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    Leeds_182 LOLvo barge

    Get some decent rubber on it, Them BCT's are s**t, even the wholesalers have stopped selling them......
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    Tyre/size recommendations... mid-range

    Michelin have have had a price increase in march and pulled quite a bit of dealer support so expect the price to start rising. As a mid range, i'd recommend kumho or hankook.
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    Volvo new tyres

    I'm hearing good things about them from various tyre dealers. As one said to me though, it's always going to be a jack of all trades and never a master of one! I guess it all depends what you want from a tyre. If you want a tyre that's going to provide adequate grip in normal driving conditions...
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    Tyre keeps going flat??

    whoever you used are not "specialists" if they didn't change the valves at time of fitting the tyres. If the tyres not punctured & it's not a faulty valve then I suspect the tyre bead isn't seated properly. Tyre off, clean the inside of the rim, apply bead sealer and refit the tyre & re-...
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    E92 335i

    Unrelated question but what level of BMW warranty do you have? Also, do you have the BMW roadside breakdown service? I'm going to put one on my wife's 320D after seeing the service you've received from it - although it's unfortunate you've had to use it as much as you have! Lovely car, such a...
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    The 'Where's my old Clio' Thread.

    Good to see it's still out there. Looks well, should it ever be up for sale then please let me know. Was a great fun car!
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    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Was lucky to be round these 2 last week...
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    Tyres for everyday use on a cup

    Good tyre mate, just seen the size your after though and we don't make a KU39 in that size.
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    My scoob on pistonheads

    I had a bloke fly from holland to buy a rover 220 turbo, it was a nail too! That was from ebay, he called me and I thought someone was messing about!
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    MarkCup's Fiesta ST

    Tread carefully with tyreleader. I work in the tyre trade and I'm hearing a few negative things. Some of the stuff that's turning up isn't Approved for Europe by the tyre manufacturer. My my best mates the buying manager for Blackcircles, what do you want exactly mark and I'll get it sorted...
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    tyre help

    The label ratings on a budget tyre such as a landsail mean nothing at all. unless it's from a well known manufacturer then take them with a pinch of salt. I'm seeing Chinese stuff not fit for a wheelbarrow with b & b ratings....
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    UTTER HERO!!! <10 min 'ring Lap, in an Ax Diesel

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that...!
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    The Ford Appreciation Thread

    I need that car in my life.
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    New car

    Had 2 of these, last one was a rev 3 turbo in Caribbean blue, previous to that was a rev 2 turbo in red. Great cars, will have another one day. yours looks to be in good nick, just be careful in it as others have said.
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    Ran on flat tyre

    100% WOULDN'T drive on that, the sidewall has clearly been damaged.
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    My Videos - Drifting, Racing and lifstyling :D

    Good videos. What's the background music in the 2nd video?
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    I'm always amazed by this.

    Great video I've been on the back of an R1 around silverstone with Keith amor when I worked at Dunlop. I s**t many bricks.
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    E92 335i

    Ive just replaced the front brakes on my partners 1 series. BMW wanted £440, i replaced the discs/pads and sensor myself with pagid items for £103 from ECP.....
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    Detailer in Warwick?

    Hi, Apologies if this is the wrong section. My friend has 2 cars he wants detailing. The cars: 1. 2013 maserati granturismo MC Shift which has covered 400 miles - paint as new. 2. 2012 Jaguar XK R convertible which has covered 8000 miles - the local car wash have been at it and it has...
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    One for Fred Poss? V6 problem.

    I was going to suggest this.
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    Are my tyres legal?

    Get new tyres!
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    Wrecked my 1.2

    He probably hasn't claimed, my mates mrs was in a very minor bump a couple of months ago and she got a call of the 3rd parties insurance offering her £1000 compensation - she hadn't even claimed and wasn't injured!
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    Girlfriends and Renaultsport Clio's

    I let my partner drive any car I've ever had. Warned her that the cup had no driver aids when i had it but she don't drive particularly quickly and was fine. To my knowledge she's never damaged anything, if she did I'd probably be pissed off but accidents happen!
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    Mixed Tyres offer finance on tyres.
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    My new car... meet Ruby.

    Lovely car, nice box to have ticked. what's it like to drive? Just out of curiosity, does it cost a small fortune to insure?
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    Most insane road legal car currently for sale today?

    No doubt it's a fantastic car, but its bloody ugly!
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    Can someone recommend some decent tyres for my front wheels (clio 1.2l 16v)

    Change all 4 to 195/50-15, much cheaper and a better choice.
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    The 'Where's my old Clio' Thread.

    DV03 ZHB - would be interested to know where it is now. 172 cup.