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  1. FlameR

    Microsoft Office 2010?

    Where's the cheapest place to get MS Office for my laptop? I don't really want to spend £90 on it :S Thanks Ste
  2. FlameR

    Ringing mobile, it just beeps.

    Hi guys, I tried ringing a mobile number today, and it just beeps constantly. No ringing or voicemail. Does that mean the line/number isn't active? Or could it simply be the phone is off? Cheers Ste
  3. FlameR

    iPhone 4S...Facebook & YouTube

    Nah not got private browsing on. This is what's displayed when I click on the youtube link. Won't let me press the play button like it used to...
  4. FlameR

    iPhone 4S...Facebook & YouTube

    Any youtube yeah, that includes vids I could watch before It loads up the youtube page, but you can't press play.
  5. FlameR

    iPhone 4S...Facebook & YouTube

    When someone posts a youtube vid on facebook and you click the link, you can't watch it anymore. Any reason why?? :S I could watch them a couple of weeks ago
  6. FlameR

    MW3 Connection Problems

    For some reason, my internet connects to the PSN, but when I try to go on MW3 multiplayer, it won't connect and says check the website for status updates. any clues? Tried about 30 times over the last 24 hours. Works on Black Ops...
  7. FlameR

    iPhone insurance issue

    I bought an iphone 4, when they first came out last June, and had it insured through my bank (so obviously supplied the handset details like the IMEI). I had the phone replaced Feb this year under warranty at the Apple shop, but forgot to tell my insurance company about the new IMEI. I've...
  8. FlameR

    Speedo, fuel gauge, tachometer...

    They've all 'gone' on my friend's 2004 renault clio. They're lit up but not working. Any clues?
  9. FlameR

    iPhone 4S - keep getting 'no service'

    Any clues phone/apple geeks? In places I usually get 3+ bars, the service keeps dropping to no service whatsoever Ste
  10. FlameR

    iPhone 4S - Read post #1 before asking questions

    how the f**k do I just transfer the contacts saved in my MBP address book onto my iphone without a sh*te load of the apps from my old phone trying to sync as well?
  11. FlameR

    iPhone 4S - Read post #1 before asking questions

    Yes. From what I gather they aren't a courier, they provide 'logistics solutions'. So arrange deliveries and returns (in this case using 3rd party couriers, like UPS and TNT etc). I don't think they really give a sh*te whether you're 20 minutes away from them or 200 miles away. You'll get...
  12. FlameR

    iPhone 4S - Read post #1 before asking questions

    Could be wrong but I think Syncreon are just a logistics company that are coordinating the delivery process on behalf of Apple, so they'll outsource to the likes of TNT, UPS, City Link and other couriers. Those who ordered their iPhones early on last Friday, their device is probably already...
  13. FlameR

    iPhone 4S - Read post #1 before asking questions

    Well I wouldn't mind picking it up, last year they used a place the other side of Preston (about 10 miles from me), as they used a courier with a lot of depots across the UK. This time, it's coming from a place 2.5 hours away. Can't get it delivered to work. I work on a secure Aerospace site.
  14. FlameR

    iPhone 4S - Read post #1 before asking questions

    Mine's coming from Hinckley, which is about 2.5 hours from me. I won't be in tomorrow to sign for it, so where the f**k will it go :S back to Hinckley?
  15. FlameR

    iPhone 4S - Read post #1 before asking questions

    The original iPad had 256mb of RAM. The iPad2 has 512MB, the same as the iPhone 4 and 4S. As said, it only needs more RAM once they add a significant amount to the OS. Otherwise, what's the point. At the end of the day, it's a phone not a desktop computer. As long as it multi-tasks well with...
  16. FlameR

    Which network?

    What's that all about?
  17. FlameR

    Which network?

    I've ordered an iPhone 4S (sim free from Apple), as my contract is almost up and I wanted to do a monthly rolling contract so when the "iphone 5" eventually arrives I can just sell my 4S and buy a 5. I was going to go on Orange, but from reading about on here, people seem to slate the network...
  18. FlameR

    iPhone 4S - Read post #1 before asking questions

    I'm a ****, I went and pre-ordered one this morning (white - 16GB) after saying it's stupid getting one if you've got an iphone 4...haha. In fairness I've had my iphone 4 since June last year, my current contract ends soon as well so I will just get a sim only plan. My iPhone 4 is broken to...
  19. FlameR

    Steve Jobs passed away. RIP

    RIP Steve. Leaving behind a legacy of brilliance.
  20. FlameR

    iPhone 4S - Read post #1 before asking questions

    Re: iPhone Event - 4/10/2011 - Read post #1 before asking questions In short, the 4S is a 'sleeper' version of the iPhone 4. Superficially it's f**k all different (which is a shame...but means in the next 12 months there will more than likely be a 5 out), but 'under the hood' it's better...
  21. FlameR

    iPhone 4S - Read post #1 before asking questions

    Re: iPhone Event - 4/10/2011 - Read post #1 before asking questions The only decent upgrade to the hardware is the camera and processor. But the camera on the iphone 4 is more than good enough due to the retina screen. Surely the voice recog, find friends etc you'll be able to get on an iphone...
  22. FlameR

    iPhone 4S - Read post #1 before asking questions

    Re: iPhone Event - 4/10/2011 - Read post #1 before asking questions Snorin' hell. If people who have an iPhone 4, buy this for £500+ then they need shooting. If you're due an upgrade then it makes sense.
  23. FlameR

    2004 clio, chugging and broke down

    Cheers chaps :)
  24. FlameR

    2004 clio, chugging and broke down

    My friend has a 2004 1.4 petrol clio, and it's broken down twice in the last couple of days. She said it 'chugs' a lot. Yesterday she was driving along and apparently it felt like the road was really bumpy, she tried to drive uphill, but it was chugging and the gear stick was all over the...
  25. FlameR

    *** Official Call of Duty: Black Ops thread ***

    Loving harcore capture the flag at the moment. Had a killer round last night, captured the flag 5 times in one game :D
  26. FlameR

    What does your iPhone Desktop look like?

    spirez, how'd you get those app icons like that?
  27. FlameR


    What a game. I read somewhere that the forecast date for it being back online is 31st May. So 2 weeks yet! So tempted by an xbox. Just can't be arsed with the spazzy controllers and paying for xbox live
  28. FlameR

    SEX WEE...

    Love the teg. Want
  29. FlameR

    Samsung D900 New Screen Problem

    Samsung D900? Upgrade to a Nokia 3210!?