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  1. bennno2005

    strange wuuuuring from i think the front!

    Think he means neutral as in coasting. Sounds like a wheel bearing to me.
  2. bennno2005

    Cleaned the Benz

    My grandad had the same car in the same colour from new in 1998. I really liked it, looked pretty smart because he forked out for the extra AMG alloy's. He chopped it in in 02 for a new convertible one which my Nan still has now, think its only done 25k.
  3. bennno2005

    Best Advert Ever?
  4. bennno2005

    hi all from shropshire

    I'm local too, whereabouts you from mate? Welcome.
  5. bennno2005

    My old 306... 19 Months since I sold it. :(

    Sounds like its good days were over before you had it TBH!
  6. bennno2005

    Your Driving History by Numbers

    Years Driving: 7 Test Passed: 10/2005 Cars Owned: 16 Total CC: 28700 Total Miles Driven: 850k ish Most Miles in One Car: 20k Money Spent buying cars: Pass Points: None as of yet. Police Stops: 4 Crashes: 2 Fastest Speed Driven: 140mph Fastest Passenger Ride: 160 Countries Driven In: 3 -...
  7. bennno2005

    What will £3k get me in the Clio game these days?

    Yep, he's the service manager IIRC.
  8. bennno2005

    What will £3k get me in the Clio game these days?

    I disagree. My mate is selling his 182 at the moment, pretty low mileage and just had the belts and dephaser done and he would probably take £2700 for it.
  9. bennno2005

    dosnt rev very high

    Wont be the rev limiter then as you would hear it bounce of it. Collapsed Cat?
  10. bennno2005

    dosnt rev very high

    Well if it never gets to halfway you'll know something is up.
  11. bennno2005

    dosnt rev very high

    It could be that your problem is thermostat / coolant temperature sensor related. A 1*2 has 3 different rev limiters to prevent damage being caused whilst the engine is cold. IIRC The first is around 6000 RPM the second at around 6800 RPM and the last one when fully warmed up at 7200 RPM. If...
  12. bennno2005

    few issues since decat

    Bit of black smoke when hoofing it is normal is decatted, every car ive put a decat has smelled rich but it shouldnt be puffing out blue smoke
  13. bennno2005

    Service costs OUCH!!

    Debatable, mine had a f**king great bit split in it and i'm not the only one! They are very quiet though.
  14. bennno2005

    My MR2

    Thought you were gonna turn it into a 3 piece suite?! Yeah i've driven one with some sort of induction kit, sounded well but f**k me it was loud!
  15. bennno2005

    Inferno 182 Shrewsbury - Meole Brace?

    Thanks :) They are great value for money TBF. Can't see myself having another one though. The PH1 exclusive will probably be my old neighbour who's on here.
  16. bennno2005

    Inferno 182 Shrewsbury - Meole Brace?

    Yeah I see a few, see a silver Ph1 everyday on Whitchurch road. Sold my RB last year mate. Got a MK2 MR2 now.
  17. bennno2005

    My MR2

    Exactly what I thought. MOT last week cost me £30 and it passed with an advisory on the handbrake.
  18. bennno2005

    My MR2

    Normally I'd agree but like I said its all been done on the cheap, is more or less finished and doesn't owe me a great deal. If your interested here's a breakdown for you. Car was £550 Bodywork cost me £150 (£50 for a new door and wing mirror in the right colour and £100 for the sills to be...
  19. bennno2005

    Inferno 182 Shrewsbury - Meole Brace?

    I've seen an inferno kicking round castlefields a few times.
  20. bennno2005

    My MR2

    Bet that goes like stink, encountered many problems with rot on your MK1?
  21. bennno2005

    My MR2

    I’ve been considering a turbo recently as my renewal is due next month and it’s only about £100 more than what I have now. Mine is a daily though so it’s the reliability (especially when tuned) that puts me off. Trying to find a standard one would be a tall order too. I actually really like...
  22. bennno2005

    My MR2

    What have you got now then ratty? Tell me its not another 6...
  23. bennno2005

    My MR2

    The N/A's all have slightly different power outputs. Mine is a rev 3 so is the most powerful N/A and has (or had) 175bhp. The earlier ones are 118bhp and 158bhp and the later ones are down to 168bhp due to emissions and are a bit heavier because of gay stuff like airbags and side impact bars :)...
  24. bennno2005

    My MR2

    Probably not everyone's cup of tea but i thought i'd chuck up a few pics of my MR2. I originally bought this as a run around while i waited to go travelling with the intention of using it until the tax and MOT ran out then selling it spares/repairs. I didn't end up travelling and have really...
  25. bennno2005

    Got bored of the Clio (///M)

    Nice colour combo. Desperatly needs the 19"s IMO though just doesnt look right!
  26. bennno2005

    worth buying ???

    I cant see how missing some paint will affect its performance on track...
  27. bennno2005

    Not "Gelled" with 172Cup

    The gearbox in 1*2's is horrid. Sounds like you've got a bit of a shitter and i'm not surprised you haven't gelled with it given what it's cost you. Even so some people just done like them, i never really gelled with my 182 if i'm honest.
  28. bennno2005

    Escort Cosworth Protection Detail...

    Awesome car, be much nicer on standard wheels or those 6 spoke RS ones i see on a lot of them
  29. bennno2005

    Slight hesitation from cold

    Its totally normal, they all run a bit s**tty from cold for the first 30 seconds or so mate something to do with the mapping IIRC.