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  1. Dannyeff

    Clio 200 bulb swap

    How do I go about changing this? Never seen that before.
  2. Dannyeff

    clio 220 catalyst converter

    Hi all, Iv been on the forum for some time and need some advice. I recently Clio 220 trophy after having it around a month I noticed a warning light on the dash ( typical sensor when you decat the car ) I decided to take the car Renault as the car was under warranty, Renault diagnosed this as...
  3. Dannyeff

    decent team death match game

    Hi, Im currently gaming on a laptop and miss the call of duty team death match days. I had a look and im not really into the sliding on the new cod games. Is there any more good realistic team death match games that anyone recommends?
  4. Dannyeff

    The clio 220 induction kit thread

    Hi all, I'm in the market for an induction kit for my 220, I thought I would list the ones that are available and looking for some thoughts on these. Airtec 220 induction kit - £229 inc vat ITG Induction Kit for Clio 200t EDC ( also for 220 )...
  5. Dannyeff

    pressure wash matte paint?

    Hi, Spoke to a few people over the weekend and they have asked if iv pressure washed the paint on my frozen white clio 220. Is there an issue with using a pressure washer on matte paint? Cheers Dan
  6. Dannyeff

    clio 200t / 220t brembo bracket

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a Brembo bracket for the 220, is there any other company's other than PMS who sell this bracket? Thanks
  7. Dannyeff

    23degree elbow

    Hi, Iv hunted high and low for this. Can anyone advise where I can get a 23degree elbow. 76mm to 70mm? Thanks
  8. Dannyeff

    Matt Paint

    Hi, I just purchased a Clio 220 with matt white paint. Iv been using monster shine products and they have advised there snow foam doesn't have any polish etc in it. purely cleaning agent that foams. They have also advised there apple shamppo is the same. Can anyone advise if there is...
  9. Dannyeff

    different drive shafts?

    Whats the difference between the 182 drive shafts? i have ordered one from j&r but from now reading online it seems the shafts are different? Anyone able to shed some light on whats different?
  10. Dannyeff

    rust on arches

    Hi, I have some rust on the rear arches and really dont want a bodge job on this. Any advice on what process to and rough price.
  11. Dannyeff

    steering wheel shake

    cars in the garage and i can only assume the wheel bearing has went. They checked the car over and cant hear the nosie im hearing, the handling is now terrable. Anything i can check on my own?
  12. Dannyeff

    adrian flux and temp cover

    whats the deal with adrain flux and driving someone else car? i phoned to get some temp cover for 1 day to drive someones car for a day to and from scottish car show and they wont cover me? Unsure if my insurance covers me to drive temp anyways third party fire and theft.
  13. Dannyeff

    washer blanks

    What washer blanks are available instead of standard ones. Im in need of some washer blanks as i got my bumper resprayed and the current ones snapped. From what i have heard. renault take the piss with pricing the standard ones hence aftermarket being the option.
  14. Dannyeff

    32 tv for ps4

    Any advice on a decent tv for a ps4? recently got fiber installed so hoping to pick up a tv and ps4 over the weekend.
  15. Dannyeff

    gaming laptop?

    is there such a thing as an affordable gaming laptop? at the moment it was a choice of gaming laptop or tv and ps4. its been years since i done some online gaming and looking to get back into it. noticed all the gaming laptops seem 600 + where a reasonable pc setup is around 500ish...
  16. Dannyeff

    Abs sensor for 182 trophy

    Checked euro car parts and seems theres more than 1 option for a bosch part -
  17. Dannyeff

    106 gti 3500

    This isnt my car but with 16k on the clock and 90s styling its pretty much going back on time - I strangely like it!
  18. Dannyeff

    drive shafts

    I need a drive shaft for my trophy, it seems that the only place to really get these is renault. Im going to have a look tonight but looks like its only the cv joint away but with some searching i noticed this isnt something you can buy. anyone able to shed some light or is it genuine route i...
  19. Dannyeff

    heat shield removal

    My heat shield is rattling at my fuel tank. has anyone removed this? i understand its best to keep the heat shield due to it being the fuel tank. I would rather replace it for a brand new one.
  20. Dannyeff

    omp on a 182

    was doing some research and seems that the omp boss doesnt work on the 182 due to esp? is there any way to modify this?
  21. Dannyeff

    Issue with brakes

    Ok need advice here. Brake pedal is going to the floor on the trophy. They clamped the rear brakes off and pessed the pedal all seems ok... so they suggested the rear pads needed changed and to my amazement the pads were fine but eventually needed replaced at somepoint. As i have been told...
  22. Dannyeff

    Best place to watch documentarys

    Is there anywhere decent i can watch documentary from an android tablet?
  23. Dannyeff

    clio trophy maryhill road

    Spotted a clio trophy maryhill road .. anyone one here? looks really tidy.
  24. Dannyeff


    I did search the forum. Anyone ordered one of these and know the rough price?
  25. Dannyeff

    Chinese phone

    Been recently looking at buying a phone and i keep seeing cheap Chinese phones available. I dont fancy being stuck in a contract so hopefully the op2 ( another Chinese company )becomes available for me to buy soon. Anyone ever been tempted by these phones? Here is a list of a few below -...
  26. Dannyeff

    android watch

    Anyone god an android watch.. interested in the heart rate monitor and gps tracking. What they like and how long is the battery?
  27. Dannyeff

    foam sprayer

    seen a video with a pump sprayer that foamed up, would anyone recomend one of these for prewash or snow foam? i unfortunately stay in a flat so cant get a pressure washer.
  28. Dannyeff

    galaxy s4 upgrade

    Looking for some wisdom from the cs team. I have requested OPT but looks like im 3m in the cue so it could take a while. Looking at the honor 6 i think it was .. cant remember. its the latest one. What other options do you recommend?
  29. Dannyeff

    Sachs on ebay
  30. Dannyeff

    quick detailer

    Hi, Im looking for some speed detailer/quick detailer etc. What do yous recommend? thanks