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  1. Andyano12

    Big Steve World Cup Williams 🌍

    Great write up, thanks for sharing, I will be following this. I'd love to have a Williams one day. I love the back stories to owning/searching for these cars, also it is something that we can all relate to; the nervous excitement of collecting a new (to us) car.
  2. Andyano12

    172 Cup (HK52 ZFH)

    I'm so sorry to hear this, hopefully there is not too much damage to the engine internally. The car looks great so don't give up, you could always find another standard engine to drop in the car whilst the original engine is being rebuilt, could still use it for the odd track day etc? Hoping for...
  3. Andyano12

    Slight hesitation Clio 172 Cup

    Just to update this as hopefully this will help for when people use the search button. I had a look at the plug leads and all seemed visually OK, however I ordered some new plug leads and spark plugs and changed this and the hesitation has now gone, so even though the old plugs leads looked OK...
  4. Andyano12

    Slight hesitation Clio 172 Cup

    Hello everyone, I have looked through the previous threads but have been unable to find something which completely matches my symptoms.. Car has been running fine and being used everyday. Noticed a few days ago that it was slightly hesitant on about very light throttle, any more it would be...
  5. Andyano12

    172 Cup Buying Advice!

    OK I am biased as I have one, but most of these cars are getting to an age where the paint is starting to deteriorate. Most important IMHO is belts being done and making sure rear arches and jacking points are not rusty. Everything else is fixable without too much cost (at the moment, although...
  6. Andyano12

    Gloucester(shire) (old) spots

    Racing blue 182 with buckets and (maybe) a cage on the way into Cirencester, I use my 172 cup daily and never see any 172/182’s so excited to see a fellow Renaultsport Clio on my commute!
  7. Andyano12

    Gloucester(shire) (old) spots

    Saw a 182 Trophy parked in the car park at Prescott on Saturday.
  8. Andyano12

    security wheel key!

    I've just bought an R26 Megane and annoyingly the locking wheel nut key was missing. I found online sent them a photo and 3 days later they sent a replacement locking wheel nut key out. I was a bit dubious but to be fair it worked like a dream and saved me having...
  9. Andyano12

    172 Cup - 2022 Sprint Car Project

    Nice one, they are great cars for Sprints and Hillclimbing, I have always fancied having a go at Curborough. I'm a member of the Bristol Motor Club and they do a couple of good sprints at Castle Combe if you ever fancied it. I'll be interested in what seat you go for as that's the only thing...
  10. Andyano12

    Show me your 172 cups!

    A bit of a thread resurrection... Here is my Clio 172 cup being used at a Castle Combe Sprint earlier in the year.
  11. Andyano12

    My mates just found out his car is cat c

    Many thanks Arnie!
  12. Andyano12

    172 CUP - NC03YYP

    Looks good, I use greenlight insurance, I think Neil from greenlight is on or was on this forum. I've had good service from them. Regarding the turinis I'd go for silver OEM spec (but then I am biased!) Will look forward to updates!
  13. Andyano12

    Clio 172 Cup sudden power loss

    Just an update.. The car began to struggle to start, it would crank but not fire straight away. I wiggled the wires which were connected to the crank sensor and tried again and it started. So I ordered from Renault a new crank sensor and loom, fitted it, it was a bit of a pig fitting the new...
  14. Andyano12

    Clio 172 Cup sudden power loss

    Hi everyone, Coming to work today, halfway through the journey, I pulled out to overtake a car in second gear and planted my foot and the car just cut out, ignition still on but engine not running, I managed to coast to a layby where I decided to take a look to see if I could see anything...
  15. Andyano12

    New 172 Cup owner

    Thanks guys, I’ll try not to leave it 4 years next time, it’s got a few scratches and dents but it’s not bad for an old French car! Another pic plus one from when I used it at Silverstone.
  16. Andyano12

    New 172 Cup owner

    So I thought I may update everyone, I still have my cup, I use it occasionally and have just got it back on the road for summer. As per my previous post all that time ago, I had all the wheels refurbished and then Michelin Pilot Sport tyres, new cup dampers and cooksport springs, I lowered the...
  17. Andyano12

    What have you done to your car today ???

    I hadn't driven or even started my cup for months, so decided to go and try to start it...…..turned the key and....nothing, so checked the battery voltage and it was very low.... charged the battery up and tried again but to no avail, also the dreaded red immobiliser light remained on...
  18. Andyano12

    Alternator issue??

    Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can confirm I have an alternator which is not working as it should. I have just started using the car (172 Cup) and when the car idles the stop and battery light will be illuminated. Once the revs increase the light will go off. I have checked the condition of the...
  19. Andyano12

    The 'What MPG Do You Get?' Thread

    I got 16mpg after a 40 minute session on Silverstone GP circuit at the weekend, can get mid 40's if driving sensibly on the road.
  20. Andyano12

    Two months of CUP ownership

    I've had my cup for just under a year, I don't use it as a daily although did use it last week as my daily to work and also for a run up to Silverstone at the weekend. Yes the car is harsh, doesn't run great first thing in the morning, is a bit noisy, the plastics inside are rubbish, but find a...
  21. Andyano12

    Which of the Renaultsports will be a 'future classic'?

    Really interesting hearing peoples thoughts on what will be a future classic car from the Renaultsport range, imho the future classics are the limited run models or the models which have something special about them, so 182 trophy, 172 cup etc. This is all quite subjective however, down to...
  22. Andyano12

    Show me your 172 cups!

    From Silverstone last weekend
  23. Andyano12

    Newbie 172 CUP onwner

    Looks a good car to start with. Should be able to pick up a new UCH Module from ebay or from here easily enough.
  24. Andyano12

    First time towing my car to the track...

    Also when towing take account that you don't want to be clipping the apex of corners as you would in a car, you'll need to be wider going round corners, otherwise the trailer will be mounting curbs, pavements etc, hope that makes sense? Like everyone has said take your time and you'll be fine.
  25. Andyano12

    What have you done to your car today ???

    Managed to snap the bleed nipple on my front caliper.......not good, managed to get the gear decal fitted and then lacquered to my gear knob...good.
  26. Andyano12

    Wanting to get into Motorsport - Non-driving side

    Hi Ali, I've been involved in motorsport all my life, driving, spannering, engineering, etc, I also went to Uni to study Motorsport Management. My advice would be to get yourself on the motorsport ladder, as Advikaz said above Formula Ford would be a great place to start, I know people who...
  27. Andyano12

    172 rear heat shield

    Cool Thanks Danny
  28. Andyano12

    172 rear heat shield

    Hi everyone, my rear heat shield is missing from the car, the piece which sits above the back box and attaches to the underside of the car. Can you still get these from Renault or will it be a case of waiting for a 2nd hand one to come up for sale? Or just not bother with one? Thanks everyone
  29. Andyano12

    Radio code help?

    I emailed the seller who stated that there are about 5 different types of radio for the Clio, is this true? Or is there a way to tell which i would need? It's for a 2003 Clio 172 cup. The type of radio looks exactly the same as the original ones? Sorry this is turning into abit of a saga.