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  1. Chrisjk

    E92 335i

    Hope you get it sorted soon, I got the dreaded dsc failure on my I drive yesterday, seems ok today though.
  2. Chrisjk

    The Evo picture and discussion thread

    Ant1 , he's had some lovely ones.
  3. Chrisjk

    Gaz.'s Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

    What's the nardi like in terms of thickness? My momo feels far too thin now I'm used to an e92 msport wheel.
  4. Chrisjk

    Black BMW Kidneys.... Should I?

    I just fitted a black grill to mine, looks far better imo.
  5. Chrisjk

    Gaz.'s Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

    Make sure you get a titanium exhaust, mega noise.
  6. Chrisjk

    Yet another bmw to cs

    I'm liking this car even more now, fitting my dads old tuning box from his 5 series (same engine) gave me a hefty boost in torque and power. Also my fuel consumption after a 40 mile journey
  7. Chrisjk

    Yet another bmw to cs

    Thanks, it's In to coopers bmw tomorrow for an update and health check so ill get them to make sure.
  8. Chrisjk

    Yet another bmw to cs

    I do, it's my toy for the weekends, bit of a driveway queen really but at least it will hold its value being sensible mileage and rust free.
  9. Chrisjk

    Yet another bmw to cs

    I've also got an e46 318ci which was my previous daily, last time I used the evo for a week it cost me £150 in petrol, but I had a laugh.
  10. Chrisjk

    Yet another bmw to cs

    I drive it like a pansy averaging 60mpg, I should get close I hope. oh and a pic of the evo for those interested.
  11. Chrisjk

    Yet another bmw to cs

    E92 pre lci 320d, sparkling graphite with red leather and nav, by far the best car I've owned. Plans are to detail to outside (interior is done), fit black grill and a boot lip. It's perfect for my daily driver, 750 miles to a tank is nice compared to my evo doing about 200 max.
  12. Chrisjk

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 3 project

    I do like old lancers, can we be evo buddy's?!
  13. Chrisjk

    Haters gonna hate.

    I thought my titanium exhaust was loud, this is just silly, sounds ok inside though.
  14. Chrisjk

    BMW Z3? Snow problem sir.

    The evo is a riot in the snow, no problem on uncleared roads.
  15. Chrisjk

    Speedo vids...

    Mapped 335d's are silly, I tried pulling away in my stage 1 evo and struggled :(
  16. Chrisjk

    Vein's Black 330Ci Sport

    I just sold my staggered 32's on eBay, the man sized fitment as you wanted. I sold them too cheap really.
  17. Chrisjk

    Clean Evo 6

    Thanks for the comments, petrol isn't to bad, £50 - £60 of vpower fills the tank, then I get about 200 ish miles , but I didn't buy it to worry about fuel. I hope nothing goes wrong with it (touch wood) but I just this minute sold my megane rs so I have some backup funds.
  18. Chrisjk

    Clean Evo 6

    I've been enjoying some country roads this evening, some pictures ensued...
  19. Chrisjk

    New 4 door saloon ( Evo content)

    Going by others say so it should be anywhere from 340-370bhp
  20. Chrisjk

    FAO - old-timers

    Started back with my humble 1.2 Then my rep based on an RSI Real ph1 After that I moved on, jap for a while then a megane rs, until yesterday I got an evo 6.
  21. Chrisjk

    New 4 door saloon ( Evo content)

    Paid far more than I wanted to, but it's near rust free and i would have had to spend a couple of grand on another one to get it up to spec. Fortunately it's been driven a thousand miles since the start of the year and has had a ton of age related work done. plans are mainly to detail it, new...
  22. Chrisjk

    New 4 door saloon ( Evo content)

    Thought I'd treat myself to something I'd wanted for a while, I'm chuffed with it. It's stage 1 spec, a few nice additions like a ganador titanium exhaust.
  23. Chrisjk

    Radio code help

    Thank you.
  24. Chrisjk

    Radio code help

    Changed my neighbours battery today in their scenic, radio code they had was wrong. Anybody have access to find them out for me please?
  25. Chrisjk

    What's this thing?

    Climate control sensors iirc
  26. Chrisjk

    DIY fitting alarm system..

    I used Barry at safe n sound a few years back, toad system all in for £200, he came to my work and fitted it in the car park.
  27. Chrisjk

    Alloy Courier - Came across this about Paisley Freight Services

    Paisley freight are just the booking agent, so it's pot luck who actually gets the delivery, it used to be city link for my postcode and now they tend to use TNT , not had issues with either and I've sent a lot.