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  1. sargey

    Star Wars 1313

    Big reveal at E3. Looks pretty sweet!
  2. sargey

    Quick question re cancelling sky channel

    Want to cancel ESPN, gotta give 31 days notice. Do they instantly cut ESPN off when you ring them up or do you still have the channel until the 31 days is up? Ta.
  3. sargey

    Is there an easy way to move someones eyes in a photo?

    I have 2 pictures of my daughter when she was young, both great pictures, but she is looking the wrong way. Is there an easy way to make her look like she was looking at the camera?
  4. sargey

    SLI Question

    I currently have 1 XFX Nvidia GTS 250 1GB an and SLI compatible motherboard. Can I put any other make (Zotac, PNY etc) of the GTS 250 in to SLI it? What would adding the 512mb version rather than the 1GB version do? Will I see a vast improvement in say BF3? Cheers
  5. sargey

    Burnout Crash - XBLA / PSN

    Anyone got it? I bloody love it! Top down version of the crash junctions from the Burnout games. It uses Autolog and it's very addictive trying to beat your mate's high scores. Add me if you've got it. Xbox - Sargey22 PS3 - Sargey
  6. sargey

    Renault 4 3000

    IR4-XDOcjNw R......?
  7. sargey

    Film-makers seek injunction to block Newzbin Thoughts?
  8. sargey

    Project Cafe / Wii 2

    Launching in 2012. Going to be playable at E3 this year. Better spec. than the 360 and ps3.!5795241/nintendo-confirms-wii-successor
  9. sargey

    Excel people, formula help please!

    I have a date in cell A1. I need a formula that will display the word "Overdue" (in red) in cell A2, if the date in A1 is older that 21 days. Any help would be great.
  10. sargey

    [PC/PS3/XB360] COD:Modern Warfare 3 Official thread
  11. sargey

    Easiest way to convert avi's to dvd?

    I have a load of avi files that I want to burn to dvd, so that I can watch them on a dvd player. Can't be bothered creating menus etc. What's the easiest way to do it?
  12. sargey

    [PC/Xbox360/PS3] Duke Nukem Forever - Official Thread Duke Nukem Forever Officially Announced at PAX! Groovy! It's coming in 2011. Honest!
  13. sargey

    [PC/PS3/XB360] Dead Rising 2 : Case Zero / Dead Rising 2 - Official Thread.

    Case Zero is out today on Xbox Live for 400 ms points. It's a prequel to Dead Rising 2, but a full game in it's self, with achievements as well! Full game is out beginning of October. Dead Rising is my favourite game on the 360 by a million miles. Can't wait to get home and play Case Zero!
  14. sargey

    Realtime Worlds...

    ...administrators will be called in today / tomorrow. Can't say anymore than that.
  15. sargey

    Kinda urgent help needed......

    Dad and sister are both in America. Both got 3g's. Both on 02, both got international roaming enabled, data roaming disabled. Dad lost signal on his phone 2 days ago, Sister lost her signal this morning. I phoned o2, they said there no problems with the account and international roaming etc...
  16. sargey

    Mortal Kombat - Paperality?

  17. sargey

    Baby Chun-Li - ****Warning- This might melt your heart!****

    How Cute?!?!?!?!?!?
  18. sargey

    Updating several iPhones to iOS4

    Am I right in thinking that the backup done during the iOS4 install will backup all apps on the phone as well? Then restore them back at the end? I have several work phones to update this morning and don't want to loose any of the installed apps on each of the phones.
  19. sargey

    Crackdown 2

    Very much looking forward to this as I loved the original. The demo is out today.
  20. sargey

    Project Natal renamed and slim 360 on the way!

    Project Natal is now called "Kinect" And here's the leaked photo of the slim. EDIT - It's also got built in WI-FI
  21. sargey

    WOW! New Mortal Kombat?!?!?!?
  22. sargey

    *** Official E3 2010 Thread ***

    Just a week away now starting on the 15th. What everyone looking forward to? I personally can't wait to see more of dead rising 2. I can't wait for that game. Also looking forward to Kane and Lynch 2. 100961
  23. sargey

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    100908 Now this is how you do a trailer!
  24. sargey

    New Star Wars Xbox Live Avatar Clothes! To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. I'm buying them all!
  25. sargey

    Leaked E3 Line-up?

    Killer Instinct 3 - WANT! James Bond Game for XBLA - Goldeneye? Little Big Planet 2 Road Rash HD - WANT! Discuss.
  26. sargey

    Marvel Vs Capcom 3!!!!!!!

  27. sargey

    Hi - Def camcorders - Talk to me.

    What's the best for the money? Its my birthday coming up and I wanted a half decent one. Any ideas?
  28. sargey

    Gears of War 3

  29. sargey

    Easy Web site creation?

    What's the easiest way to create a website? Does Dreamweaver (or equivalent) have templates built in that you can customize? Bearing in mind I very little web building knowledge, what's the best option?
  30. sargey

    *** Official Call of Duty: Black Ops thread ***

    Iranian embassy siege? Sign me up now!