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    Should I buy a trophy as an investment?

    If you expect the value to go up, it needs to have everything. “I did the belts because it’s easy” is the opposite.
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    Am I missing something?!

    Don’t be fooled by good photography.
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    I must be mad !!!

    I really hope that’s a red primer.
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    iPhone Cup Holder Mount

    Has anyone used anything like this?
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    When will the CSS 2013 video go live?

    2012 events (CSS & Trax) were me filming.
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    E92 335i

    This is lovely. The numbers for brakes/tyre did make me wince a bit though. But I suppose that's what nice cars cost. I had a nosey when you added me on Instagram. Took me a minute to realise it was you and I only realised that by seeing your old collection of DVDs! Ha.
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    Your Favourite clio related youtube video...
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    ClioSport Calendar 2013

    Yup. That's the cover.
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    Expensive Week :/

    Wow. So not only did you have to spend £871 on car maintenance you're also going to need a few quid for tampons.
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    Am I Mad??

    I wanted an AG 200. Looking on AT/PH. You see people paying best part of £20k for a new one with good spec. Then there's one a few years old for £10k. Yes, it's second hand. Yes, the warranty is close to running out. Yes, someone has driven it from cold and farted in the seats. But to lose so...
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    What the fcuking fcuk?? (Incredibly NWS)

    Re: What the fcuking fcuk?? I can record/host.
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    FIFA 13

    Well that 150k was about 5days worth of trading to earn. No big deal really. But I didn't lose all of it. Sold the good players/stuff. Quick sold the rest. Ended up with about 70k left. Having spent 195k. Will try this stupid plan again when there's another good TOTW.
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    FIFA 13

    I bought 26 packs last night. 195,000 coins. Best I got was Hugeone, Agger and Tiote. With a few modifier cards dotted around. No luck like Scutch.
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    FIFA 13

    Pique is s**t. He does this stupid lunge thing all the time and doesn't get anywhere near it. Then it's too late. I have Alba - Ramos - Puyol - Juan Fran Puyol isn't fast but he's strong and you just have to position him right. 150k up atm. But I'm buying 20 packs tomorrow :D Then I'll...
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    New alloys :)

    Black looks awful. It's not 2007. Anthracite also looks terrible.
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    Tree related parking problem

    How about just man up? It's only a tree. It's not attacking your car and letting the tyres down is it? The marquee you linked to. That's what CS has, well a bigger version, and as great as it is, it won't stand up to strong wind. So your car gets some leaves on it and gets a bit dirty. Big...
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    Who's car do you want? Cs only

    "boss" LOL. I would also like Porkie's Ferrari. Maybe DK's for when I wanted a gay day.
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    FIFA 13

    Si got hacked last year. Despite numerous emails etc he got nothing back.
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    FIFA 13

    Mornings are always quiet. That's buying time. 4PM onwards when the kids finish school is selling time. Up until midnight then it quietens down. Not that it matters if you lose a few hundred coins, Mr Multi-Luck-Pack.
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    FIFA 13

    We need a game, Scutchio. I've saved 150k. Either going to buy Danny Alves or 20 packs on Weds. Haven't decided yet. Depends who is in TOTW.
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    H&R Spacers/H&R Springs Fitted. (New pictures added)

    Re: H&R Spacers/H&R Springs Fitted. Obesity Warning. Sweet. Should have taken one from dead square on at the front though. Private plate next. P2P RU.
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    To wrap or not to wrap?????

    Hi. He's a trader but you can't view that part unless you're a paid member. Your car also isn't a Cup.
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    E85 3.0 Z4 Roadster Project

    That looks horrific. Do not do that.
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    FIFA 13

    I swapped him (back when you could trade with anyone) for a TOTY Messi. Who was great. Then went to swap back to a Ronaldo but wasn't paying attention as there was loads of the f**kers. So I picked the wrong one. So ended up with a 96 Ronaldo instead of 98. Sold him for over 1m. Bought normal...
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    FIFA 13

    I got TOTY Ronaldo last year. That was a good pack.
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    2012 Retina Macbook Pro

    Next week.
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    FIFA 13

    Rah rah rah. Learn to tackle and defend. The fact that Cech scored as many goals as the whole of your team should tell you something. Lol.
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    FIFA 13