better than the PE2s. Ive only had then on a couple weeks and they grip amazingly in the dry but even more suprisingly in the wet...
  16. Justin182

    Strange power loss yesterday

    Was heading up the A1 back to Edinburgh and the car was still reletively cold as i had only been driving 10 mins. Went to pass a slower car at about 60 mph and when i accelerated in 5th it just lost so much power. The more i tried to get past the slower it would go. I shamefully dropped back...
  17. Justin182

    182 spoiler

    This is the original spoiler off my 182. Not the cup spoiler
  18. Justin182

    Pipe down fan !!

    No, didnt get a big pole lodged in my radiator fan....... it just wont shut up ! Starts up as soon as i turn on the engine first thing in the morning, and just runs the whole time the engine is on. Even when its freeeezing !!! Any idea why ?
  19. Justin182

    Blue 172, Edinburgh

    Was parked out side the Mercy Napier Campus.... in the middle part so either works there or a sneaky student. Couple nights ago i think.
  20. Justin182

    Red 172, Edinburgh 04:45am

    Spotted you at drumbrae roundabout at around 4.45 this morning.... went straight across towards Sighthill.... i was coming from Corstophine way.
  21. Justin182

    Blue and silver 182, Edinburgh.

    Blue 182 about lunch time yesterday came up behind me on the bypass just before Gogor.... look really nice. More then usual like it was lowered or colour coded splitter. Had a kid in the car too. Think it was a private reg begining with P. Silver 182 on the Dreghorn sliproad west bound...
  22. Justin182

    crash & burn boom
  23. Justin182

    A few 182 vids....

    Got a bit bored doing my dissertation just now so started looking through my photobucket account and thought id stick up my only clio vids. Just a little clio intro.... 0-100 mph..... Janspeed Exhaust.....
  24. Justin182

    Great built-in anti speeding measure...

    .... the faster i go, the colder my feet get. Its doing my head in up here in these lovely warm tempretures. Basically, i get freezing cold air blowing in through the footwell, and the faster i go the more forcefull it is. So at 70mph its like hair dryer set on 'bloody cold'. But if i turn...
  25. Justin182

    Xenons playing up... bit odd

    My passenger side xenon sometimes doesnt go on. Ive fiddled with all the wiring and it doesnt make a difference. But if i turn my engine off and on again, then lights on again it does work. What the duce is going on here then ?
  26. Justin182

    Blue 172 cup, Stranraer Ferry Port

    Dropped off my girlfriend at Stranraer today to head back to Ireland and parked up next to a sweet cup. Think it was lowered and had twin exhaust. No stickers and was absolutely filthy hehe Anyone off here ?
  27. Justin182

    Xenon not working :(

    Noticed that my passenger light wasnt working today. Had a quick look but its not coming on. Whats the deal with replacing these ? Are they not very expensive. Warranty ran out last week too !.... i swear renault time these things !
  28. Justin182

    Rattle Free 182

    I thought about this the other day when driving along a crappy cobbled road.... my 182 doesnt rattle at all !! I had this car for over 3 years and when i bought it i also bought some sponges and stuck them hidden away round the panelling/dash. I hear a lot of people talk about the clios...
  29. Justin182

    Upgrading speakers in 182

    Hi there, Since fitting 6x9 speakers in a 86 micra and driving to Mongolia in it, ive realised that the standard sound in my 182 could be better/richer. Ive no idea of the size and watt of the standard ones and was wondering if you could easily upgrade to better speakers within their...
  30. Justin182

    Blue 172, Edinburgh

    Spotted only a couple hours ago in the Maybury Shell Garage. Red painted calipers too ! Looked very nice. I was filling up too but dont think you saw me.