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  1. JayA

    pistion direction

    Intake valves are generally bigger than exhaust valves so whichever pocket is larger will likely be intake. However I too would be asking the company, not worth gambling!
  2. JayA

    Engine Bearings

    The colours will relate to bearing grade and will set the running clearances.
  3. JayA

    Bent valves have clipped the bores

    If you've got a very fine and small sanding block I would use that but go at it with care! Pay particular attention to not damaging anywhere the gasket sealing bead will sit on. All in my opinion only of course!
  4. JayA

    Bent valves have clipped the bores

    If it doesn't affect the gasket and the top ring reversal point is lower than the damage (which it looks like it is from the discolouration on the bore) then I'd say its OK. It may need fettling or something to ensure there are no raised burrs/edges that would stand the cyl head fireface off...
  5. JayA

    182 AV05 VBU

    My mistake... I owned VBO NOT VBU... same colour too.
  6. JayA

    Megane 265 for daily duties

    I came from a z4 on run flats which was just horrific so wanted to try a comfy car. More than happy with the ride, but arch gaps are a little large! Mpg wise I can get 37mpg max on a mway journey... M6, lots of 50 limits and no right foot fun. And yeah town is bad, mid 20s. As others have said...
  7. JayA

    Megane 265 for daily duties

    ^ just realised that undersells the driving aspect of the 265...i do enjoy it, just not as raw as the 182 - although that had exhaust, map and suspension mods.
  8. JayA

    Megane 265 for daily duties

    I've got a 265 and do a pretty much identical commute, get around 30mpg. I love it, doesn't have cup suspension and 19's though as I wanted a little more comfort. I had more fun (also keen on a Friday blast home) in my old 182 though as the speed in the 265 is a little more effortless, so you...
  9. JayA

    mk2 dynamique alloy - bolt cover issue

    Yeah that's what I thought too, I reckon I can get hold of a set of tap- Cheers!
  10. JayA

    mk2 dynamique alloy - bolt cover issue

    Hi All, Following a run-in with a pot hole I have recently bought a replacement alloy (mk2 dynamique, the 'swirly' one, not the 15" version of the 172 alloy) from RenParts (would definitely recommend them). However when I have gone to put the plastic centre cover back on the bolt seems to be...
  11. JayA

    Leaking water :(

    I've discovered this problem too, how would I go about checking the drain tubes?
  12. JayA

    My feet are freezing!

    Probably nothing, but if I remember correctly, there are a few gromits in the footwell/bulkhead..maybe they aren't there? i.e. letting cold air in when your driving? Shouldn't contribute too much, but I guess it could be worth 30seconds to check?
  13. JayA

    Black 182- GL54 PCO- Anyones?

    someone must know something?
  14. JayA

    Black 182- GL54 PCO- Anyones?

    Hi, Just saw this car advertised and has a cs sticker on the rear window... anyones? If so, whats the history? Thanks
  15. JayA

    Criticism Welcome :)

    I strangely quite like that, I think a deep blue would've looked awesome though
  16. JayA

    a bit of advice for a new driver :)

    ^ You would say this ( I was just about to link you to this thread lol)
  17. JayA

    1.2 thinks doors are open

    Should've said, I've checked its not the boot switch because my interior light is coming on too, which doesn't happen when the boot is open. I've had a play with the door switches just now and it could possibly be one of those, i'll have a proper play in the daylight tomorrow night. Cheers Guys
  18. JayA

    1.2 thinks doors are open

    Mine's doing this now.....did you get anywhere with it??
  19. JayA

    Transporting a Bike

    Agree with the wheel off method-Surprising amount of room if you use it wisely- I had 3 mountain bike in the back of mine today.
  20. JayA

    Car wont start

    to clear up a potentially confusing point... When I said "it will turn over but not fire", I meant it will crank but not turn over
  21. JayA

    Car wont start

    Hi, My car won't start, it will turn over but not fire. I've tried jump starting...this did nothing (so rules out battery issues I think) When I push start it it starts fine, and will then restart when warm. (this rules out starter motor?) Also the exhaust gas warning light has come...
  22. JayA

    22" Tv help

    If its only the sound that's making you change, you could look at a cheap pair of laptop/pc speakers that can plug in to the headphone socket of the tv. I have this set up (just because the speakers are on my desk anyway) and it works well.
  23. JayA

    RB/Inferno Cupped cars having xenons and leather

    Ok, Cheers guys.
  24. JayA

    RB/Inferno Cupped cars having xenons and leather

    So these would just be 182s with both cup packs then? So what's the difference between say a cup packed RB and a cup RB? (obviously apart from the leather and xenons) Thanks
  25. JayA

    RB/Inferno Cupped cars having xenons and leather

    Hi, Im looking at getting a 182 in the next few months. I thought the 182 'Cups' i.e. the RB and Infernos didn't come with xenons and leather. But I have seen a few that do. Were they optional extras that the original buyer has simply added at the factory or will it generally mean that...
  26. JayA

    onboard diagnostic stalk

    hi, Looked at a 182 today, it showed "---h" on the board diagnostic tool (the one where you press the indicator stalk whilst turning the key) Can anybody shed some light please? Thanks
  27. JayA

    Cup Spoiler Washer Jet Removal

    Typical, ages of trying and when i ask for help i do it. Feel free to delete this thread please mods
  28. JayA

    Cup Spoiler Washer Jet Removal

    Respraying a cup spoiler at the moment. How do I get the little black washer jet out? is there a specific way or jus pull and hope? Really dont want to break it. Thanks in advance
  29. JayA

    lowering advise please

    get eibach prolines/sportlines. Iv got prolines on mine and i like them. Only cost £80 second hand too
  30. JayA

    Which Wireless Mouse?

    although if you have very big hands u may find it a little small....i dont so its fine.