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    F7R vs. F7P

    All I can say is:- Theres no replacement for displacement!!
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    Valver - Turbo vs Nos

    N2O will give you a LOT more torque than a turbo and its cheaper to run, to install and to insure, but then its not there all the time.
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    pistons/ con rods

    Lol, do they? I said from the start I wanted 200+bhp off gas and then 150bhp on top of that. So 400bhp is just a target, aint gonna get it though, hopefully will reach at least 300bhp ATW though.
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    pistons/ con rods

    Im gonna be running std rods and crank in my 2.0l conversion, just get them seriously toughened; balanced, lightned, shot peened, knife edged, nitrided, etc, etc. Im aiming for 230bhp off gas and about 400bhp on gas (with high octane feul)
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    pistons/ con rods

    OMEGA can make anything you want, piston wise that is, just depends what you wanna pay. I know they make std. F7R pistons though and keep them in stock, I think theyre 150 quid each, not sure if that includes VAT or not. When you say forged bottom end, you including the crank in that? Forged...
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    Nicks Turbo.

    Does anyone know what injectors BBPT use on the turbo conversion? Are they stock or higher flow items?
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    pistons/ con rods

    What do you mean by performance items? Forged? if so you can get forged rods from Arrows and forged pistons from Omega or KTR. But theyre very expensive, the rods are £155 each and the pistons are a simular price.
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    I wonder

    11.4sec 1/4 mile!!!!!!! Get it NOW!!!
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    Steering play

    Mine did that, I thought it was the rack or the track rods but it turnd out to be the universal joint in the collum.
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    how to get 175bhp from your 16v

    Bondy, that 400 quid for custom jobbies, or has it gotts be ones Piper/Kent make?
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    how to get 175bhp from your 16v

    bondy, how much can you get billet cams for then?
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    LR Spares

    Does anyone have the phone number for LR Spares or any other Renault breakers? Im looking for a 1.9D crank.
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    how to get 175bhp from your 16v

    So you remove metal from the shaft itself and not the lobes? Making the whole thing a smaller diameter?
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    how to get 175bhp from your 16v

    I never understood how removing material from a cam lobe increases its duration. Someone please explain.
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    Sounds like a shot box, mine did that kept banging and jumping out of gear then it just gave up completely and stranded me. You can get a reconditioned Wiliams box from Renault for £550. Dont know about fitting costs though Im affriad.
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    What do people make of this

    The guy whos making/selling these things frequents the Noswizard forum, goes by the name NosMyBabyGolf. Theres been loads of talk about it on there and he openly admits theyre just a resistor and some bits of wire.
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    Finally:172owner who knows wot he’s doing

    Well yeah, HardCoreSax has got a supercharger/turbo on his, cant remember which, that kinda changes the odds in the Saxos favor. How about a turbod 172 for him to try against? wish Slarty was back right about now :devilish:
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    Front Bumper Time

    Last one, looks sweet!! Your gonna lower it I assume?
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    FAO: you photo workshop genius’s!

    Class!!! LMFAO :D
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    172 vs C32 AMG Merc...........

    My dads mates CL55 AMG will keep up with my dads Honda VFR800 and pass it at about 120mph, that was the main reason my dads now got a fireblade.
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    Expert ICE advice required

    As part of getting me valver back on the road I wanna build a new install for it, already got an Alpine 7876RB HU and alpine 6*9s in a stealth shelf but not sure what to partner them up with. I want serious bass as I listern to a lot of Rock and Drum N Bass, really like the JL Audio stuff...
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    Helium in tyres

    If you put helium in your tyres youd need to keep topping them up all the time as helium escapes VERY easily as the atoms are so damn small!!! It makes no difference what so ever what gas you put in your tyres in terms of expansion, pv=nrt, any gas or mixture of gases expands or contracts the...
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    willy vs vts videos

    Just read all 9 pages of this, all I can say is b****cks!!!!:@:@ Why does my valver have to have a knackered gearbox now!!!!!! Im in Pompey and well up for seeing this deul :D has a time/date been confirmed by anyone via PMs yet??????
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    R19 sus. arm -> clio

    If your gonna put a 19 arm on the left youd need to change both as theyre slightly longer I think, thats what gives the WIlly its slightly wider front track. I need a new subframe and so Im gonna rebuild and uprate the front suspension, how much diff. would putting in longer arms make, in...
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    Quick 2.0 question!!!!!

    Willy has more torque because it has a 10mm longer stroke!! Simple.
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    fuel injectors/TB manifold

    Why piss about trying to get TBs to work with the ECU and a piggy back, Im going the same route as you, keeping the standard feul rail and putting in bigger injectors, but Im gonna be using an Emerald M3D EMS, all you need is the TPS and coolent temp sensor I think and possibly air temp sensor...
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    Quick 2.0 question!!!!!

    Good question, I dunno, dont see why not tho.
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    Fastest thing u have been on/in

    Yipee!! I WIN! Well unless anyone can beat Mach 3.2 :D Anyone been to Disney World - Florida??? The Aerosmith Rockin Roller Coaster is pretty good, 0-60 in 2.8secs. If you fancy going 24km up ad over 3 times the speed of sound:-...
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    Does anyone make a Titanium exhaust for the valver/willaims?
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    Fastest thing u have been on/in

    Fastest car Ive driven is an M5, pretty impressive consdiering it size, fastest thing Ive ridden is my dads CBR900RR, pissess on anything and everything road legal, at 100mph in 6th if you open the throttle it feels like it gonna pull your arms off, mental!!!! got 180+mph out of it, NO one needs...