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  1. maynard

    FAO those who have broken cars

    On the off chance I have to break my car in case it doesn't sell...I have a quick question! Once I've stripped everything off it and leave the chassis on the floor on axle stands, how the hell do I get it to the scrappie to get weighed in?
  2. maynard


    Can some one recommend me a place to get a dash flocked please?
  3. maynard

    Brake air feed hose ducting?

    Without arch liners...what's the best way to attach this so it's not flapping about? I'll have the hose coming from the ducts where the fog lights should be for reference.
  4. maynard

    Problems without arch liners fitted?

    Anyone experienced any problems with arch liners not fitted at all? Presumably there's more of a chance of grime build up and maybe stones/debris hitting stuff?
  5. maynard

    Removing black strip on rear bumper?

    Anyone know how to remove the black strip on the rear bumper on 172/182's?
  6. maynard

    Fog lights - MOT?

    Just making sure, removal of front fog lights will still pass an MOT won't they? If they're not fitted, can't be tested right - even if they are manufacturer standard?
  7. maynard

    Why do so many people sell up?

    Something that I've notice a lot since I've been on this forum. Why do so many people spend so much money on building pretty epic/mint cars track focused, and some that are just plain minters, and then either break them or sell up?
  8. maynard

    Cup Alternator Bracket?

    I've acquired this cup alternator bracket. Just want to check that the tensioning bolt in the pictures is ok to be re used, or is it best to buy a new one?
  9. maynard

    Door leak

    I keep getting a door leak on the passenger side - bearing in mind I have no door card fitted either - water gets in inside over the window mech and the door seal that goes around the bottom edge inside the door. It puddles and then overflows onto the floor. It only happens when car is...
  10. maynard

    Which track tyre - Yoko/Dunlop/Federal?

    Hi all, I've found prices on the following: Yoko A048's Dunlop Direzza DZ03G's Federal 595 RSR's Now the first two option's are £130 each inc vat, but the 595 RSR's are like £80 each inc vat. I've read a few reviews on them Federal's and everyone seems to love them. Any one got...
  11. maynard

    Door handles?

    Are all clio door handles the same? 1.2's and 1*2's etc... mk2 I'm asking about.
  12. maynard

    Which dashboard fits?

    Hi all, I'm going to flock my dash but would prefer to buy one first. Which models of Clio will fit into a 172?
  13. maynard

    Spraying CF splitter?

    If i rubbed down the K-tec CF splitter I've got, would it new spray paint take to it and look good or bad? Will it go on patchy or actually look smooth?
  14. maynard

    ph2 iceburg 172 - m6 j3-j4

    hi whoever you are, recognise your car so i know you're on here. btm sticker on the tailgate window, car looks smart mate!
  15. maynard

    MOT failure?

    Neighbour's got a Disco TD5 with a noisy/whining power steering pump, is this an MOT failure? I said no, not heard of that before, but I'm not sure. Any ideas?
  16. maynard

    Removing headlining glue from the roof?

    Set about removing the glue stuck to the roof today - the stuff that holds the headlining up. Started my usual routine that I've done on all the other patches on the car on that, and also scraping too to remove the glue. But..the roof seems to be getting little marks from where I'e heated...
  17. maynard

    Removing headlight washer jets

    Anyone got any tips on how to do this? Presumably bumper off job, then what? Is there like a retaining nut and then it pulls out through the front when the washer hose is disconnected? What shall I do with the hoses once they're off as I'm fitting blanks there?
  18. maynard

    172 wheel on e-Bay

    my 172 wheel on e-Bay...
  19. maynard

    TRS tow strap bolt and fitting?

    I'm aware it's M16 size bolt I need for these, any one know the size the bolt has to be? Also on a ph2, I'm guessing the bumper needs to be removed to fit this, and does the tow hole in the grille need widening at all?
  20. maynard

    Which impact wrench?

    I'd love to be able to buy a Snap On impact wrench but I don't think the spondules are going to stretch that far this month! So as I'm on a budget, what's the best what I can buy? - needs to be able to remove stubborn wheel nuts and suspension/subframe bolts, so fairly powerful.
  21. maynard

    Oreca exhaust db's?

    Does anyone know what the db's for standing test and drive by test are on the Oreca Group N and Group A exhausts at all? Just looked at MSV's db limits and wondered whether this exhaust would stop me getting on track their events.
  22. maynard

    Clio Cup Racer exhaust?

    Are they the Oreca units that were used on the ph2 clio cup racers does anyone know?
  23. maynard

    A pillar / headlining question

    About to remove the A pillar and headlining, quick question, does anyone know on the A pillar if the sensor for the alarm comes apart easily at all and if so how? Also for the interior light, what wires/connections are under there? Is there enough play on the loom to be able to tidy...
  24. maynard

    Clio's are sheds......

    .....according to Pistonheads anyways!
  25. maynard

    what's lighter?

    2118's or f1's?
  26. maynard

    Re-locating electric window switches

    I've bought some CF door cards, but they have no space for the electric window switches. Are the switches removable all in one piece with the wires, from the small panel they sit it in the normal door panel? I've thought about trying to mount them by the gearstick...any ideas how too?
  27. maynard

    Changing gear box oil?

    When changing the gear box oil, will a flexi funnel do to refill with new oil, or will I need a piece of hose aswell? Am i right in saying the wing nut just screws out?
  28. maynard

    FAO those who have removed headlining

    Have you experienced any issues with condensation etc on cold mornings since you've removed the headlining?
  29. maynard

    Correct resistor ohm ratings?

    What are the correct resistor ohm ratings needed for the airbag light? I need it for the two seats, and the steering wheel. IIRC it's two per seat and for the wheel. Want to get rid of the light now, I think the resistors I originally used were either faulty/wrong rating.
  30. maynard

    172 spark plug tool?

    is this the tool i need to do the 172 spark plugs with? suitable for putting in and taking out the spark plug?