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    Aftermarket fitter in Kent

    Hi Can anyone recommend a decent garage in Mid Kent or South Essex which will make a decent job of fitting a suspension kit (Koni)? I dont want to pay a fortune, so they need to be cheep and honest :) MB
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    Who’s from South East...

    Been away for a couple of days, someone asked where in Maidstone I am? In fact I am just the other side of the high level bridge from 172chick, behind the White Rabbit pub. Really suprised I havent seen that red 16V around, although not to my personal taste it looks like a puker job and...
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    Who’s from South East...

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    Race with Nova

    Fast but Still a Nova nuf said MB
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    Clunking noise

    RAID locks the doors automatically at about 5mph. Press the door lock button above the stereo for 5 seconds and it will beep at you, then the RAID is initalised. If this stops the clunk you have solved the problem. Just switch it back on and ignore it. When RAID is on the doors cannot be...
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    Hell thats low! Looks like the splitter could be used for cleaning flattened roadkill off the tarmac! MB
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    Clunking noise

    :) I was pretty sure that you would know that Mike but scotty may only just have turn his on and not realised it. When I picked mine up the RAID Auto lights and auto wipers were all turned off. I discovered them over the course of two weeks and couldnt believe all my new toys! The manual that...
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    Clunking noise

    Er, are you sure that it isnt the RAID comming on? The doors only lock when you hit about 5MPH. You may have eliminated this already but if Im right itll save you feeling silly at a dealers. MB
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    Key fob-alarm help

    If your car has a proximity activated imobiliser like my 172 then a copy key wont work. The car is looking for the transponder in the key, if you hide the key in the car thus permanently fooling the transponder you wont have an imobiliser BAD IDEA! To be honest I think you best bet is to get...
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    Mk2 172 Security

    There is a company in the South East called Stop-a-theif who fitted my upgrade at that price. If Noel got the full upgrade for £195 I would definately find out who did it and go there. Bear in mind there are two levels of alarm available for the 172, the standard UK spec one takes the system...
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    Honda CRX slaughtered.

    Nope, the new shape Vti and the Esi are called del sols in the USA and CRX del sol in the UK (second pic in the post above) MB
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    Honda CRX slaughtered.

    Um Just wanted to say I think there is some confussion here between types of CRX and their body shapes. The VTi was the faster incarnation of the last CRX and the Esi was the slower version. Neither of these two cars had bonnet bulges.
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    Is it my imagination or is that thing lower than the standard shift? If it is I would need to take the seats out and sit on the floor to change gear! MB
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    How many miles on a tankful

    Blimey I like to think I give my car some punishment but 200! I recently tried to keep revs below 3000 to see what it would do to fuel comsumption, I managed it for about 8 minutes but in that time I saw a couple of .1s mpg increase and this was after driving for 150mile at usual pace. I...
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    How many miles on a tankful

    Yep 250-300 is the right sort of area, the trip seems to think that for a full tank and 30 odd mpg I should get about 310 but it never seems to happen. I get a bit trigger happy and lead footed and I end up dropping the mpg to the teens for a few miles. Such are the joys of happing such a fun...
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    FBW Throttle Click

    I do think it give a little be more when you go through the click. I though initially that it might be the kick down for auto versions (drops to a lower cog). However this doesnt usually happen so low in autos. Untill someone tells me different Ill keep pushing past it and getting a little more...
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    Reasons for slow variants of our cars

    My air intake is slightly folded where it meets the box, I have a feeling that the roar I get at 5000+ revs may be due to this. If I can get the car on the rollers at a rr day maybe I can see what playing with it to make it a cleaner bend will do MB
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    I need SAT NAV for my Clio 172

    Ive heard good things about them, they are Sat Nav and not route planners. I know that in addition to the factory fit sat nav MINI do a fitting kit for the IPAQ , it goes sideways to give maximum readability and the screen realines to horizontal automatically. One tip. You will have to fit...
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    I need SAT NAV for my Clio 172

    Have you considered an Ipaq? They work as a personal organiser and you can get a sat nav add on pack and a car fitting kit. Easy to take from car to car and country to country. MB
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    Mk2 172 Security

    I have a very strong suspicion that if you cant see sensors and you dont have an LED next to the gear stick that what you have on your hands is an import. Dont worry though £260 will get you the Renault upgrade alarm and no body but Renault will know that its an import. Unless the car was...
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    Nearest RR to guilford

    If you can get a few people together it seems that a number of places will do a discount. Have a look on the meetings page, there are a number of people including me that would be interested in a rolling road session in the South East so you might be able to drum up some interest for a group...
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    Spraying near Dartford

    Call these guys 01634 264753 they are near Chatham and have done various work for me over the years, they specialise in doing repairs for dealers before cars go to the forecourt, so their work has to get past AA and RAC inspectors all the time. Pay cash and they will give you a good price. Their...
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    Need Urgent Advice

    Mach 6 eh? I looks nice but I think that 4569mph at sea level is a bit optimistic for a ford! MB
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    FAO Rob

    ..........makes birds wet. ???? Only if you drive through puddles next to them MB
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    Import owners please help

    Hmmmmm I have the same problem, but I may have a solution. Renaults database is as we know rubbish. They had not idea who sold my car originally, which means that the stamp could theoretically be from any where and it wouldnt matter. I dont know what one of these stamps looks like but I...
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    Removing Spare wheel cage thing!

    Not illegal to drive without a spare as long as you have a can of get you home foam or other suplimetary way of getting you moving again. In fact the Mini Cooper S doesnt have a spare and neither I believe does the Cup. Nevermind illegal, driving without any form of spare would be silly...
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    Yes they are the Executive MB
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    £ for drivers mirror glass

    Checked with local Renault dealer £22 and they have them in stock. Im pleasently suprised, thought it would be a minimum of £30! Nice lady in parts has a Cup so Ill be going at lunchtime for a quick chat. MB
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    Cat 2 -> 1 upgrade

    I recently got my immob upgraded to an alarm using the genuine Renault kit, a main dealer will charge you upto £375 for the honour but the company in Southampton that fit them when they come into the country will sell the kit to independant fitters if they ask. I had the full UK spec alarm...
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    £ for drivers mirror glass

    Thanks guys Ill get one on order tomorrow, I hate buying full price main dealer parts so Ill try etc. See if I can get it any cheaper MB