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    Rear light price needed

    Does anyone have the part number as GSFs web site is not very clear describing the parts. This is asuming part numbers are the same for gsf and reno?
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    Rear light price needed

    Forgot about GSF and already a member so thats quite a saving on renaults prices. Thanks!
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    Rear light price needed

    I need the light housing(lens) without the bulb section. Thanks
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    Rear light price needed

    Anyone know the price of a new rear light including vat will be for a 172 mrk 2 (53 reg)? Thanks
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    Characteristic or fault

    Exactly what I was thinking*I mean dreaming* of getting.
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    Characteristic or fault

    GPRIM, what are you getting to replace your 172?
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    Characteristic or fault

    Its 8 months old and coming up to 14K. Im going to get the 4 wheel alignment done but dont know where to go, I dont want a back steet job.
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    Characteristic or fault

    Its difficult to tell if were all talking of the same level of movement in the steering, but from what a few of you have described it does sound similar. I had mine in for the recall where they changed all five (part worn) Michelins for the Conti’s and although it made a v.small difference at...
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    Characteristic or fault

    Nothing to do torque steer as it does it all the time.
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    Characteristic or fault

    I’ve had my 172 mrk2 for just over 6 months now, I bought it from new and I am wondering if anyone has experienced the same symptoms as I am getting. The problem is with the steering, it just seems a handful to drive, every bump or undulation moves the steering wheel quite forcefully making the...
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    Headlight Washer Clio 172 MK2

    If mine get blown off or some tinker knocks them off Im going to buy the little bungs that are fitted to the cup as their bound to be more trouble than there worth in the future.
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    4 Faults after only one hour!!!

    Picked up my brand new 172 today and I just cant believe it....... I noticed straight away that there were two chips one the paintwork which I pointed out to the salesman who said "write Ill book that in for you wright away sir", Then after the long and boring demonstration of how everything...
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    No cruise control for me!

    Bet you wouldnt be so enthusiastic after 200 miles! As for buying a mondeo-I dont understand what you mean its not a drivers car!! If my clio came with Cruise control surely I would have the best of both worlds?
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    No cruise control for me!

    Just thinking of the long journeys and my poor right foot.
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    No cruise control for me!

    Yeah I thought about it but another 8 week wait would be to painful!
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    No cruise control for me!

    Ordered my 172 in late June for a first week in Sep delivery date, thought I was lucky when someone on here said all new clios would come with cruise but just came off the phone to my dealer who said unfortunatly "cruise comes out with the September cars", so mine must have either been made...
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    Buying a Williams

    what series/colour/mileage is your rallye and are you selling?
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    Current 172 Spec.......

    I ordered my 172 back at the end of June and got a first week in september delivery date, at the time I heard they had stopped supplying the multi cd under the passinger seat as standard and more recently that cruise control will be added. Can someone give me a diffinitive list of whats included...
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    Snetterton Tickets............

    I am one of the lucky winners of a pair of tickets to Snetterton on saturday but I cant make it due to unforseen family commitments!! So if anyone would like them just PM me with your name and address and Ill send them to the first person who writes(Just as soon as I recieve them).
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    What’s your all time 5 worst hot hatches

    This has got to be near the top:
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    What’s your all time 5 best hot hatches

    Mine are: i- Clio Williams{best car Ive ever driven} ii- 205 1.9 GTi iii- Delta Integrale iv- Alfa Sud Green Cloverleaf{Way a head of its time} v- 106 GTi
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    Clio 172 spec

    I ordered mine a couple of weeks ago and have a september delivery date, the salesman didnt mention cruise control but will it come with it as standard?
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    Anyone know if..........

    .......France have a magazine/web site like Autotrader? as my bro is looking for a certain rear car. Thanks
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    Number plates

    Im getting my new car in september, just wanted to know the options on the number plate, can you choose any of the digits or letters? does it cost any extra? ect....
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    Griding your alloy’s on the pavement!!

    If you dont want to kerb your wheels then simply buy tyres with rim pretectors on them, then youll have mint wheels for years to come without worrying.
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    Upgrade or not

    Im getting my mk2 172 in september, is there any difference in performance from the mk1? I wouldnt have decided to get a 172 if my williams was more reliable. The last six months have been a real love hate relationship with the williams, I felt like I was swimming against the tide, Id fix one...
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    Upgrade or not

    Agreed with above but I mean for pure driveabillity/fun ect....
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    Upgrade or not

    Has anyone gone from a Williams to a 172? ifso whats your verdict on the comparison between the two?
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    warranty question...

    Thanks griff mate, all recieved. Should help pass the time untill I get my 172, salesman said would be a september delivery date!! times never gone so slow.