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    Best engine configuration for turbo

    I’m looking to build a turbo engine for my 182 I’ve got a set of Megane 250 pistons and rods I didn’t really want to go forged as this is a daily driver Is there any difference between f4r and Megane block? I was thinking about using the Megane block so I could use a 6 speed box for as they...
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    182 ABS Pump

    I’ve got one off a 182 ff you can have for £20
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    EPAS fault help

    Havnt got a flat battery have you is the alternator good
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    Adeys F4RT Twingo GT

    What’s the turbo off mate is it off a 250?
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    Swivel hubs on a 182

    Has this been done ? I’ve seen pure motorsport weld in camber top mount setup so is it worth welding in 197 top mounts and using 197 bottom arms and running swivel hub setup or is it a waste of Time
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    Looking for misfire diagnosis guide

    It’s going to be one of the following Coilpack Spark plugs Fuel pump Compression
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    Jobs on car you gave up on...

    Earth steady
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    My 2 year project, car been through alot !

    10 year bump
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    Wiring help

    could Be the peddle it’s self mate
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    K20 powered 172

    I’d never seen this project until the title change. A lot of effort has went into this but I can’t help thinking that’s more than a little notch out of the chassis leg 😂
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    Adeys F4RT Twingo GT

    Can you not just rewwire the fan so it’s always on with the ignition
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    Roll centre correction these are what I’d seen
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    Roll centre correction

    Would probably be a better alternative for a road car, I came across a set of billet hubs for a cosworth and wondered if any had been made
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    Roll centre correction

    Has anyone thought about or had a new hub machined with the ball joint and track rod bracket mounted in a lower position? Instead of the longer pins
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    Bit of a niche question - Partner on your insurance

    200 break is hardly fast in today’s standards anyway just go with a normal Insurer
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    What to do with a part broken chassis

    Just put the car on eBay with no reserve
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    Kangoo 182 Project

    It’s literally a shell swap £1000 is the price it’s not a custom engine swap
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    Sadev STDSA

    Looks very similar to a motor cross bike setup
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    New member’s 182 engine seized

    I’d try and bump it first to see if you can turn the engine over for yourself if it’s already seized you won’t be hurting anything Then just chuck a second hand block in
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    CLIO insane swap : RWD LS1 Engine + Supercharged

    Have you got any pictures of it being built
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    Megane R26 Ph1 clio project

    Have you got a link to the intercooler? I haven’t heard of them before are they tried and tested?
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    This Honda reminds me of Clioturbo's work

    Videos like this just make me think they’ve done the bodge. Said it was someone else then they fix there own bodge for the publicity
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    Injector voltage

    I’ve tried a new crank sensor and it’s still the same to be honest Is there anything else worth changing ? It will sit and rev standing still but when you go to pull away it just pretty much dies Also seems to be a bit better when the engines first started from cold
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    Injector voltage

    I’m having trouble with a F4rt It’s just dying and cutting out when you rev it up or go to pull away It’s got 4 new coils I’ve removed one injector plug at a time when it’s running and I’ve got 14v on one wire and 2.5v on the other wire Is this normal ? I was only expecting 14v on one wire
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    This Honda reminds me of Clioturbo's work

    How bad wasn’tcio turbo ? Always see stuff like this but never seen any of his bodges
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    3D Printed 1*2 Cupholder

    Can you not put an indentation in the side of the cup holder the same shape as the back of the handbrake cover so it touched the handbrake cover and sort of runs into each other
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    Not starting

    Is the steering lock jamming
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    Anyone with a F4rt lend me a hand

    Thanks Lads. They basically fell to bits
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    Anyone with a F4rt lend me a hand

    Hi. My pencil coil pack plugs are damaged and I need to know which way round the cables go can someone have a look and let me know Thanks