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  1. George@RTR_Parts

    *** Road Track Race Parts Free prize draw sun strip *********

    Enter in the link (y)
  2. George@RTR_Parts

    * NEW * RenaultSport Clio 172 182 Front Near Side Wing Have a new RTR Parts Ebay shop, and re-organising the unit so have some one offs of OE parts RenaultSport Clio 172 182 Front Near Side Wing= 7701473450 cheers George
  3. George@RTR_Parts

    *NEW * Pair of Renault Clio 172 Rear Renault Shock Absorbers Have a new RTR Parts Ebay shop, and re-organisnig the unit so have some one offs of OE parts cheers George
  4. George@RTR_Parts

    Brain James Minno Max twin axle covered car trailer transporter

    Very nice trailer this if someone is looking for one, ideal for kit cars, 7 type cars etc :
  5. George@RTR_Parts

    Few at Cadwell Park yesterday Friday 17th Oct

    Few RS Clios at the track day yesterday Not sure if on here, didn't clock any stickers 2x Blue 172 Cups 1x Black 182 with silver Williams wheels
  6. George@RTR_Parts

    BTCC Rockingham Sunday 7th Sept - fair few RS Clios and Meganes

    Fair few in car park, some with CS stickers. Off top of my head: Few 182s, titanium and few more Couple of white Clio 200 with black speedlines (one ending EVK or similar with CS sticker) Black 197 UR Megane R26 LY Megane R26 Hope you had a good as day as I did :approve:
  7. George@RTR_Parts

    Laptop advice please

    Right I have searched, but this is quite specific as I'm wanting someone in the know to give me their thoughts on this laptop and if its a decent buy: What I need...
  8. George@RTR_Parts

    BG 182 Orange wheels M1 tonight about 7pm

    Junction 38 northbound White RS decals down side In outside lane and wasn't hanging about....
  9. George@RTR_Parts

    Sidewalk Ski-ing

    Coming to a mc dees car park near you:
  10. George@RTR_Parts

    RB 182 with stripes Barnsley this morning at 8am

    Turn those fog lights off! ;)
  11. George@RTR_Parts

    F1 from the drivers view "eye cam" round Catalunya

    Worth a watch:
  12. George@RTR_Parts

    Inferno 182 Leeds near tetleys brewery Now

    In a car park near tetleys. Black turinis and Cs sticker on back Looks tidy
  13. George@RTR_Parts

    20% off at Costco tyres Mich PE2 etc

    As title, just a heads up Costco have 20% off when you buy four Michelin tyres until next Sunday 3rd july. Bringing PE2 in 195/50/15 down from £68 to £54 each fitted. You can buy them now and them take them back at a later date to get them fitted free if you dont need them right now and think...
  14. George@RTR_Parts

    197 alloys with R888 tyres on Pistonheads

    Not mine btw but:
  15. George@RTR_Parts

    Quick alloy wheel fitment question 172 to 182 with cup packs

    Alright, i have some alloys wheels for sale at the minute, which are the standard 15" bbs wheels fitted to the 172 exclusive. Will these fit a 182 with cup pack without any issues, i think they will if the 182 hasnt been lowered too much. Just want to double check. cheers George
  16. George@RTR_Parts

    Cheap Pagid pads from ECP?

    Just seen these: Anybody used them, mite be a good alternative to standard pads/greenstuff for similar money £40 ish. G