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    Renewal Offer

    I phoned tmobile to speak to retentions this morning as my contract ends this month. They offered me a Samsung Galaxy S for free on an 18 month contract - 600mins/500txts/unlimited web for £30 a month. To be honest I was hoping for more like £20 or £25 a month but then again its only an 18...
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    Our first iPhone App

    Finally - after a couple of weeks of wading through Apples developer network our first iPhone app has been approved. The app is called impuzzible (its a very addictive mind bender) and it can be downloaded here: I sent a promo code...
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    Road Tax Increase?

    Evening all, Does anyone know if road tax has increased for the Clio Sport tax band? As far as i was aware it was only the top group that had increased? The reason I ask is i received my reminder this morning which states its £190 for 12 months - as expected. However, i tried to renew...
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    Can anyone fit or recommend an exhaust fitter near Maidstone?

    Evening all, The exhaust on my 182 is nearly 3 years old now and i've had enough of it rattling etc. I'm looking at getting a Janspeed catback system as it seems to be a fairly quiet replacement to the standard exhaust. Is there anyone in or around Maidstone (or kent really) that would...
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    Loose Seat

    My seat is starting to get really annoying with it moving and clunking every time i press the clutch or move etc. Does anyone know how I can tighten all four bolts, I tried this morning and all i could find was the two nuts closest to the door under the car (these were under rubber bungs). I...
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    Kwik Fit - Michelin Deal?

    Kwik Fit have currently got an offer on their Michelin tyres - 15% off two, or 25% off all four. I know they're not exactly cheap but i'm thinking of going for four as this will work out at £362 fitted. I wouldn't normally go near Kwik Fit but their open Sundays and i've just found a nail in...
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    Exhaust Mount

    Hi all, I noticed a lot of banging from the rear of my 182 and it turns out one of the rubber X mounts has collapsed. Are these easy to change as I don't want to take to to Renault unless i really have to. Thanks, Dazz
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    Onsite Warranty - Help

    Hi all, I bought an LCD tv from Hyundai with a 2 years onsite warranty however after a week of use it has packed up :-( Hyundai dont have a HQ over here so they use for there warranty work. I phoned them and they told me they would be in touch next week to arrange collection...
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    PS2 Games on an LCD TV

    Evening all, I got my new 32" LCD TV today and I'm well happy with it. DVD picture quality is spot on and the freeview channels look brill as well. The only disappointment is the playstation 2. The main game i play is Pro Evo however its really blurry :-S Gran Turismo 4 is also blurry...
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    32" of Pleasure - But cheaper :-)

    I didn't want to hijack the other thread so strarted this one. I'm doing up my room at the moment and im also after a nice 32" LCD. The only problem is after buying my new bed and car insurance ive only got a max of £600 to blow. So far the best ive found was mentioned in the other thread...
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    Strange CD Player Prob

    Hi all, The cd player in my 182 has started clicking really loud when the ignition is first switched on whether there is a cd in or not. It sounds as if its trying to find a cd and goes off after 10 seconds or so. The strange thing is when it stops clicking the cd plays perfect? I was...
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    Admiral to Privilege with 10 Month?

    Hi all, Im hoping to switch from Admiral to Privilege when my insurance is up however of my 4 years NCB the last 2 years have been 10 month policies with Admiral. Does anyone know if Privilege will take this or not? I'll give them a ring after work so would be nice to know if anyone has...
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    Insurance RE: Cup Packs

    Hi all, I bought a 182 today and am picking it up next Saturday :-) Cant wait! The only problem is my insurance company (Admiral) are being funny about the cup pack it has. It only has the spoiler and splitter cup pack however my insurance company reckon they are modifications???? They...
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    182 Mpg

    Just wondering what sort of MPG people get out of there 182's? More interested in motorway cruising than round the town MPG. Thanks
  15. D

    Dedicated Server/Host

    Hi all Im looking for a dedicated server to host my two existing sites. The server needs to offer over 2000GB of transfer per month and if possible cost less than £50 per month. Any recommendations or experience with dedicated hosts??? Thanks a lot
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    182 or Fiesta ST

    Two of the cars I'm considering when going for a new car in the next couple of months. Which would you prefer and why? It would be nice to hear from people who have driven both. With regards to performance I know the 182 is faster in a straight line but I'm not too fussed about that...
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    Help Finding Laptop Part

    Hi all Im trying to repair a mates laptop however it needs a new processor fan as the bearing has had it in his and it keeps overheating and shutting down. Its a Sony Vaio PCG-GRV616S If anyone knows anywhere that might do it please let me know. If not I guess its a case of calling...
  18. D

    Intermittent Brake Problem

    Hey all Got a strange problem with my brakes I would like some help with. Over the last few weeks every now and again when i brake i get a clunking and grinding noise which feels like its coming from the front of the car. Its a similar feel to when the ABS kicks in on the pedal but it...
  19. D

    Pro Evo 5 - PS2 - Anyone fancy a game online?

    As per title?
  20. D

    K750i vs W550i

    I've just been on the phone to O2 about upgrading my K700i as my contract is up soon. They offered me a K750i at £79.99 which is the phone I originally wanted but i think its steep for an upgrade. Or, a W550i for £29.99. I didn't really know much about the W550i but it looks a pretty neat...
  21. D

    Price Estimate?

    I've got to take my car in to the garage tomorrow as it looks as if the back right brake cylinder is shot. Its leaking quite bad as it left a little puddle on the drive last night. Anyways, i'm guessing i'll need to get the cylinder (just the right hand side) and some new rear shoes for both...
  22. D

    Accident/Insurance Question

    Hey all, Almost 2 weeks ago my girlfriend pulled out of the top of my road and clipped the rear tyre/wing of another car. She exchanged phone numbers, addresses and registration plates, however not any insurance details as she didnt have them with her. My girlfriend said she was happy to...
  23. D

    Strange Starting Problem

    Hi All A few times over the last couple of weeks my car has refused to start in the morning. The rest of the stay it seems to start fine, but the first start it doesnt seem to want to go. What happens is the engine turns over fine yet it wont fire. It normally takes at least 2 or 3...
  24. D

    1.6 Clio Stuff

    When buying stuff for a 1.6 16v 1999 clio do i buy the stuff that is for the 1.2/1.4 16v as thats the only model most catalogues mention. Im looking at getting a filter and magnex probably. Thanks
  25. D

    Bit Steep

    Got the insurance coming up in a few weeks but im shocked at out expensive it still seems to be. Im 20, 2 years NCD, live in an area C, drive a 1.6 16v clio (group 10), worth £3500, 10k a year, driveway, no points etc. Cheapest fully comp i can find is well over a grand + a massive excess...
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    Clio Comparisons

    Just wondering is there any difference between the suspension set ups of the mk2 ph1, the facelift mk2, and the slighty different 04 plate clios??? I only ask as compared to the mk2 ph1 1.2s + 1.4s my 1.6 16v seems to be slightly lowered, and all of the reviews ive seen say the 16v has sports...
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    Speedo Accuracy

    I know speedos arent accurate but i was thinking that the speedo will give a different reading if the front tyres are new or only have a few mm of tread left. Basically cos the tyre will have a smaller circumference hence the speedo will be a little more generous when the tyres are older. Does...
  28. D


    Just been woken up by my dad who tells me theres a slight banging on every resolustion from the driver side front wheel :( guess il have to go and have a look at it now, im guessing drive shaft or the bloke at the tyre place hasnt put the tyre back on properly
  29. D


    Just placed an order with my local tyre place for 2 Goodyears NCT5s. In 185x60x14. The bloke reckons theyre pretty good and there only costing me £39 a corner. Is this a good deal and are they any good, most of the reviews seem to think theyre pretty smart.
  30. D

    Number plate surround

    Do you have to tell ur insurance company if u get some chrome number plate surrounds?