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  1. swordjo


    Just realised I sounded like a c*nt in the second bit, and took too long to edit it!
  2. swordjo


    The car does what it's supposed to, whats the point in keeping a car in good nick if it's got a good chance of being smashed into a wall each time it goes out. Looks like it's being used properly. Sounds like you want the boy to kick your rear out and burn some rubber in you Malice. Fair enough...
  3. swordjo

    Very Cheap 172 Cup

    Ah the well know Clio Campus Sport :cool:
  4. swordjo

    Swordjo M8 Westbound

    Hi Lou, Yeah it was me! Haven't really been using the Clio much on the M8, think I might have spotted you this morning aswell. I probably had my usual happy face on eh..
  5. swordjo

    Spot the S2000 (56k will melt)

    Some cracking cars in there, but some a seriously shite.
  6. swordjo

    Beginers camera? n00b :(

    I went for Nikon in the end too, the Canon felt abit plasticy for me. Plus the controls are just in the right place on the Nikons to (IMO anyway). I've just got rid of all my kit right enough to save a bit of money so rolling with Panasonic GF1 and 20mm lens just now.
  7. swordjo

    A little bit of R.

    Looked at this a few times now and it gets pisher every time I see it. Fair enough i'm not in the "VW Scene", but even some of those who are must have alteast some taste and can see how sh*t it is? Or have they all become partially sighted after ripping the bunnett aff it looking at "scene"...
  8. swordjo

    Black Ph1 172, Chapelhall (Sunday)

    Aye they are great wheels, I love my Turinis but just want something abit smaller and cheaper for nice tyres!
  9. swordjo

    My MK1 Clio starting to make it look Euro!!

    What about that exhurst though? Make dem panties wet...
  10. swordjo

    No compromise Supercharged ek9 progress thread

    Lovely car mate and it shows you care about what you're doing. Wish you'd posted up about the steering wheel last week as a boy in my work just gave away a Nardi wheel, i'd have been happier seeing it going to you than the wee scrote that got it for his chav wagon haha.
  11. swordjo

    Black Ph1 172, Chapelhall (Sunday)

    You never take the DCi to work? Every time i'm up that way visiting the missus Mum and Dad the 172 is in the car park! I want your wheels btw!
  12. swordjo

    Teaser pics, my Westfield

    Cracking cars these, the Zetecs on ITBs sound mental. My mate Dean has just finished building his, just getting all the photos together for his SVA test, his is the mx5 based kit though.
  13. swordjo

    A little bit of R.

    ..then the yellow lights, and then the 'look how awesome I think I am' roof rack..
  14. swordjo

    who can do cambelt changes

    Anyone know of a decent place in Scotland that does it, closest specialist on here is over 4 hours away from me:dapprove:
  15. swordjo

    A little bit of R.

    Looks pish..
  16. swordjo

    Best way to fit 6x9's

    Plus the fact, have you seen the inside of a car? Plastics,glass, fabrics, metal. You'll probably find that a car ruins sound quality more than the shape of a speaker ever would!
  17. swordjo

    Best way to fit 6x9's

    Wikipedia argument back up- check
  18. swordjo


    They are 100% not legal.
  19. swordjo


    It's a Batman font, saw it on reg design website back on 2001 :rasp: Nice cup though!
  20. swordjo

    People selling clio's that are ''Finished''.

    Totally agree, it's not like a house which does usually go up in value once you spend £0000's on it. Fair enough there are certain mods you can do that you know you can pretty much not lose money on if you buy them 2nd hand. People on here will alway buy Speedlines, coilovers etc at the going...
  21. swordjo

    Nikon flash help?

    You want me just to write the same thing out again? There should be a setting on your camera (within the flash settings) which allows you to set the onboard flash to Commander mode. This will send a signal to the SB600 telling it to go off (aslong as the sb600 is set to the slave mode). Simple.
  22. swordjo

    Nikon flash help?

    Not sure if it works on the D60, but there should be a setting in the flash menu on the camera so set the flash to commander mode. This will send a signal to the SB600 (when in slave mode), but won't acutally appear in the picture. It's Nikons CLS system.
  23. swordjo

    Anyone ever updated a Blackberry?

    Should update it, i'm on 5.2.***** or something now and it seems alot more realiable.
  24. swordjo

    Watching something that's been recorded on a V+ box at another house

    Pretty sure the box will error without the Virgin cable plugged in, take yours out and try it.
  25. swordjo

    V6 Crash =(

    Looked like my 172 when the bearing collapsed!
  26. swordjo

    New Reg Risky??

    Bar the 1000+ on the DVLA I think it looks sh*t on a lovely car.
  27. swordjo

    Swordjo and RB M8 Westbound

    Hello again!
  28. swordjo

    N10 CUP, M8 west (near the Fort)

    Spotted this last night when I was in a taxi heading into Glasgow. Weren't exactly going slow were you haha.
  29. swordjo

    Ladies only!

    tattie boagles
  30. swordjo

    Ladies only!