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    E10 Fuel 2021- would you need a remap?

    Hello all, Has anyone read the news about UK petrol changing this year? Currently we can get normal & super unleaded. Rules are coming in to change normal over to E10 (lower grade but more environmentally friendly). The report I read is that normal (95 RON) will be re branded as super...
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    Car Died – Help Please

    Hello all, History: The car is a Clio 182. It is standard apart from lowering springs and a K Tec cat back exhaust. When I brought the car 6 months ago it ran fine but always felt a little lumpy. One month ago the car had a full service including plugs and had the K Tec fitted, after this the...
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    182 RECARO seat swap

    Hello all, I have a Clio 182 with the Factory option RECARO seats. The driver side bolster has slight wear- is it a straight swap with the passenger seat or are all of the controls/ plugs going to be wrong? Thanks in advance
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    Hello all, newbie Renault owner in Kent.

    Hello all, Newbie Renault owner in Kent, near Maidstone. I have a Clio 182 Cup in blue. Previous cars (the ones worth mentioning)! TOYOTA MR2 TOYOTA Corolla TTE Compressor HONDA CIVIC TYPE R (EP3) I always loved the look of the 182 when it came out so I am ticking that box of ownership. It...