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  1. MicKPM

    iPad Pro

    So the 12.9" iPad Pro has gone in to the store today for £679.00 - £899.00 but does anyone actually want/need it? Lets go one further, has anyone here actually pre-ordered one? It looks great, even though HUGE and that screen is mint but whilst...
  2. MicKPM

    Calling all Thunderbolt monitor owners/users

    I need a monitor as spreadsheet and invoicing work my the 13"MBP is getting a little tiresome. I am set on paying the completely reasonable fee for the 27" TBD but someone mentioned to me yesterday that a 5k upgrade is most likely due before the end of the year, at worst in the new year and that...
  3. MicKPM

    Cannon body upgrade advice

    Hi all, not really a massive poster in this section but I've currently got a 350D which has given me years of trouble free service. The screen is now getting too small for my old eyes so I'm thinking of upgrading it to a newer body with a bigger display but am unsure of what to get and as I'm a...
  4. MicKPM

    MS Excel help plotting line graphs

    Hi all, I've been up since 1am playing with Jonny's 182 fixing its cooling problem and I think I've managed it but after data logging it I'd like to see the raw data expressed as two lines on a single graph. Now I had assumed this *would* be simple enough task to perform in Excel but...
  5. MicKPM

    Wheel whoring help needed

    okay, so sorry if this is the wrong section but i'm sure it can be moved (Mods/Admin) I love my 172 with the Williams Speedlines but I need to refurb them properly (The rattle can silver for Llandow can't stay becuase they're terribly bland). So, here's how they are now: I had...
  6. MicKPM

    Sorry, had to show off my new wheel

    WARNING, LORRY WHEEL CONTENT BELOW Just had my standard wheel back from Snappy who did some perforated refurb work for me: Massively impressed with the materials used, the finished quality and the overall service from him. Many thanks Andy, I love it Mick
  7. MicKPM

    Renault TunePoint

    Look at this on eBay: Renault Tunepoint iPod/USB/jack audio Connection Box
  8. MicKPM

    Advice/Help needed understanding HPi/NMR check results

    Hi all, ive got an issue and i need some help/advice after HPi'n a vehicle i've just purchased. Bare with me whilst I set the scene. The vehicle is a 2 owner '05 Scenic II with 17151 miles on the clock which i purchased from a customer that basically couldn't afford to fix it. It's nothing...
  9. MicKPM

    2003 172 Cup (CS sticker)

    Anyone know anything about this as it has CS stickers in the back window? I'm actually tempted for this myself to replace the Laguna with but wondered if anyone knew the car and more importantly, its past? 2003 Renault Clio Standard Car 1998cc Petrol 172 cup (OE03 RWJ)
  10. MicKPM

    iMac 27... Prospective owner questions

    There's loads of 2011 machines knocking about of varying specs and coming from a PC background I know very little so I'm after some opinions. Firstly, new vs used: Is there anything to look out for with these to avoid buying a used lemon other than damaged casings and dead pixels? (Not that...
  11. MicKPM

    Renault timing belt kits - updated again!

    For information purposes really for those that care:- I've just received my latest weekly batch of F4R timing belt kits from Renault UK and once again those sneaky French buggers have made changes! No obvious changes to the belt or tensioner unit but now the rear (grooved) idler has gone to...
  12. MicKPM

    Festival Renault, Paris (Sept 2012)

    Any interest in this on here? Looks like a spiffing excuse to fly the flag
  13. MicKPM

    Shiney Trophy @ M1, J24 (BK05 U*E)

    Just drove past us looking all shiney and shiz following a really nice blue 350z.