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  1. KirstyRB197

    Storm Grey 200 - Cheltenham

    Spotted on Sunday evening in Cheltenham, think I have seen you a few times... Member on here?
  2. KirstyRB197

    White 197 - Cinderford, Gloucestershire

    Spotted yesterday... White 197 with cup spoiler and roof scoop, looked awesome! I was in the RB 197 with white speedlines.
  3. KirstyRB197

    Black 197 - Sainsburys Newquay

    Spotted twice over the weekend, anyone on here?
  4. KirstyRB197

    Albi 197 - Coleford, Forest of Dean

    Spotted yesterday morning heading out of Coleford on the Speech House Road... Anyone on here?
  5. KirstyRB197

    RB 197 - Gloucester

    RB 197 with cup spoiled spotted yesterday night in Gloucester town. Anyone on here?
  6. KirstyRB197

    LY 197/200 Forest of Dean

    Spotted several times around the Forest of Dean but always briefly so couldn't make out if its a 197 or 200. Anybody on here?
  7. KirstyRB197

    Nimbus 197 - Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire

    Spotted yesterday parked on a driveway in Mitcheldean... Wondering if they're a local member?
  8. KirstyRB197

    iPhone/iPod cable

    Hi, I am currently looking for an iPhone/iPod cable for my Clio 197. I did previously have a cable that connected directly to the iso block on the rear of the head unit but this has broken. I have the update list head unit but don't seem to have any aux in port in the car at all. Does...
  9. KirstyRB197

    Albi Blue 172 Gloucester

    Spotted yesterday evening on the A40 from Ten pin towards Parklands Audi. Anyone on here?
  10. KirstyRB197

    Black 200 - A48 Westbury-on-Severn

    As per title, spotted this evening. Anyone on here?
  11. KirstyRB197

    Brembo brake pads

    I am looking to replace the front pads on my Clio 197 have been searching google to compare prices etc and have come across a website called nextdaybrakes and wanted some opinions on their website and prices etc as they seem much, much lower than others...
  12. KirstyRB197

    Racing Blue 197

    Hi all, I have recently taken some new photographs of my car as my boyfriend is keen on detailing and spent some time on my car :) Some snow foam, post-wash and beading pictures of the car... Also de-badged the rear, not an upclose picture but can still make it out...
  13. KirstyRB197

    Blue 172 cup Cheltenham

    Spotted yesterday evening driving out of Cheltenham on the golden valley, I was behind in the blue Volvo, Anyone on here?
  14. KirstyRB197

    Hey! New here :)

    Hey! :) I'm new here and been having a quick browse of the forum. I am looking I to getting a Clio and thought this was probably the best place to start lol. I have been on other forums with previous cars etc. I have had a search but only picked up basic details about the differences...