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  1. Jonff

    2nd car and mirroring NCB

    I'm looking at buying another 172 Cup in the new year to run as a 2nd car and use on track. As my Focus currently has my NCB attached to it with my current insurers I'd need a company who'd be willing mirror NCB. I've spoken to my current insurers who'd be willing to insure it and mirror NCB but...
  2. Jonff

    Focus ST170 Xenons. These are now on eBay.
  3. Jonff

    Ford content.

    Following on from this thread I posted a few months ago,, I bit the bullet and went for the Ford choice. I feel really lucky with this FocusRS as it was only local and being honest I was always going to buy it when I 1st saw...
  4. Jonff

    TRS 4-Point 3'' Harnesses
  5. Jonff

    Ph-1 172 Dual optic headlights being fitted to a non sport.

    Is this a direct fit? or does the loom/wiring need modifying? Isn't for me this, I've got someone on eBay asking me and I haven't got the answer for him. Edit: Just found the guide on here, nevermind lol
  6. Jonff

    The last bits I have left from my Clio now on eBay.
  7. Jonff Rigby's XR2 on Pistonheads. Alot of work has gone in to this to make it what it is and it's a very quick car.
  8. Jonff

    Interior and FK Konigsports now on Ebay
  9. Jonff

    Special Bus' last Hurrah

    Took Special Bus on to Oulton Park again last Tuesday. Weather was perfect for it and there was a lot of grip right from the get go. Car was performing exceptionally well right up until the last session. Some pictures from the day. (James Bryan's handy work) ;) and a quick drive by...
  10. Jonff

    Steering rack bushes

    Bought a couple of steering rack bushes from West Renault as I plan on replacing them once the weather gets better. In the kit though there's a 13mm bolt with each bush, what are those for? As the 4 bolts holding the rack to the subframe are 16mm bolts. Also while I was under there I decided...
  11. Jonff

    steering rack creak

    I've tried searching but there doesn't appear to be answers to the issue I have. While stationary, if I turn the steering wheel slightly I get a slight creaking sound from the rack, sounds very similar to a stiff door hinge. The noise is definitely coming from the rack and not the top mounts...
  12. Jonff

    Air-con removal, before and after power graphs

    Decided to take my car back to EFI parts so I could finally find out if removing the air-con had really gained me any power or if it was purely just a placebo effect. I was pleasantly surprised :D Before: After:
  13. Jonff

    Rattle from cambelt area

    I've got a disconcerting rattle from around the cambelt area, sounds like it's around where the dephaser is. It's not your usual worn out dephaser noise as I've had that in the past, this sounds like something is loose. The noise isn't apparent while the engine is idling but as soon as you rev...
  14. Jonff

    Sticking PAS pump pulley (video)

    If you keep watching the pulley, everytime I reach full lock on the steering wheel it starts slowing down/getting stuck. I only did it very briefly in the video but if done for a prolonged time the pulley actually stops and the aux belt slips. I'm going to replace the PAS pump as I'm pretty sure...
  15. Jonff

    Possible PAS pump issue

    After I did my last session on track yesterday my aux belt started slipping when ever I started the car, initial thought was the tensioner just needed tightening (pure Motorsport aircon delete kit). Anyway just pulled up at home now and noticed when ever I put the steering on full lock the belt...
  16. Jonff

    Oulton Park Round 2

    Took Special Bus on to Oulton Park again yesterday. It was a bit greasy 1st thing in the morning but once the sun came out the track dried very quickly. Really stretched the cars legs this time and had no major issues with the car like last time lol. All in all though it was a brilliant day.
  17. Jonff

    Bulkhead soundproofing removal

    Plan was to remove the lot of it today, even the bits where it goes around the coolant header tank and powersteering reservoir. Anyway I removed the 1st half it around the manifold etc and replaced it with nimbus heat shield. Whilst removing the second half it I realised it's covering up the ABS...
  18. Jonff

    Heather Blowers

    Got an issue with the blowers, a couple of weeks ago they stopped working (no air blowing through). Anyway I found a blown fuse, replaced it and everything was fine until today. Started the car and noticed they weren't working again and found another blown fuse, replaced the fuse and it blew...
  19. Jonff

    FK Konigsport coilovers

    Have these been discontinued now if anyone knows? I was looking at replacing my current coilover set up with some Konigsport's but finding places that stock them very limited.
  20. Jonff

    PureMotorSport solid Topmounts

    I know there's numerous threads about these but I've not come across anything that answers my following question. Do these topmounts lower the front of the car down like the AST solid topmounts do? I previously had the ASTs fitted and it lowered the front of the car down roughly 15mm and due...
  21. Jonff

    Pure motorsports air-con delete kit

    What size is the aux belt meant to be with the kit? The belt I've got is 6pk 1300, is that correct because it appears to be to short to fit. Fitted all the brackets correctly but the belt just won't fit over the alternator pulley. Any advise would be much appreciated
  22. Jonff

    Alternator Pulley.

    The pulley on the alternator, is it held on with a normal nut or is it one of those spline nuts that require a tool to remove them if anyone knows? Edit: Should have mentioned I meant a mk2 alternator.
  23. Jonff

    French electrics at their very best lol

    I've come across quite a few strange things whilst owning Clios but this one is rather weird. With the engine running, everytime I press the brake pedal the lights on the speedo light up and once i take my foot off the pedal they go off again. It's not putting the side lights on, or any other...
  24. Jonff

    Bulkhead soundproofing

    The soundproofing on the bulkhead is looking rather tired and worn. I know you can replace it with heatproof shielding type stuff but I'm not keen on how that would look in the engine bay. Only other solution I can think of to keep the heat away from the various things that run behind there i.e...
  25. Jonff

    Engine Mounts.

    I've got the infamous knocking under acceleration again. All the mounts have been replaced baring the lower gearbox mount (the one that sits just under the gearbox and on the subframe). The dogbone mount is Polybushed. When I 1st fitted them all it cured the knocking but a month later it's come...
  26. Jonff

    Coolant issues

    Had a search around the forum but couldn't really find a definitive answer. I seem to be losing/using quite a bit of coolant, there's no visible signs of leaks, checked all around the hoses, around the water pump area and everywhere is dry. Next thought was possible headgasket failure but...
  27. Jonff

    Air con pipes

    Not sure how to describe what I'm on about but it's the square foam thing that covers part of the aircon pipes. It's located at the top left of the engine bay near the brake fluid reservoir. Is it vital it's there? Mine has finally ripped off after messing around with the brake fluid reservoir.
  28. Jonff

    Bolt sequence diagram for oil sump.

    Just after the bolt sequence diagram for the oil sump. I came across it last night but forgot to save it and now I can't find it. lol If someone could post it up for me it'd be much appreciated.
  29. Jonff


    Had a search and couldn't find anything specific to the recent rattling buzzing I've been getting. At around 3.8k I get this noise from the passenger side of the car and it definitely coming from the outside of the car, it sounds like something is loose. Best way to explain would be like a...
  30. Jonff

    Removing lower inlet

    Just a question regarding removing lower inlet before I attempt it. I've read previously that part of the alternator brackets need removing before you can get the lower inlet off, is this due to access to the bolts or can you not physically get the lower inlet out with the alternator brackets...