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  1. Canary172

    Silverstone Classic 2017

    An absolutely brilliant event that I would recommend to anyone with even the slightest interest in motoring and motorsport! Some favourites of mine from the car clubs & Wing;
  2. Canary172

    182 Trophy - Tesco Warwick - 23rd June

    Parked next to this Trophy on Thursday afternoon. Does it belong to anyone on here?
  3. Canary172

    Two spots in Leamington - 23/03/2014

    Spotted a 172 Cup parked up along Clements Street. I waved but wasn't sure if they spotted me! I also saw a Monaco 172 turning right onto the Parade a junction near the Parish Church. It had a private plate which began with H90 as I recall.
  4. Canary172

    Trophy - JLR Gaydon

    I've spotted this a few times now - looks very tidy! :)
  5. Canary172

    Few spots around Warwickshire today

    First spot was a Trophy in the car park of Jaguar Land Rover's Whitley Engineering Centre in Coventry this morning, and the second was a 172 Cup heading away from JLR Gaydon at around 14:00.
  6. Canary172

    182 Trophy - A146

    Spotted a 182 Trophy heading south of Norwich on the A146 at around 16:00 today. Anyone on here?
  7. Canary172

    Few spots around Norwich - Saturday 20th July

    Between 15:00-16:00 ish I spotted an arctic blue 182 on Chapelfield Road, and on Grape's Hill a black ph2 172 and a green ph1 172 (an Exclusive?). Then at around 21:45 that evening I was wondering up Prince Of Wales road when I spotted another arctic blue 182 (the same one as earlier?) outside...
  8. Canary172

    Black 172 - UEA, Norwich

    Went for a swim earlier and whilst walking back to my car I noticed a black 172 ('02 plate) a couple of spaces along. It looked in fairly good nick! Anyone on here?
  9. Canary172

    markerboy2002 on the A146

    Pretty sure that was you ahead of the Nissan Micra that was front of me this morning! :)
  10. Canary172


    ...was that you going down Magdalen Street on Friday evening?
  11. Canary172

    Couple of spots around Norwich last night - 26/04/2013

    I saw a Racing Blue 182 on the ring road by county hall whilst driving to a mates' house at 20:00 ish, then later on at around 23:50 I spotted a Monaco 172 heading onto Prince of Wales Road. Anyone on here?
  12. Canary172

    Iceberg 172 - Norwich

    Spotted an iceberg 172 on the outer ring road at around 17:45 today and gave a wave at the last minute!
  13. Canary172

    A140 in Norwich - Black Gold 182

    I've seen this on a few occasions, most recently today at around 17:50 near the Shell petrol station (just off the outer ring road, right next to Tuckswood) on the Ipswich Road. Reg starts with HK54 if I remember correctly!
  14. Canary172

    Black 182 - UEA Norwich

    I saw a black 182 in the UEA car park at around 18:00 ish today. Looked tidy!
  15. Canary172

    Mondial Blue 172 Cup, near Chesterfield

    Spotted a Mondial Blue 172 Cup near Chesterfield whilst on route to a work related training course this morning at around 9:10. I waved and I'm pretty sure they waved back - was that anyone on here?
  16. Canary172

    Monaco Blue 172 - A146 29/1/2013

    Spotted a Monaco Blue 172 on the A146 this morning near Loddon at around 8:35. Anyone on here?
  17. Canary172

    Silver 172 ph2 - A146 between Norwich and Loddon

    I spotted a Silver 172 ph2 travelling in the opposite direction at around 08:20 whilst on my way to work this morning (3/1/2013) along the A146 between Norwich and Loddon! Didn't get a chance to catch the number plate but I'll look out for it in future. If anyone saw a Mondial Blue 172 Cup...
  18. Canary172

    Newbie 172 Cup owner

    Hello everyone! Last weekend I picked up a mondial blue 172 Cup and have enjoyed it greatly so far; my previous car was a Fiesta 1.4 Zetec (yes it's rusty...) so it's quite an improvement! Anyone else on here from around Norfolk?